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Geico has refused to pay on a claim that they first promised to pay. I have been going back and forth with geico for over two months now. Geico has no record of a phone call that I made to them on october 16... I proved them wrong by pulling the phone records from my place of employment. They did not care that their records were incomplete and erroneous. I have sent two complaints to the insurance commissioner's office, the second is still pending... Following is the text from the second complaint:

This is a follow-up to my first complaint that I submitted in december of 2006. Since that submission, geico has embarked down a path of the most unprofessional and incompetent behavior that I have ever experienced with any company. I did not receive a direct phone call from geico in response to my complaint to you, but rather a voicemail left on my home phone, a number which I did not give them as a contact number. They had my work number, but chose to leave a message at my that voicemail, tina, who chose not to leave her last name on the voicemail, detailed the data that geico had in their system regarding my policy. She spoke of several conversations in which I had with geico, but conveniently left out the important phone conversation that I had with a customer service representative on october 16, that phone conversation, which lasted thirteen minutes, the rep told me that I was to call back on october 20 and make a payment for the balance and that things would be “taken care of.” I followed the instructions, but found out a month later that my policy had been canceled at that time. I don't understand how I could have paid $260 in august, $200 at the end of september, and another $105 on october 20 and have my policy canceled. Tina has continuously stated that the payment on october 20 was for arrears, but I was never told this on the phone in the three conversations that I had with geico representatives from october 11 - october 20.

As I stated before, my policy changed twice between august and october, and I had no idea that I was in arrears. Nobody, on those two occasions when I changed the policy, informed me that my policy was in arrears. Geico even had a phone conversation documented when my grandmother called at the end of november, but conveniently had no record of my conversation with geico on october 16.

Tina also stated in this voicemail that my policy canceled on october 13. How could that be if they say i, on october 12, made payment arrangements for october 15? Why would I make payment arrangements two days after my policy was to cancel?

I just made a call to a geico representative tonight... Melissa was her name, 10:30pm was the time. She informed me that my two payments, $260 made on august 21 and then another $200 payment on september 27, 2006, brought my account current, except for $40.00. Geico then renewed my policy on october 1 for another six months... Brand new policy! The rep tonight told me that the amount I was due at that time was $179.60 (Approx. $120 for october and the balance from september.) if I had paid that amount, my policy would have been active and my next payment due in november. Please note that in august and september, I paid what was told to me to be the amount due at that time. I then took an automobile off the policy on october 11, which lowered my payment even more. I can’t understand why geico would have renewed another six months if I was facing cancellation from the past policy? Again, it doesn’t make sense. Which policy were they canceling... The old or the new?

I reiterate from my last complaint a statement that ms. Webb made to me, and which she now denies, that she was “surprised that my claim was denied.” she added that she was in customer service for many years and that when a policy was changed, it would stop all cancellations against a policy.

As a result, I had a conversation with michael, a senior supervisor at geico (And tina’s supervisor), on october 28, where we discussed my concerns about the voicemail that was left by tina. They proclaimed that I never made the october 16th call. I told them I had the phone records to prove it, and mr. White asked that I retrieve those records and fax to him to show that this call was made. I did this, as instructed, and faxed over as soon as I received them (On january 10, 2007). On the fax, I instructed mr. White to call me at my work to confirm that he received the fax. I called then again the next day, and then again twice the next. It was two days after when I finally received a call from mr. White (Friday, january 12, 2007) and said he received the fax and that I should receive a call back on monday regarding the phone records and their impact on my claim. I received no response until I called again on monday afternoon, where I was informed that it would now be another five days (Friday, january 19) before I would hear anything. Apparently, the gentleman who was to review the records and make a decision needed that time to do so. On thursday, january 18, I received a call from marty informing me that tina received my fax (Please note that this is now eight days after I faxed them over) and that it would be next friday (January 26, 2007) before I would hear anything. She stated that this was because the gentleman who needed to review it was on vacation all week and wouldn’t be able to get it until monday, january 22. (Today). Please note that mr. White had informed me three days prior that the gentleman already had the documents and would get me an answer by friday (January 19). I informed ms. Webb of this fact, with her apologizing to me for taking so long to get back to me, and, that once she had gotten back to me, “had given me wrong information.”

Please understand that this wasn’t the first time that ms. Webb has given me false information. I received a call from marty webb on december 7, 2006 where she took my recorded statement about the accident and informed me that my claim was going to be paid. She reviewed all the expenses that geico was going to cover (Such as medical, loss wages, rental car reimbursement, etc.,) and took the name and address of the place at where my car was being stored. Additionally, she sent out the necessary paperwork for me to have filled out by the doctors and such, which I received in the mail and now have on file. She asked me at that time to make arrangements with the auto shop where the car was being stored to expect a geico representative to pick up the car sometime that day. It was much later the same day that marty called me and explained that they would not be paying the claim. I believe that ms. Webb, at that moment she informed me that the claim was to be paid, entered into a contractual agreement to pay the claim... I will be discussing this with a lawyer this week. I have witnesses that can confirm that this conversation existed and that I made preparations that day for the car to be picked up from the auto repair shop.

