Geisinger Health Systemunethical behavior

M Sep 12, 2018

A dermatologist performed a lip biopsy leaving me with a huge scar, even though she told me beforehand it would heal without a scar in less than a week. She later admitted she was wrong to do the biopsy but told me she'd deny it if I made a formal complaint. I tried making a complaint for weeks, but every time I called I was told the people in that department had gone home for the day, and they never returned the messages I left.
Eventually I explained my complaint to a receptionist who said she would pass my information along. A few days later, I got a call from someone who worked in a different department. He said no one was in the complaint department that day, so they enlisted him to investigate my complaint. He said he didn't actually know what my complaint was, but when he asked the dermatologist if she did anything wrong, she said no. And they now considered the matter closed.
When someone from the actual complaint department finally returned my calls a few days later, I was told they couldn't investigate the same complaint more than once. I explained to them that the guy who supposedly investigated never talked to me beforehand and didn't even know what my complaint was, but they said that didn't matter. I then called back and explained the situation to someone in the administrative department, and he told me if I ever call about this again, Geisinger will sue me for harassment.

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