Game Stores South Africa / vacuum cleaner

M Jul 15, 2019

I bought a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner a year ago for R899. It stopped working within 6 months. I lost my slip and had to buy a new one, again the same Hoover for R899, in April 2019. On Saturday 13 July 2019, it broke again, 3 months old. I kept my slip and wanted give it back, but had to book it on for Assesment, to get my money back, which takes 8 to 10 working days. I consider this unacceptable. I bought it cash with real working order money which Game received immediately. Now I must wait for 8 to 10 days to Vacuum again, use a broom, and Game still benefit by having my money, and I sit without a Vacuum. This is just so wrong in so many ways. If the product is useless and can't handle the job, I must be able, and have right to give it back and get my money back. This is absolute nonsense.

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