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Complaints & Reviews

card number not supplied to rcs

I visited game store at green stone mall edenvele johannesburg on thursday 10 august 2016 around 17h00 to get credit info. On samsung 32" tv. A middle age woman assisted me did not have any concentration on my questions. I had to ask 2 or 3 time same question before she answer.

Today I went back to game green stone small and same woman in white top and black skirt assisted me. She gave a form and continue talk with her colleagues. I completed a form after that she wanted to gave a card. I told her, "i did not requested a card, I wanted to open a credit", after that she started to explain that there is 3 type of credit that I can choose from and she explained.

She asked me to sign another form which relates to my requirement. Around 16h00 I received an sms to say I have to call [protected] my game card application cannot be processed as some of the information is outstanding. I called in and they ask me to issue them with a card number. Where da heck do I know that number. The was supposed to issued by a lady from game, they issue the cards, that's shows incompetent and poor quality from game store employee

I asked myself how long is this woman been doing this job, does game evaluate their employees on their positions/jobs.

I told the lady from rcs by the name of thembeka at cape town offices to cancel the application. I planned with my partner go the next day to game to retrieve my documents and look at other stores that pays their employees for what they do. I did not even care to more for good service.

Senzo makhathini

bad attitude

Good day
I am compaining about bad attitude that I received from a cashier at
Place: game festival mall, kempton park, gauteng, 1619
Date: 09/07/2016
Cashier name: prodsody mathebula 169379
Serious disciplinary warning if not dismissal

I went into a game store on saturday the 09th of july 2016
There was a very rude cashier that started being rude from the minute I put foot on her queue. She started off by greeting me in a very disrespectful manner, she then continued to disrespect me and belittle me informant of her manage and supervisor. Clearly that kind of behavior is allowed in that store. Did I mention that the girl is a trainee and was not wearing her trainee badge. I am a regular costume of game and have never being treated that bad.

I was purchasing a r6000 lipton that was on special and when I tried to pay for it, I realised that I have had reached my daily limit. I quickly ran to the bank to fix the problem, as the supervisor had to cancel my transaction they put the paper that had the brocade safe under the till. So when I came back I grated the cashier and tried explaining that there was a lady who assisted me with my laptop. She didn't listen to me as I tried to explain that the lady looked just like her and had short hair just as she did. She further more told me to run along and look for whoever that helped me. The manager started to panic when I mentioned that I am going to take it further. I would ask for the camera fottage to be viewed.

May I please be contacted ands given feedback.
Regards thato
Thato. [protected]

terrible service

Good day

We bought defy island extractor, paid for it at dion wired mall of the south, and were assured that we would could collect at the sister company, game vaal mall as they had confirmed with the floor manager (peter)

Cdd number: 0861794

We drove 110kms from johannesburg germiston to vaal. Only to be told when we got there that it was reserved for another customer.
What we do not understand why an item was sold to us, of it had indeed been paid for by another customer.
What was worse was the fact that the floor manager (Peter) took his time to attend to us, more than 30 minutes waiting in the store and we could see that we were waiting, until we walked directly to him.

What we want to understand is does game and dion wired really care about customer service? Do they understand the time and money that we spent for absolutely nothing?

And what we picked up from the sales person's conversation with his manager (Peter) is that we could get this item as it was being kept for a friend who will only collect at the of june.


An extremely dissatisfied customer!

poor service and repair

I bought a 20l russel hobbs at game festival mall (Kempton park) on 24 january 2016, on 28 february 1 stopped...

