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I am looking to get in touch with upper management about an issue at the Taylor location. My older aunt and her disabled blind husband were taken advantage of and were provided terrible customer service throughout the entire process. During their purchase with the salesperson they were not given the correct information and he was simply not just honest. Also, the delivery crew were rude and disrespectful. The couch was not wrapped in plastic and came with stains on it. The delivery man tried to remove the stain but was unable too. The bed frame was not put together and as I mentioned above my aunt is older and her husband is blind and they are unable to do much. Frustrated and unsatisfied with the service and a stained couch she called the store for a return. They charged her about $650 restocking fee on a couch that was obveisouly returned from another customer. They also would not take back the bed frame because its considered bedding. She also bought extended warranty for $350 on the couch and they told her that is not refundable. So all her items except the mattress have been returned and they will not return her $350 warranty, $650 restocking Fee and a $400 bed frame. So she paid for $1300 worth of stuff she no longer has or can't use. Is that something Gardner White is proud of? The part that really upsets me is the delivery man knew my uncle was blind and ignored him when he asked them to use the back door multiple times. They took advantage and kept using the front door. Hopefully someone over at headquarters can make this right or I will use my other options to get this taken care of.

Benedetto Covelli


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