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Miniclip reviews & complaints

Miniclip complaints 149

Jan 08, 2022

Miniclip - 8 Ball

My account must be hacked or something is wrong with it due to the fact that when I played as a guest, I played at least 50 or 60 games with random people and won every single one. Then I went into my Facebook account so I can see if I had any money and now that I'm older and wiser. I lose 6 games straight. Even when I was about to win the games shuts down and the I'm short 1000 coins. I don't know what else to say because I stopped playing because of this in the beginning and started playing again just for fun but it's not fun when you get f'ed in the a every time I switch to my Facebook account. I'm done with this game. It's a waste of time.

Miniclip - Eightball pool

January 2, 2022
To Whom It May Concern at Miniclip:
I am bringing this to your attention.

Number 37, Lucky Lockdown Club: Raedah (unique ID: [protected])

They have been raiding "Team Trump", and probably others, for weeks now. I don't know how they do it but they sneak in at the very last minute on Sunday night/Monday morning and steal first place. They are not even on the team trump roster. They have been doing this for weeks now.
I am an officer in this club and I have seen other people do this in the past to us but they were on our roster and I was able to kick them out of the club. That is not the case here.
These people need to be banned from the Miniclip pool site and any other Miniclip games they may steal their way up on.


unique ID: [protected] - 3
Danny Mack


Desired outcome: Offender Banned from site

Jan 06, 2022

The game is from out of country u can figure the rest

Number 37, Lucky Lockdown Club: Raedah (unique ID: [protected])

They have been raiding "Team Trump", and probably others, for weeks now. I don't know how they do it but they sneak in at the very last minute on Sunday night/Monday morning and steal first place. They are not even on the team trump roster. They have been doing this for weeks now.

I am an officer in this club and I have seen other people do this in the past to us but they were on our roster and I was able to kick them out of the club. That is not the case here.

These people need to be banned from the Miniclip pool site and any other Miniclip games they may steal their way up on.

Jan 06, 2022

The game is from out of us u figure it out

Miniclip - 8 ball [protected]

Playing SanFrancisco Tournament and got message that u R updating game. I am then rerouted midshot—I then see the AppStore 8 ball poll info screen. I click the open prompt and end up watching my shot finish. Whenever see this a few times I am suddenly kicked out of the tournament. Played others w/lags during shots who are winning suddenly "quit" during tournaments and bet they have same problem. I have seen that 2 times since I started keeping track today. I know you owe me for 3 games that I payed $4 to advance to 2 round in. Bet there are plenty more with same problems. I recommend fixing it ASAP!

Desired outcome: Refund 3 $4 buy SanFran buys and fix!


Miniclip - App for Samsung galaxy

I was playing the game on the app on Samsung galaxy and the game shut down without warning during my shot in a tournament game. I got the app back up and running and it was fine until my shot when once again the app just shut down. Obviously I ended up losing this game and the 250 coins it cost to play in the tournament. This was a game I was comfortably winning in the semi-final too. I want my coins refunded and an explanation why the app shut down during my turns.

Desired outcome: Refund of 250 coins

Miniclip - Minufootball

This company fail to inform properly its users about how engines, scripts are rigged. They lure, deceive, false advertise their game. In-game purchases won't change anything in the game since engines are made to have you face way higher overall teams. They do not inform users in their conditions of use about their doings. Engines are unbalanced on purpose to have users face +100 overall at least once you win 2 games in a row. All this obviously to have users paying for better cards, that will fade after time and prove to be totally pointless since the engines are rigged and the opponent will always face a better team. Unacceptable commercial practices. This company should be sued.

Desired outcome: Lawsuit

Miniclip - 8 Ball pool

Yesterday I had 88+ million coins and I've just logged in to find I only have 22 million how ever i decided to play a 10 million game and I didn't even get to play as I lost connection and now I only have 11 million i would like all my coins back and maybe a free gift for my inconvenience . P.s how long does it usually take for you to resolve this matter

Jan 06, 2022

Yea today balls jump over other balls the devs on this game should be removed from apple play store and there on Facebook now let’s just say that there is a lot of game hacks from Facebook


They never gonna a fix anything .