It’s friday, january 19, 2007 and I am expecting a call from mr. White, as promised, regarding the claim and the phone records. I hear nothing, and leave a message on his voicemail at 6pm. I again call on january 20 and left another voicemail for mr. White to call me immediately on monday, january 22, 2007 (This morning). Needless to say, I received no communication from mr. White. Instead, I receive another voicemail on my home telephone from all of my communications, I have asked that the calls be made to me at my place of work so that the calls could be recorded as incoming calls in our phone system records. This was for my protection... I have learned that phone records at my home cannot be retrieved except by court order, therefore work was the obvious alternative. As I said, tina, not mr. White, left me a voicemail at home stating they are standing behind their decision because they say I needed to have made yet another payment on october 20 (In addition to the one I made) in order for my policy to stay active. If this was the case, why did they tell me my balance was $105.32 on october 12 and october 16? Why wasn’t I told of the entire balance that was needed in order to keep my service active? It apparently wasn’t the $105.32 amount that they asked for and told me was the balance. It doesn’t make sense.

Sir/madam, I do not understand why geico asked me to obtain the phone records if it would not change the course of this claim. Geico has no record of the october 16 phone call, and I do. This shows an absolute breakdown of communication within their organization, and raises doubt as to their competency to retain accurate and comprehensive information. It is unexplainable that geico would have the ability to state what was said or not said in a conversation of which they have no record of in the first place. Furthermore, it is not believable that I could have made two payments in less than a month and not be covered. It would seem that geico would have canceled my insurance long before if I were so far in arrears.

I reiterate... I was told by a representative of geico and led to believe that my payment on october 20 was the payment required to keep my policy active and valid. The documentation shows that I made an effort to keep a full line of communication open with geico at all times since october 11. It is proven that geico has not been so efficient, and has failed at keeping accurate records and providing accurate information.

I have a full journal of communications that I have had with geico since all of this began, and can document all of my conversations with the many people that work with marty webb. All of this is available to you, if needed. It details all the problems that I have encountered, incorrect information that was given to me, who gave me the incorrect information, and calls that were not returned when promised. I also have recorded both voicemails left by tina.

I am asking for more than just a call to this company. I am asking for a full investigation, and a meeting with an arbitration board. I will do everything I need to do to force geico to honor the promises that were made to me, including writing to the editors of newspapers (A copy of this complaint is to be delivered to mr. Greg dawson at the orlando sentinel), television stations, consumer business groups, the bbb, and local government officials. I will also be obtaining the services of a lawyer, if needed.

It is my hope that I have covered all of the information in this brief summary. If you have any questions for me to help you better understand the issues that I have addressed in this summary, please feel free to contact me at the numbers below. It has been almost two months that I have been left waiting on my claim to process!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 30, 2019 9:18 pm EDT

Hi I have a policy with Geico I renstated my old policy with them on 9/9/19 for 115.00 and I dropped a vehicle off my policy and started a new policy with Geico insurance on 9/09/19 for my 2004Kia Sorento that was a full coverage insurance with road side assistance and every thay offered for 158.00 I have my bank statement were geico took my 115.00 an 158.00 out of my account on the 09/09/19 I had a accident the following date of 09/12/19 were geico process to tell me that there was a glitch in there system and my policy is not active and that thay would be resolved with in 48 hours and my policy would be back dated to the day they took my 274.00 on 09/09/19 here it is 2 week and I still haven't received any information about it I calling every day and spend hours on hold for them to tell me today that thay would not be able to do Anything at all now after I had been told that the issue was being resolved thay hang up on me and are now saying that thay will not Honor there policy with me because of there system glitch with clearly happen because I have my bank statement for the month and have were that took my money 115.00 an the 158.00 that was took out of my account on the date of 09/09/19 so why wold thay not be liable for any of his why would it take 5 days for them to start my full coverage insurance I paid for 9/9/19 but thay said it was not till 9/13/19 that thay decided to start the policy when my windshield was destroyed on 9/12/19

Oct 05, 2018 10:14 pm EDT

How they live from fkn over good people lol your pain and suffering is their bonus check out the photo I added lol their pool lol ain't that som sh!

