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Got into an accident with a Geico covered driver. He claims I turned right into him from center lane while he was in right lane.
Actual story: we were both in right lane with him behind but he tried to get ahead of me by getting onto right shoulder to speed ahead. Unfortunately he didn't see there was already someone sitting on the shoulder until too late so to avoid directly rear ending THAT driver, he turns left into me.
Police arrived to take report with one officer taking statements from other driver and her partner getting my statements.
When I went to pick up police report, I saw none of my statements were on it so I proceed to get report amended.
The bad (Very bad):
J. Toscano (adjuster) calls me a few days later to tell me Geico is denying culpability based on (erroneous) police report.
I tell him I have pictures of incident and damage which buttress my perspective as well as a statement from the driver sitting on shoulder that states he was hit from behind from by his client.
Toscano proceeds to tell me "pictures don't prove anything" (Really? Any legitimate investigator would beg to differ) and begins to question my integrity by asking if I can prove what's stated on the report is not accurate.
He then finally states that "he's heard this from a thousand other claims" and that he's not interested in having this conversation with me. Then why did you even bother to call?
Shouldn't each case be judged on its own merit? Unbelievably dismissive and unprofessional.
I filed a complaint with his management and expected it to be swept under the rug.
Note: GEICO… You spend a ton of money on silly cavemen commercials to garner goodwill and ultimately additional business. In the age of social media, 1 or 2 complaints or horror stories can become viral and take that money and flush it down the toilet.
The Good:
I received a call from T. Portanova who apparently is in the management chain. We had a very good conversation with opportunity from both sides to express our respective viewpoints. I explained that the only thing I wanted was for my voice to be heard in the process which it wasn't because of the erroneous police report. To his credit, he listened and agreed with me where appropriate and disagreed respectfully when appropriate. Bottom line: he agreed that all my statements as well as any pictures should be part of the process and not be summarily dismissed. Kudos to Mr. Portanova

Bottom line: I canceled an existing policy I had with Geico and have spoken to 3 other friends who are also Geico clients. They are now looking to cancel their policies and will speak to their friends and family about doing the same.

I commend Mr. Portanova for his intervention but the actions of J. Toscano was a bridge too far.

Conversely, my insurance company: "The Hartford" has been a paragon of professionalism and efficiency during this entire regrettable process

Mar 11, 2019

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