Miniclip - Minclip game bowling King

This is 2 times lost 1/2 of my points by 550000 this is the issue also can't sign in with Fb since you messed up my account on 5/12/21 my game was bowling king 55 44 I have been trying to reach fb on several occasions to get both this account but my fb account where I had 231 friends now no way to reach them I have lost my pictures and memories. Now have lost several accounts you deactivated my account I lose again

Desired outcome: Fix both accounts


Miniclip has banned me for no reason and I've seen other people be able to move their pool ball to make a shot when it was blocked in with no shot possibly and they used a excuse that I was Cheating or using a 3 party and I do not have a clue what they are talking about a 3rd party this site is very dishonest with no right to accuse no one for they are stealing from the people and getting rich doing this ..I'm very disappointed.😠😬😡

I Bought worth of $400.00 Austrailian Dollor and i Recieved 32, 000000 coins then i started playing nearly Hundred Games in Different Games i never win not even One Game very [censored]en Unfair is this a [censored]en Scam or what then I rang their Customer Service no one Answer Come On Miniclip

Oct 20, 2021

Miniclip - Golf Strike

Every other game I have really spent time and money on has had this feature. On Golf Strike if I drop from the game server, that's it, my 10, 000 coins (or more) are gone. Please add the above requested reimbursement coins to my game account or I'm gone. I will delete all mini clip games from my iPhone 12 Pro and leave bad reviews on the way out the door. I don't need instructions about my WiFi, I need a reimbursement, and I need you guys to fix your apps to allow for reconnection.

Desired outcome: Game coin reimbursement

Miniclip - 8 ball pool

It's getting really difficult to wanna play this game anymore. I play morning till night every day and spend a lot of money on your game. But lately it's been getting to the point where I'm gonna delete it. It's disconnecting in the middle of games and letting the other player win. After I've one a game and clearly potted the black and it's then froze gone back to the game.and the other person then wins and now a new one is im potting the right balls in the right pocket and it's them telling me I've potted the wrong ball. This had cost me millions of coins over the past few weeks. I will refuse to play if this continues. It's a good game but the algorithms you use clearly aren't working. Your basically cheating me out of my money. I'd like a response please or I will go higher. Game.or not I don't spend money to be ripped off.

Desired outcome: Some kind of explanation. Maybe a goodwill gesture seeing as I've lost millions because of you.

Oct 13, 2021

Miniclip - Golf Strike

I am an avid player of Miniclip games, and I don't mind spending money to upgrade my player and other features on your games, on a regular basis. What I do mind is being dropped from a game's server due to little fault of my own and losing game coins. This happened to me on Golf Strike last week numerous times in consecutive 10, 000 coin entry fee five player matches. I already logged a complaint, I thought, but it wasn't thru this portal and I am assuming that's why I have heard or seen anything from my request.
My player ID is Guest_1233268. I have never requested free/reimbursement coins for Golf Strike, but I am now. I believe I am owed between 60, 000 and 80, 000 coins. Please consider this request.
Andrew Arms

Desired outcome: 70,000 game coins for Golf Strike

Miniclip - Email customer service

a few days ago I sent an email with a game pack suggestion like yall are constantly asking us to do and the person that replied immediately dismissed it and treated it like it was a game error, I...

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Miniclip - Golfing

Hello, I have been playing Golf for a long time. Now when I get on to play they are taking all my coins and rubies. I have lost a lot of money, I have to click the game I want and wait. The original screen pops up, I have to hit play 2 or 3 times so I can play and it's not just me, my husband and I play together often and it does it to him as well. I don't want to stop playing, but my coins go fast when I have to click it 2 or 3 times. How can you Help?! Very frustrated! Thanks JoAnn

Desired outcome: Give me my coins back so I can play

Miniclip - Players stats not adding properly thereby not adding properly in my club

This has been a ongoing issue since I found this game app! I submitted a customer service request to look into the matter. "automated response" email was done with a person's name, thus my thinking I...