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Jun 15, 2016 3:34 am EDT

August 3, 2012 I requested an online insurance quote from
Geico. A gentleman from the wappingers falls, ny branch called me. He asked me
what my current insurance payment was, which was $200 per month with Liberty
Mutual. He processed my information and quoted me at $148. He asked me if I
wanted tow included and I stated no because my car was purchased in July 2012
and it was included under the dealership. I asked him if this was full coverage
and he stated yes. I asked him how the quote was so low and he stated Geico has
the lowest rates. I purchased the policy with Geico. On December 14, f 2012 a
pepple hit my windshield. That day I called Geico to file a claim. The
representative I spoke with was initially not sure if I had glass coverage.
After much deliberation it was determined that I did not. I asked to speak with
the manager Laura MacDonald. She stated it was my responsibility to check the
policy to see if glass coverage was on it. I argued that the gentleman was
fraudulent in not asking me if I wanted the coverage on a brand new car in
order to keep the quote low. He did not go through the proper protocol when
selling a policy over the phone. She claimed he was not wrong and that it would
of said "glass deductible" on my policy if I had it and she refused
to do anything. I called Geico customer service the next day and was informed
that under the comprehensive they would cover it if it was smaller then a
dollar, which with driving for a day the crack expanded. On that day they also added glass coverage. When I received new documents 4 days later I called Geico and they said I requested glass coverage. But why would I do that if the windshield was not fixed yet. It took 2 months to
finally speak with a regional manager who told me it is proper protocol to ask
the seller if they want glass coverage which the gentleman failed to do. I
asked for the tapes of the conversation which Geico states they are unable to produce. The regional manager
refused to supplement payment for the windshield but agreed that he should of
asked me. I was informed by Geico customer service that when people call to get
a quote they are suppose to ask if they want glass coverage. This is standard
practice for all auto insurances. The gentleman selling the policy was
fraudulent. He did not follow protocol in order to get me to purchase the
policy. I checked with Geico and it would have been an additional $15 per month
to add the glass coverage (which they charged me after I filed the complaint
even though the windsheild was not fixed and without my approval). If
"glass deductible" is not written on the policy how is anyone to know
that the are not covered if they have full coverage, collision and liability?

Due to fraudulent selling of the gentleman from Geico they
should replace the windshield. It is industry standard and Geico's policy to
ask if you want glass coverage, which wasn't done. The policy in paper is not
clear in regards to the actual coverage. The gentleman did not follow protocol
and Geico is unable to produce conversation tapes which they claim to have
recorded. Also the crack in the windshield
could of been fixed by Geico if the correct information was given by
Laura McDonald, the office manager at the initial time of complaint.
After filing with the NY Department of Finance, Geico submitted there side of the situation which was lies and refused to surrender the tapes. Department of Finance suggest I sue them.

Apr 22, 2016 4:15 am EDT

Last week my husband was coming home from work; when a Gieco insured driver tried to run my husband off the road. Ultimately he hit him and caused himself to flip his own truck then send his passenger to the hospital. Luckily my husband was fine and the truck had minimal damage (thanks to his quick thinking). The Deputy at the scene charged the Gieco insured driver and told my husband that they are responsible. The next day, my husband who has NEVER had an accident (he is 49 yo) was VERY shaken up over the whole thing but still wanted to just have the damage fixed on his truck and be done with the whole thing. Geico started calling him that day leaving messages but everytime he called them back, all he would get is voicemail. When he finally did speak with someone called Natalie she stated she would have to do an recorded interview before adjusters would be sent out to review the damage. During the interview, she kept twisting his words, and then started making false statements like he was in the left lane instead of the right lane which is where he stated and was hit in. He did all he could to alert their client, like laying on the horn, so he wouldn't do this stupid thing but her client would not stop so he caused things to happen as they did. The conversation ended with a statement that Geico would review the case then get back with him to let him know their decision. Fast forward to, today and he receives a call from Natalie letting him know they refuse to pay. She stated that he could've avoided the accident regardless of their client's fault.
This is so wrong and they along with their client should be held accountable. However, the only option we have is to sue and really, this is why the court system is so messed up.
Today, my husband received a phone

Mar 28, 2016 12:01 pm EDT

I have been a customer of Geico's for 15 years, so I was pretty put off by their trying to sneak through a 100% increase in my premiums this year! The only thing I can think of is that they have developed an algorithm to select long-standing customers who have always paid their bills and likely wouldn't notice or care about such a large increase. Anyone have any experience with this?

