As I stood at the registration desk and told that my paid, confirmed, room was not available and that never confirmed the room, I was apoplectic. I wrote management at getaroom the following email - they are terrible:

Your service is horrible. How can it be that I make a reservation with you, get a confirming email, and then show up at the hotel's check in desk to be told the reservation does not exist, spend 45 (!) minutes waiting for someone on your 800 number to pick up the phone (After getting disconnected 3 times), only to tell me that the reservation was not 'accepted' by the hotel, that's the first outrageous thing. The second is that when I ask about getting an immediate refund your rep tells me that you can't process this immediately (You sure processed the initial charge immediately!) and tells me not to worry about it (Like I trust you after you screwed me on the room). And then has no compassion about the fact that I am standing on a saturday night in a hotel lobby without a room and with every hotel oversold. What was the rep thinking - I was just going to get something on my own. I had to go back to the airport, re rent a car, drive an hour back to a friend's house, and stay the night there, wasting $60 in rental and gas and taking an extra 2 hours out of my life, all because your service confirms a reservation and bills its customers whether the room is available or not. You are the not the kind of service I want to do business with - and i'll post this every place I can on the internet review sites so everyone else knows it to. You guys are horrible. Very disappointed.


  • Ge
    Getaroom Nov 15, 2011

    Hello from - - I am truly sorry that you did not get what we work very hard to provide and will do my best to look further into this matter.. Could you please send us your full name with reservation number so that we can look you up and contact you directly? Thank you, Lee Sherry, Director, Internet Marketing,

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  • Go
    gopall Jul 28, 2017

    @Getaroom I used
    loved this website because it allows you to book without the commitment of paying (but they do capture your credit card details as a guarantee for no show) and sometimes they even throw in free cancellation if you cancel about a week before. And its always about $1 to $10 cheaper than other sites.

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  • Hu
    Hughraw Dec 17, 2011

    Getaroom ROCKS! I book with them all the time! Great deals!

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  • Hu
    Hughraw Dec 17, 2011

    GETAROOM.COM ROCKS!! Great deals. Huge selection. Awesome travel agents when calling their 800 number!
    Plus they have this thing called "unpublished rates"... which is even a lower price than the online!

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  • De
    Debra_ Jan 10, 2012 is nothing more than a credit card phishing site that should not exist. That site has web crawlers on all trusted hotel booking sites that redirect consumers to their "site" with the promise of low unpublished rates that people on tight budgets can't seem to resist. I work at a hotel and in the past month have seen an increase in people showing up thinking they had confirmed reservations from when they clearly did not. Calls to Getaroom lead the customer nowhere and in all instances the standard response was they use another party to book the room. They will apologize profusely and say there was a mix up and the reservation was never made. Fact is extracts payment knowing the consumer won't discover the deception until they attempt to check into the hotel they think they've booked at. The consumer is then charged a cancellation fee when they call getaroom to complain.

    To remedy this if this happens to you contact your state Consumer Affairs office, your State Representative, contact your bank if you used a debit card and have them stop payment or call your credit card company and dispute the getaroom charges. Keep all email correspondence and print it out. While the documentation will be useless for reservation purposes, it is most excellent evidence in court.

    Last but not least, know this, all hotels have published and unpublished rates available by calling the hotel directly, by calling the brands 800 reservation line or by using 3rd party vendors such as Expedia, Priceline, Travelweb, and the like. Unpublished rates cannot be lower than 30% off the hotel rack rate based on current occupancy at any given time. It's your money, spend it wisely. Don't spend it foolishly on a website no one has ever heard of.

    Akilmane, I hope you come back and read my advice and follow through to get your money back from

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  • Al
    alexlee1 Mar 12, 2012

    Booking a room with was a huge mistake, You wont get a room clean, No maid service because i book from this company. The hotel was told. This is terrible vacation if you book

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  • Si
    Singh.A Apr 10, 2015

    NEVER BOOK VIA! -- I frequently travel abroad and use websites to make hotel bookings. I recently used to make reservations in a hotel in Agra, India. The hotel never received my booking while representatives at constantly assured me that the hotel had the details. Less than 18 hours before check-in and just 12 hours before I was to leave for the Agra for 2 nights, I was told that my booking was, in fact, not confirmed and that the previous representatives were wrong. I had to cancel my travel and incur fees. After waiting for 30 minutes on hold, an "escalation representative" finally spoke to me and assured me that they would instead accommodate me in a hotel in Delhi for the 2 nights. I took this offer only to find out during check-out that the representative never paid this hotel and I had to pay more than three times the cost of my room in Agra. Because of the incompetence of the managers of this website, I have lost close to $500 and my emails regarding compensation have gone unanswered.

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  • Co
    Cody Butler Jul 28, 2015

    I used get a room to book a motel 6 in Glendale Arizona, I had a problem with the room and the toilet started overflowing. The hotel management told me I had to pay over $100 to fix the toilet or I had to leave immediately and I would be refunded for the days I was not there. I left and called book a room and told them they said they would get right on it and someone should contact me in about a week. 3 weeks later never heard from anyone I called to look into my refund, the woman on the phone called the hotel and said sorry the hotel isn't going to refund your money. I asked to talk to her supervisor and after going through the situation again with her she said all she could is refund me for one night because the hotel already charged me. The hotel already charged me before I left Connecticut so I don't understand how that is relevant at all, as I have no way of seeing the future and knowing there was going to be a plumbing problem. They did nothing to fight for me as a customer and just gave up because the hotel said no. I got transferred around several times and was on hold for almost an hour all together. Horrible customer service, did nothing to try to help me and seemed as if they just asked the hotel they said no and they said "oh ok oh well looks like our customer is out of luck, " I will never use them again and you should not either. I was not being greedy I didn't want my whole trip refunded just the last two days that I didn't stay because I was kicked out of my hotel room. I had to scramble at 6:30 on July 4th to find a new room last minute at another hotel, and they didn't help nor care at all. Don't book with this service, I wait tables in 2 restaurants as a living, I know what good customer service is and I know how your supposed to treat your customers to ensure repeat visits and this company has no idea how to take care of their customers. The customer is supposed to always be right and come first.

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