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On September 8 I was checking in for routine blood work. I gave the clerk my current insurance card and answered all of her questions. I thought at that time she had entered the correct information. I was even informative to her regarding my insurance card that it was still Blue Cross/Blue Shield but had changed to Independence Blue Cross / Blue Shield. It was not bcnepa.
Monday September 18 I received a bill for the full amount ($571.00). There was nothing on the bill where anything had been turned in on the insurance. I called Billing and got that straightened out. The point I am trying to make is if the clerk had done her job sufficiently I wouldn't have had to get frustrated and call myself to get it straightened out.

The second occurrence was today September 20, 2017. I arrived at Geisinger Lycoming at 3:40 to check in for my appointment at 3:50. I waited a bit because I thought being the end of the day that things were running behind. When it got to be 35 minutes passed my appointment and I saw persons leaving that had arrived after me I was beginning to wonder why. I went to the desk and the lady that had "checked" me in wasn't there so the other person tried to help me. Apparently the other person didn't check me in correctly, now here I was; irritated, frustrated and literally just quite po'd! My choices were I could wait another half hour and see the person I was supposed to see an hour earlier, see another PA-C; or reschedule. Well my time is valuable also. I chose to see another PA-C. The one I was supposed to see would have been my very first appointment with him because I had never seen him before. The one I did see I will probably never see him again either because he was helping out this particular Geisinger by seeing patients today. So my point to this is, had I been taken care of correctly once again I wouldn't have had to become angry and frustrated.

I have been a patient of this particular branch of Geisinger for almost 40 years. I was going to it when it just had Dr. Herr and Dr. Miller as the only two doctors there. Never in my life have I ever had issues like this in all the time I have been going there.

Please train your people better. We as patients out here are not just another number.

Connie Houseweart

Update by Connie Houseweart
Sep 20, 2017 7:28 pm EDT

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