Oct 15, 2014 11:49 am EDT

I agree, My experience with Geico to date...HAS NOT BEEN GOOD. We have had Geico and never had to file a claim until a New Yorker Rammed my car after speeding, running a traffic light and then a yield sign to smash into my drivers side of car. (Accident occurred on Sunday, May 18, 2014 - 5:15 PM) I had just dropped collision on my car and downgraded it to liability because of high payments for collision. Did this about three months prior to the above incident! Unbelievable...Reported the incident to Geico the very next day. Geico promptly called back to state that because I only had Liability, They were not able to pay anything or provide me with a loaner/rental car or any other assistance in this matter, I was on my own. Per Geico! WTF?. Hence, I Contact a Lawyer, as I see this could be a problem!...Lawyer sends letter to the New Yorkers who refuse to accept Correspondence re: the accident they caused. Our Lawyer then contacts Geico to File and uninsured motorists claim... Geico responds with a letter that the accident never occurred on the date provided them, therefore...unfortunately, were not able to assist me, their client!?!? (never mentioning the uninsured claim, , just that there was no accident!) Really People?! Contact Geico again, to confirm the date of the accident was indeed correct. Geico responds next with... since we had filed an uninsured motorist claim they had "DISCOVERED" that the other driver was indeed covered with insurance and that therefore negates the uninsured motorist claim we had filed. They informed me that "I" would need to contact the other drivers insurance company to proceed with any claim I "May" have! Here is the real kicker...Turns out the New also insured by...yep, you got it..."GIECO"! We contact our Lawyer once again to have them handle it as it is getting messy! Geico, telling us to contact Geico, when we've already contacted Geico repeatedly...and they just keep dancing around the bush! "WOW"! It is blatantly apparent to me at this point that GEICO... "DOES NOT INTEND TO DO RIGHT BY ME, THEIR HIGH PAYING CLIENT!" Lawyers firm now agitated telling us they don't typically handle this portion of an accident claim as it is usually pretty straight forward...but that they will if I want...Yes, i want!... My Lawyer contacts Geico again. Geico then calls me back and states...Ok. Accident did happen on date it was reported, and since I only had liability, the other party would be responsible, and now since they know that they are them...GEICO, that my uninsured motorist claim is rejected AND that they would have been able to handle this BUT...since the other vehicle was a "COMMERCIAL" vehicle it, it complicates matters and my claim would be forwarded to yet another department...they would get back with me shortly.! WTF?!? Yay! Progress! Geico contacts us to have a claims adjuster come out and look at my car..."FINALLY! October 07, 2014 a Geico Insurance adjuster looks at my car! Adjuster Totals the car, offering me Kelly Blue Book Retail Value "OR" $1, 000.00 Less if I want to keep the heap! REALLY?! NO CAR FOR FIVE MONTHS...(TO DATE...), NO REPLACEMENT OR RENTAL CAR...NOT ENOUGHT MONEY TO TRY AND FIX IT, ...AND THEY DON'T EXPECT TO COMPENSATE ME FOR "FIVE MONTHS OF NO VEHICLE"...JUST THE "ACTUAL VALUE" OF THE CAR?!? I guess something, finally, is better than nothing...but it just does not seem right to me...AT ALL!

RE-CAP: ACCIDENT OCCURRED ON MAY 18, 2014. NO CAR OR REPLACEMENT VEHICLE FOR FIVE MONTHS, OCTOBER 13, 2014 - GEICO CALLS TO OFFER SETTLEMENT FOR "ACTUAL VALUE" OF CAR ONLY. "WOW"! Update...October 15, 2014. Called Geico...again...told them I think I am entitled to some type of compensation due to LENGTHY amount of time I have been left with an unusable vehicle or any settlement on that vehicle. I was told that another department would handle that and take that into consideration...SEPERATE from the payment for actual vehicle value...WE SHALL SEE...

Sep 20, 2014 2:58 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Geico will do anything to avoid paying claims. I'm going through the same thing with them now. It's like the Tenth Circle of Hell

Aug 30, 2014 1:28 am EDT

On May 17, 2014, my family were struck by a GEICO insured client in Dickson, Oklahoma at a wide-open intersection with clear visibility in all directions. The lady had a stop sign which clearly stated "Cross traffic does not stop". Witnesses at the scene stated that she pulled out in front of us. She was cited for "Failure to Yield". We were hit so hard that it tore off the front of my vehicle and propelled us across two lanes of traffic and onto the intersection crossroad, spraying oil and transmission fluid all the way. My vehicle was totalled. GEICO initially refused me a rental vehicle until I told my own insurance company that they had told me to get one from my own insurance company. GEICO had not even looked at my wrecked vehicle. I paid for and collected reports and pictures of the collision and our injuries as soon as I could walk. I sent all final billings. I am paying Radiology bills now. This week, GEICO adjuster wrote my son and granddaughter, stating he was confirming a "conversation" he had with both of them wherein he had made an offer to settle in return for a release. Neither my son or granddaughter was home that day. My son believes it may have been telepathic communication! I sent notarized statements of denial, not only to GEICO but to our state insurance commissioner with whom I opened a file when I realized GEICO was behaving in a way outside the Insurance Code (yes, there is a it) and in violation of the Unfair Claim settlement Practices Act (read that too). My granddaughter had a concussion and a forehead laceration/puncture wound from hitting the metal part of her father's (he was the driver) head rest. She has a permanent disfiguring scar on her forehead. We all had seat belts and all airbags deployed, mine so hard and explosive, I had both cardiac and pulmonary contusions and am now on heart/blood pressure medication and a diuretic. My EKGs, lab, and X-Rays bear this out. My daughter had fractured ribs and seatbelt injuries like mine that left us both with blood clots in the subcutaneous tissue of our abdomens. None of us have had any offer of settlement. I have asked our Insurance commissioner to issue a "Cease and Desist" order to GEICO for their business practices. I have given them 30 days to settle or I will sue their client. I will win. Never give up. Stay in touch with the adjuster. Insist on written communication. Read for your rights. Write for your rights. Never stop. Tell everyone. Write to the President at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, DC. There is a Justice Department there. Make enough noise to be heard. Enter every forum. Write every Congressman, State and Federal. They have staff who will at least ask questions. Let the insurance company know that you are alive and talking. Good luck to us all!


