GDex / GD Expressfalse promise / half-assed service / manipulating / zero discipline


I thought I was the only one had encounter this but as other people complaining on lazada and what also happen to my other siblings I feel obliged to get these words out. First, I don't know how you manage your company but it's like there are no rules and deadlines in your management, like the courier and the office has no interaction at all. I once had to call the office to confirm where my item to know the whereabouts because there was no tracking number and then the office asked me for the number... Wtf. You don't even know where the hell the item you were supposed to deliver?!! I called the office many times to tell them make sure they re-confirm to their delivery guy to deliver my item. I don't mind if you not delivering it to my doorstep but the delivery guy should call me to tell me he's at the place where we agreed to meet to deliver my item but no response whatsoever. I would be happy if they return my item to original store rather they took it for personal use. I don't want to bring lawsuit to this but if you want to make me happy; fire those guys at the office and delivery guy, that would do.

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