Geico / motorcycle accident

United States

I was hit by a car going the same way on the highway my bike was in his rear passenger door. He obviously failed to check his blind spot, its dark February 14 2015 the car drove to the next exit and stopped instead of stopping and putting on hazard lights. I lost my arm, leg, ruptured aorta, ruptured spleen, 144 units of blood. The officer went on vacation before doing the police report. Geico and State Farm went to arbitration while I was still on a breathing tube. Somehow I got my bike payed off but I was told that I couldn't do anything about it because they had already made a decision on it. By time i was off the breathing tube they had my case closed and when I tried to ask what about my medical bills I can't work i lost my house i am permanently disabled I lost my job in the oil field. No one would call me back or answer why I didn't get any reimbursement for my pain and suffering lost job lost body parts. Why was I the one left with everything. How did y'all let State Farm screw me and why did y'all take my recording while I was under the influence of heavy pain medication. Someone Please Give me some help do I need my own lawyer for a response


Mar 13, 2019

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