James V - forget all the claims they didnt pay for, you have 3 speeding tickets in ONE year (I have had zero speeding tickets in 16 years) and an at fault accident. do you really expect to be in the top tier, low risk class? If so, you are very foolish.

Nov 17, 2011 5:28 am EST

Her's my Geico story: I have been a faithful Geico customer for 14 years but they decided I was too much of a risk to keep insurance after 1 year of mishaps. I was informed the underwriting department felt my husband and I was too much of a risk to be premier customers any longer. There was "7 specific reason for this action" :in 2008 I had a "accident" which means a person tapped my bumper no damage, Geico paid nothing, In 2010 I got three spending tickets one in November and 2 in May which I paid. In February 2011 my husband was hit from behind when he was stopped at a light on a snowy day in New York, and the then September he was hit by women in a parking lot, Geico paid nothing. The only time Gecio paid was when I had a accident in April of 2011, my car hydro-planed in a storm. My car was totaled, Gecio finally paid me back for being a loyal customer, I thought. My insurance went up, I said ok and paid it without compliant. Fast forward to November, 2011 I get a letter from Gecio stating "take the down grade or we will not insurance you". I call customer services and say I have been a faithful customer and Gecio says "so what I am a big insurance company and you take what I will give you." To understand my anger, how about my house is insurance with Gecio and 2cars. Geico advertises on TV lower rates in North Carolina but it just Fuzzy Math, Geico raises customer rates for minor accident and say those who have no accidents or speeding tickets can have these "lower rates" Geico is just another company getting money from hard working middle Peter to keep Fat Cat Paul Geico rich.

Jun 13, 2011 6:49 pm EDT
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i had geico and my daughter bought a new car. the insurance was changed and about six months later she had and accident. geico said they had no insurance on this car the insurance was still on the car that was traded. we had totaled car and because it was her fault damages and medical bills on her and the other car owner. should have changed then. a year or so goes by mydaughter get married and moves away. geico would not take her off my insurance. after months of faxing them proof of her address they change my coverage to liability only and find out about a few months later from my auto loan company not geico. my bill didn't go down. i finally had them change this after her moter-in-law who worked for another insurance company faxed about tenth fax with her morgage info stayed on the phone with the person to confirm they had received it. that was it. on march15 2011 i went with another company. by policey was not up until april 1 2011. today i get a letter from a collection agent saying i owe geico $70 and some change. call. they want to start that fax game over again. i refuse. after talking with a lady out of va. it was taken care of. just got email from Brent Peters to start this all over.

Apr 06, 2011 11:58 pm EDT

I have been with Geico for 9 years. Yet they found every way they could not to pay a claim on my car. It hurt me. I was surprised. They basically called me a liar, like I was trying to rip them off. An investigator called me like he was the FBI, questioning me about my deductible. It was $50, that is why Geico didn't want to pay. All of that fancy advertising is cover up what is really true--they are losing their customers to other insurance companies with cheaper rates and who do pay off, no matter what the deductible. Shame of your behavior Geico. If I ever see your gekko on the street, I'd be happy to bump him off.

Jul 22, 2010 2:30 pm EDT

Damage to rear bumper from rear end collision. Geico refuses to replace the bumper and and back panel that needs to be replaced. They want to pay $464.00 to repair which is not sufficiant enough to do so. I would like it replaced with a new rear panel and bumper for this newly purchased vehicle. I would like to get in contact with some one who can get me what I am intitled to. I have been paying geico for ten years and would like to see this changed not fixed.

Jan 02, 2010 4:36 pm EST

I was hit on October 1st by a Geico customer and the company refused to send someone to look at my car. Also, they refuse to pay me. I was told that I can take them to small claims court. After reading all of these posts, I'm now interested in filing a civil suit against Geico for their ill practices. If anyone else is willing to join me in the fight then feel free to contact me.

May 14, 2009 11:30 pm EDT

I had an accident with one of Geico's insured and their insured hit me from behind while i was turning into my driveway. Needless to say they denied the claim. I truly think that the staff at Geico are poorly trained all around. I WILL NEVER REFER ANYMORE FRIEND TO GEICO!


My vehicle was lost in an accident back in Jan, it took them until March 6th to tell me they are not paying for the claim. There reason, "We do not believe the accident occurred as it was reported". Now mind you, there are police/fire reports and a witness...
After fighting on a daily basis for over the phone, and getting no where, it is in the lawyers hands now. First court date is in 3 weeks, ill let you all know what happend

Dec 14, 2008 7:20 pm EST

This sounds like a lot of whining - maybe if you weren't so negative with the people you're speaking to about the claim, you would have made better progress. Waaaahhhhhhh... that's all I've read in any of the post above. Don't bash the insurance company, make some progress using some positive responsibility and communication skills.

