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B Sep 27, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: In-store shopping

The issue that I have experienced was: TV Bought 17 April 2019 - Telefonken - SR [protected],
Sunday 22 Sept 2019 TV was returned to the store - only sound was coming through and no visuals, Customer services took all the details and advised that because there is not store slip, a reprint would be requested from HO, that will take 2 weeks plus minus, today 27 Sept 2019 another call was made to the store and the customer was told to wait for 2 weeks.

I requested the contact details of the store couple of issues - Today 2019-09-27
1. A gentlemen by the name of Kylie answered the phone, I requested to speak to the store manager - Kylie advised that the store manager is on leave,
2. I requested to speak to the next in line and Kylie said its - Reginald the sales manager ( I asked what is Reginald surname) he said he does not know
3. I said no Problem - let me speak to Reginald
4. Spoke to regionald and he said Amira would help me and passed the phone on to Amira
5. Amira asked me for the folllowing details, last 4 numbers of the card, date of Purchase, model and bar code.
6. I did not have the barcode and said I will call her back with the bar code.
7. I called Amira back, told she is busy with Customer
8. Asked for Reginald - Martie answers the phone - Reginald busy with and employee problem - but will tell Amira to call back
9. and hour or 2 later I call again looking for Amira - she is on Lunch, I asked for Reginald again, Martie answers, Reginald is in the office she is on the floor, and ask did Amira call me back and I said no
10. She walked over to Amira - Amira not available, she said she will let me speak to Ebrahim
11. A gentlemen answers - I say hi Ebrahim, his response is an arrogant ( Mathews ) again I say Hi Ebrahim ( again he says Mathews ) - this time I am really irritated, I ask am i speaking to Ebrahim, he says Mathews
12. So I try to calm down i ask for Ebrahim,
13. Eventually Marta connects me with Ebrahim, i share with Ebrahim and he says no man the slip has been in the store for a while and the customer can come to the store and ask for him
14. he expalined that - the process the TV will be sent away for assessment and after that the report will advise if the credit to be processed or not
It occurred on: 27/09/2019

This meant that no TV for a week and possibly plus
Worst than home affairs in terms of customers service
Staff rude

I want that TV changed or issue resolved asap - its World cup rugby

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.

Yours faithfully,

sandile mngqolo

Store location Tygervalley Western cape
Voortrekke road - Sanlam Building, Belviile
Cape Town SA

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