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GameStophorrible customer service

I'm tired of dealing with this company and will no longer be using them as my computer games retailer. Recently I bought a game at one of their stores. When I got home, which is a great distance, I realized they put the wrong disc into mybox. I had to drive back out there. I get hte game again and when I get home they gave me another wrong game. The best they could do for me was say come back out. No appology.

Another time I went there with my brother looking for a rockband footpetal. He asked the guy at the register if they had any. He said I could look for you but I don't think we sell any. So I begin looking around the store. I overhear him saying "I hope we don't have to deal with any more customers like that tonight". After looking for a while I just left because what he meant was I could look, but I won't.

Horrible Customer service. Best Buy or another store are much better. I also filed complaints on their website and was never responded to.


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    Starz2010 Apr 10, 2010

    My question to you is simple. after the first time they messed up and gave you the wrong game; why didn't you check it before you left the store?

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    dfunke21012 Jan 08, 2011

    Just because the [censor] working there was a [censor] doesn't make Game Stop [censor]s but my experience with them goes like this their stores pretty much suck and everything is way over priced and their corporate offices are a bit nicer but it's like going through crap and gone to get a job with them or even noticed it really stinks. I've been to their state of the art HQ in Dallas TX or near there and what really sucks is they give their employees at the HQ the royal treatment even letting them game during lunch yes they have every console known to man in there and all the games too boot and yet we the consumers get ripped off on customer service and more. Really sucks and shows you that their priorities are themselves and not us. I'd just stick to the bigger boys like Best Buy and others for your games. Also you can't go wrong buying used online.

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    gamestopgirl Mar 05, 2011

    i love my gamestop store i never feel like they rip me off on games and the customer service is gr8. Ive made excellent friends with EVERYONE there and it feels like im apart of a family. Its like a Cheers for gamers so im sorry that your experiance was bad but ur gonna dis on every gamestop? Maybe ur gamestop is crap, maybe mine is a diamond in the rough, but im sick of crap customers gettin pissed at the people that just work there cuz they love games they dont set the policies and not every gamestop has the same employees that are gonna mess up like that and wiether u like it or not the gaming industry is the only thing not affected by the recession which means if u cant afford the games buy them used, on ebay but dont dis on gamestop cuz its not the charity u want it 2 b

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