Oct 05, 2018 10:07 pm EDT
Replying to comment of Joe Schmo

Maybe but maybe not! they are all talking about the experience they had and I know for sure that insurance companies fk over good people so they can get a bonus! and I am now wondering are you one of them?

Oct 05, 2018 10:10 pm EDT

They fk over everyone but their moma!

Aug 13, 2008 4:49 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I worked for GEICO as an attorney, I know exactly what each of you are saying. Don't hit me up with hate mail, everyone has a right to work somewhere, doesn't mean that you like who you work for, or what you do.

Well I am still a lawyer, and I fight GEICO hands tooth and nail, I have won every CIVIL SUIT that I have filed against GEICO since 2000.

Oct 05, 2018 10:09 pm EDT
Replying to comment of littlehim


Jul 08, 2008 3:34 pm EDT

am in Florida and I Also am having a very difficult time with Geico-We were involved in a four car accident and not at fault-The guy who was at fault was insured by Geico. He drove a large truck-big tires-anyway he lost steering and hit three different cars-mine included-We were all sitting on 27 waiting for a guy to turn-There is no turning lanes due to construction-you just turn from the lane you are driving in-none of us were moving when he hit us.

I drive a cadillac and my husband is handicapped and we have to have a car with a trunk large enough for his wheelchair-I contacted my insurance Co. after the Dundee police gave us the HSMV crash report- my Insurance Co. said contact Geico and see if they would take care of it first- since I have a 500.00 deductable and I didn't know it but I had no car rental insurance(I do now!-I called Geico and reported it-I did all this at the accident-I gave Geico all the information about all the vehicles involved.

They said when they spoke to their client who caused the accident and if he told them he was at fault they would get back to me-They did.

Geico set up an appointment with their adjuster(the accident happened Thursday before July fourth)My appt. was for the following Tuesday. The whole time they told me they would take care of everything and after I saw the adjuster they would reserve a rental for me- I spoke with five different Geico TEAM MEMBERS over the holiday weekend and on Monday

We had driven our car home from the accident and were willing to drive to the adjuster(the adjuster does not come to you) but the whole right side of the car was damaged and the front tire on the passenger side was pushed in at an angle. We told Geico about the damage and they were Ok with us driving the car to meet the adjuster

Our appointment was at 10:00am at 8:30am the claims adjuster from the Geico Lakeland office called as we were getting in our car-She informed us she had been out of the office and Geico would be unable to pay the damages or supply us with a rental car(We have been without a car since Thursday and my husband is handicapped)I told her all this and she was very sorry but there was nothing she could do-We could keep our appointment with the Geico adjuster but they could not pay for my claim(yet-I would have to contact my insurance Co. and have them take care of it. She said he (the client)didn't have enough coverage for all vehicles involved. I ask her why noone had told us before now-She said she had been out of the office-What about her TEAM I had spoken too?
and what were we supposed to do for a rental vehicle-I ask what she would do- she said for me to call my insurance company and she then said we were going in circles was there anything else she could help me with? It certainly wasn't going to be a Rental Car.

I called my insurance Co.-State farm and they handled everything. My car is at Fields Cadillac being repaired-My agent told me to call Geico and ask if they could pay for the rental since my insurance didn't cover that and since State Farm had covered everything else it was worth a try-I called her back and ask her she said no there was nothing she could do-they would pay State Farm since they would be paying for the repairs-there was nothing they could do for us.

I had already called Enterprise when Geico had said they were going to supply a rental and made sure they had something my husband could get into from his wheelchair- that also had a large trunk-To Hold the wheel chair-

I called Clifton at Lake Wales Enterprise and Apologized for any inconvenience-HE Was VERY NICE-Said if there was any way he could help us to let him know.

We still don't have a rental- Geico said they didn't know how long it would take to resolve this they had contacted two of the drivers that had been hit(I'm one)- to tell us to have our insurance companies take care of the damages and the third driver had not been contacted yet-they had left the third driver messages-They couldn't resolve anything until he was contacted(what a joke

Geico Needs To take some lessons from State Farm Insurance & Enterprise Car Rental and Lots of Help with Customer Relations! They don't care!

My husband is telling all his friends how Geico treated him and now I'm telling people too!