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Miniclip - Taking back all my earned points

I had about 8million winnings and all was taken away from me because I gave my wife some winnings. They cant simply take all my winnings away. Unexceptable. They could have warned first and if happen a second time then it would be fine. I want all my winnings and my wifes winngs returned. One of our big concerns is connection time out. We hit the ball and then suddenly it stay time over. Another is people see they are loosing then somehow exit the game and keep me hanging till I leave the game eventually. I am a paying customer and want all my winnings retunded

Desired outcome: [email protected]


This has happened to me and I was even banned completely for no reason and no warning and what difference would it make if a person wanted to transfer money because its their coins and was won or either bought so mini clip shouldn't be able to interfere


Miniclip - 8ball pool

The game keeps saying slow connection and the other person wins! My connection is PERFECTLY FINE! The entire club is looking for your contact information to complain or just uninstalling the game completely. This is RIDICULOUS. It has been 2 days now. I always pay for pool pass, as well as some others. I definitely will not be spending another dime on this site until someone bothers to take the time to fix the problem. Thank you
Jean McGinness

Desired outcome: Fix it and return my coins that were basically stolen


This happened to me on several occasions they are ripping people off their money

Sep 03, 2021

Miniclip - 8 ball pool

Your recent update has caused my games to lagg/crash and freeze witch causes me to lose every game i try and play ...
I have lost millions in recent days due to ur server issues and i know its not just me, half my club is experiencing the same issue...
I wouldnt care if i lost my games fair and square but thats not the case...
I only play with my wifi connection and i have the fastest internet speed possible ...
Please fix and compensate my loses would be very helpfull 👍

Desired outcome: Compensation

Aug 31, 2021

Miniclip - 8 ball

If the game don't want you to win you won't!
Cue stick move by its self!
Balls reappear on the table!
Balls move to different spot!
8 ball go's in the pocket spins back out!
Cue stick shoots no power on full power!
Cue fills like it's on a rubber band!
I have video of this happening!
Now you have to pay to receive goal prizes!
The game is fun when it's not messing with you

Desired outcome: Don’t know seems like cheating to me


I've lost lots of coins because of they game controlling the game like shooting the ball before I even have time to set up or either moving my pool stick for me needs to be stopped because they are stealing from young kids and old as well.


Miniclip - removal of 8ball pool account

I wish to thank MINICLIP for: deleting my 8ball pool account and hereby deleting 820.000.000 coins, 6150 cash, 650+ rings, 50+ emojis, countless avatars etc. etc...

This was my first question I asked to miniclip support in my request earlier this month (read it please!) ;

I just want unlink my account with my wife's facebook, please DO NOT REMOVE my account, I already invested a lot of time and a reasanable amount of money in it. My wife accidently logged in to the game with her facebook log in to create an account for our son, that is all that happened. AGAIN DO NOT REMOVE MY ACCOUNT! - this was the message I sent...seems pretty clear to me...

And what did miniclip support do? Remove my account.

Again: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for letting me loose all my invested money.

Instead of sending standardized answers to clients with problems you would do much better really reading the emails, instead of instantly sending answers that are totally beside the questions.

I thought one moment to make a fresh start in 8ball pool but I would be a total fool to spend any more money on it.

This was my last message to miniclip. You probably won't care anyway.

Bye and thanks for absolutely nothing!

Desired outcome: restore account player ID 290-903-132-3


They just done me the same way for they are stealing from people like you and me and lots more for the whole site is dishonest and needs to be stopped .


Miniclip - 8ball pool prize

I've played 8ball pool and joined a team called clear break we won our league and I came 5th putting in over 50million coins, my prize should have been around 30+million coins instead I got 4 million some of the team members are the same, the leader got 6 million and he only came 10th and put into the club about 11million coins but still got more than me this does not work our right

Aug 13, 2021

Miniclip - 8 ball pool

Hi My username for 8 ball pool account is : smash My unique Id is : [protected] I am wrighting this complaint as I have been cheated out of 25 million of my hard earned pool coins on Berlin...

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