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May 27, 2008 10:01 am EDT

My car was hit as I was going through and intersection while the light was green. The person who hit me was in a hurry to take his girlfriend to work and was stopped at the red light at the intersection and was supposed to proceed after my car had gone through the green light on my side. I was almost through the intersection when I saw his vehicle and I slowed down because I couldn't believe he kept on coming into my car and wasn't even looking. I got out of the car and we agreed that since he hit me, he would contact his insurance which was Geico. I called Geico and gave them my statement. They couldn't contact the person who hit me for 2 weeks. Then when they finally got his statement, he said I had gone through the red light and I caused the accident. The Geico claims office said that since we did not contact the police, and there were no witnesses to the accident which occurred at 8 a.m. in the morning and the accident didn't look serious enough for people to stop and give a statement as to what they saw, Geico refused to cover the cost to repair my car. I had to get my insurance to have my insurance pay for the repairs. I still had to pay the deductibe. Geico insisted that it was my word against their insured statement. As I have heard in the other complaints about Geico, they spend their money on those silly commercials that you see on TV instead of paying for insurance claims. The driver of the other car was on his grandmother's insurance policy and was driving a car that she had given to him, and had every reason to lie about the accident and Geico used his lies to refuse payment for damages to my car.

May 11, 2008 12:55 pm EDT

tell Geico you are filing a "BAD FACE CLAIM" too many bad face claims will stop GEICO from operating in that state, so people don't be afraid stand up to GEICO

May 09, 2008 9:27 am EDT

my car was stolen then recovered GEICO said they won't dicuss anything until i sign my car over to them which they refuse to fix.

May 09, 2008 9:04 am EDT

there are laws in place to protect insurance companies against fraud but why are there not any laws to protect the consumer against insurance companies that fraud consumers like GEICO

Apr 23, 2008 12:16 am EDT

I submitted a complaint and you Have Not Printed
My Complaint about Geico. It involved my Wife
Susan Tunnell getting injured in a car accident
in 2004 and Geico Is Our Insurance Company and
FAULT DRIVER WAS UNINSURED. Geico still hasn't paid and we had to hire a Attorney to Fight Our OWN
Dollars in Medical Bills From Accident and still
climbing. Geico offerd 13, 000 and We have to pay All THE BILLS. WE Told them to GO TO HE?. YES

Apr 07, 2008 1:47 pm EDT

On November 19, 2007, I was followed to a gas station and the stalker told me that he was going to damage my car, so I increased the coverage. Prior to that date, I had been robbed and assaulted by this stalker, so I took his threat seriously, and that is why I increased the coverage on my car. Sometime around the Thanksgiving holiday, my car was vandalized.

Now Geico is refusing to pay for any of the damages because they are claiming that the damage occurred before November 20, 2007. There had been damage to the car prior to that date. In August of 2007, my the rims had been stolen off of my car. The value of the rims was $2, 500. I took that as a loss and I am okay with that. My car was also egged.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Derek Tarken and his friends destroyed my car. They smashed the front windshield, the rear windshield, the side window on the drivers side, and they deflated my tires, cut my leather seats, and ripped off the door to where the gasoline goes, and scratched every painted surface on the car. I have contacted the police and the matter is currently under investigation.

Nonetheless, I need to have my car repaired. I have been without my car for four months, and because of this, I have lost my job and have had to drop out of college. I am not sure how else to handle this besides suing Geico for the damages done to my car, lost wages, and tuition repayment. As well as $20 a day for a rental vehicle rental. Before I hire a lawyer, I would like to know my rights and responsibilities in a case like this. Also, I would like to just settle this without going to court.

The agent that has been handling my case at Geico is Neila Huan. I have been trying for several months to get this case resolved and it is not working.

Apr 04, 2008 8:39 pm EDT

Geico is difficult to work with. You have to keep at it until you get what you need. in my case, after a road debrie cracked my windshie;d They put cheaper non-OEM winshield on a 3-month old new car. The cheap windshield did not fit properly. I complained and complained until literally lost my voice. I spoke to many, many customer reps. I kept calling and calling and finally met with the Adjuster at a repair shop to inspect the bad winshiedl installation. I got statements from my dealer that bad windshield will cause water leak and void manuafactuer warranty. I got statements from other repair shops that the work that was done was poor workmanship and wrong type of winshied used to repair damage. I had the Geico authorized repair shop look at it and get their feedback. The adjuster approved the replacement of non-oem windshield with a OEM part!

Feb 24, 2008 7:07 am EST

It has been a month and a couple days we were rear ended by a person who is insured through Geico. We cannot even get a direct answer from them. I finally had to hire a attorney even though Oklahoma is at fault state and he hit us going at least 50miles or more an hour in a 45 mph speed zone. He hit us so hard it spun us around and put us up on the curb. Now Geico is saying they are investigating who's fault it was. Come on he got the speeding ticket and pleaded guilty and paid the fine. We have several witnesses and police report. I think we wil have to end up suing him and Geico.

Feb 08, 2008 8:40 am EST

Recently I ran over metal objects that fell off of a vehcile insured by Gieco. My vehicle was new, less than 500 miles. My front left tire was punctured and ruined.

It took over 5 hours to get the tire replaced, after waiting for the police report.

A direct replacement for this tire could not be found. Although I was re imbursed for the tire, Gieco refused to compensate me for the 5 hours waiting to h ave the tire replaced, mounted etc.

I feel that Gieco should compensate me for the time I lost. My son is an attorney and I feel that he will handle this probono for his dad.

Jan 14, 2008 7:43 am EST

I am having the same problems with GEICO discribed by the majority of people on this site. Someone hit us wnd showed an insurance card from GEICO but when we contacted them they said he was not insured by them. Asked them to send a letter confirming that so we can forward to the police but 24 days later and 17 calls we still dont have it. We are also insured by GEICO and were told we have to put in a claim on our policy but we have a $500.00 deductable and will have to take the hit for that. Well guess what? 24 DAYS LATER and we still cant get an adjuster to look at our car and give us an estimate so I can get it fixed. Every time I call I speak to a different person who tells me according to their records the car has been inspected and the estimate will be downloaded at the end of tne day. This has been going on for 7 days now. As soon as this is paid I will be cancelling my ins. with GEICO and filing compalints with the NJ Dept. of Banking and Insurance and NJ Consumer Protection, plus every other agency Ican in New Jersey.

Nov 27, 2007 7:04 pm EST

I had lost my home after owning 17 years working hard single mother of 3 kids because of car insurance liability it took them more than a year to pay me back 10.000 dollars back We lost our home. Cavemans find the fire they are smart I am still trying to get back on my feet since 2002 after they paid me year later did not have no home they dumped me suspended my license what else can you beat 250.000 dollars alimony home is gone.

Nov 24, 2007 6:04 pm EST

I read your article regarding geico, and somewhat scared me because currently I am facing a lawsuit for a minor accident and I have yet to contact geico. I was wondering if you could tell me, would geico cover me for this lawsuit, if I am fully insured by geico.

Nov 15, 2007 3:05 pm EST

I don't believe there is enough space to tell all that we have been through to even report my son's accident. He is insured by Geico.
A woman ran into him, no damage, who was also a customer of Geico, and our son's car was totaled because she knocked him from an almost stop, off the road into a culvert. This was in southern AL which may explain part of the problem. We called Geico and reported the accident and they told me what they needed (police report, etc). We went the next day and took care of that, got all of the info together including a description of the accident from our son. After telling someone at Geico all of this, taking about 30 minutes, they asked that we fax it to them.
We faxed the 5 pages to them. That's when the problems began. It seems that none of the employees at Geico has the same info on the computer. We had to tell the entire story with facts 4 more times on the phone, ( twice to the same person) and finally faxed another copy of the 5 pages to this person. Then we were referred to CLAIMS. Impossible to get her on the phone and she didn't return the calls. On and on and on. As soon as/if this is settled we are going to change.

The amount of the claim isn't that much as the car was old and our son wasn't hurt except for a bumped knee. He didn't even get a loaner car so we had to drive him. If they don't send him a check soon, I too will go to the Insurance Commission.

Oct 05, 2018 9:49 pm EDT


Oct 16, 2007 2:44 pm EDT

I used to work for Geico, please don't hate me.. I USED to work there and no longer do for good reasons.. Geico is very sneaky in the way they do business. They have "policies and procedures" set in place to basically screw over hard working people that NEED to have insurance. Because the state of FL requires you carry car insurance, or your license will be suspended, Geico has found legal ways to jack up rates. They do use your credit score to help determine what kind of rate (or class) you will get. The worse your credit is, the higher your premium will be. That is WRONG and unfair! I had such a horrible experience working with Geico because of what I had to tell people. Its hard to tell a single, hard working mother of 3 with 2 jobs that her 6 month premium is $3200.00 and I would need more than half up front. Also, their policy on deceased policy holders is disgusting and morbid, they have NO compassion. You have to be cold hearted or have no heart at all to work at Geico..


Jul 30, 2007 11:42 am EDT

My truck was totaled over a week ago by a drunk driver insured by Geico. They to this day are still trying to determine if he was covered or not under his insurance policy. In other words they are trying to find a way out of paying it. Meanwhile I still don't have my vehicle to drive and the drunk refuses to call his insurance company.

May 27, 2007 6:38 pm EDT

Geiko refusing to pay claim after someone vandelised my DP Van with wheelchair lift. They are a bait & switch company & now I must find another Insurance company. Farmers I just got rid of after them having multi lawsuits & difficult to deal with, they filed a fraudulent claim. There was no claim at all. This would have been covered under Farmers same coverage as Gieko but Gieko just wants to sell insurance 7 doesn't care about customers... a scam & rip off. Need an attorney to deal with this. Help!

Apr 14, 2007 7:20 am EDT

I also have a bad experience with GEICO. A GEICO insured car rammed into the back of my motorcycle at a stop light. We had been stopped for several minutes at a major intersection when she just decided to pull forward. She said she thought that the traffic had started to move. Actually she was on a cell phone and was very inattentive to her driving. Having been on a trip, I needed an immediate replacement motorcycle rented at $100.00 per day. Her insurer GEICO , said they would allow $25.00 per day. I had to bring the client to court and won to collect the rental replacement cost. I don't know how GEICO grew to be so large while treating customers like this. I would never be insured by GEICO.


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