bad service

Good morning

We live in desainager and decided to shop at game umhlanga although ballito branch was closer and seeing that umhlanga had a wider variety of items. I have a game card that I applied for last year and I did pay it off. I decided to use it yesterday. I went to a teller first to check the credit and if it was ok to use my card hoping the account wouldn’t be closed. She printed a slip but suggested I go to the credit desk to make sure that my account was not closed. I made my way there to the desk. There were 2 indian females there. I got to the desk and they were busy giggling at something on the computer, I stood there in front of them and it was if I wasn’t even there. “can I help you, ” asked the younger lady (Like ofcourse I need help) I explained my story about my card and that I want to make sure that the account is not closed. The older indian lady calls the call centre and hands me the receiver to talk to the call centre??? What the hell ever happened to customer service? I am a customer asking for assistance and she basically said “help yourself”. Nevertheless I spoke to the call centre and all was good. We started our shopping and it was time for your store to close. So my boyfriend took the trolly to join the queue and I went through the isles once more to see if we missed anything. I was greeted by a female security guard who told me I need to leave the isle and join the queue. Even after explaining that the queue is still long and my boyfriend is in the queue, she insisted I leave and that I couldn’t shop anymore. Since when are customers literally chased out of the store?? I joined the queue with him. To add to all this frustration you have a catalogue printed for specials from the 24 february to 8 march. One item in particular aunt caroline rice was advertised to r79.99 and when the cashier scanned the item it came up as r92.99. Ok it’s a few rands, but why “advertise specials” and not change the prices. There were lots of items that we saw in the catalogue that we bought, how many more item did not have the prices changed ??? If I didn’t check the price on the rice, your cashier wouldn’t have bothered.
I seriously am very disappointed with my shopping experience at game umhlanga. The treatment we received was just horrible I understand everyone’s tired and everybody wants to go home, but, these are their jobs and they need to do it!!!

I will close my account and never shop at game again!!!

Till slip attached !!!

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tv stand


I bought a tv stand from game cresta, johannesburg.

The wood is not the same on the top. (please see attached picture)

It took me 3 days to put it together. I don't have the patience to
Do it again.

Please advice.

Thank you

tv stand

extremely poor service received

To whom it may concern
I would like to report the extremely poor service I received from game weirda park-mall at reds. I am utterly disappointed at the service I received. I got to the store at 10:45 to apply for a mobi cell 2 for 1 contract, a gentleman by the name of bongani assisted me, apparently he was still in training. He gave me the forms to fill out while he went to fetch the tablets. I filled out the forms and waited for his return, when he returned he had to wait for the guy who was training him to assist. Two other customers came in & were helped, while I had to wait, once those customers were assisted & left they eventually came back to me, he punched in all my information on to the computer, told me I had been approved for the contract, this was at 11:26, he thanked me for being so patient as he realized I had been waiting for so long & they kept helping the customers who had come in after me, I was told I had to wait for the other gentleman to help me as he was still in training, so I was made to wait again, at 12:00 the other gentleman came to help me telling me I was approved but not for the mymeg 500 so I needed to contact vodacom customer service & tell them I needed to be approved for finance, I called the vodacom customer service at 11:42, spoke to a lady by the name of thandeka, I passed the phone to the gentleman who spoke to the lady, he was transferred to someone else who told him he has to call finance himself. Another customer came in & they started helping that customer so I was made to wait again, at 12:05, the gentleman faxed the paperwork to finance & told me he has to wait another 5 minutes before calling them to see if they received it & could help me, went back to helping the other customer, at 12:25 I got irritated & frustrated & told bongani I would like to speak to the manager as I had been there for almost two hours, bongani called the manager, who I honestly don't know how he was made manager of the store as he is unhelpful & has no people skills whatsoever, he had a rotten attitude. I explained my frustration to him of having to wait while everyone else was served, he was so non interested in what I had to say instead he started telling the other customers who were being helped that they should wait while they helped me otherwise he would have to stand there and listen to me talk the whole day, he was not apologetic in anyway, the customer admitted that I was there before them but they were helping him first so what I was saying was right and he wouldn't mind waiting. I was disgusted at the manager for being so unapologetic when bongani and the other customers knew that service that I was receiving was very poor. That is when I decided that I had enough of waiting, asked for my documents back so I could leave, the gentleman at the counter than decided he would finally help me at 12:30 after waiting for 1 hour 45 mins, the manager told him it was fine he should give me my stuff back & let me leave as he his face showed he was only too glad to get rid of me. I shudder to think how many other customers receive such poor service from game. I went to the front desk to get the number for customer complaints, the lady asked what is the problem, the manager came behind me rattling out the number telling the lady that I wanted to lay a complaint, not apologetic in any way what so ever. My experience today has left a very bad impression in my mind of how game stores operate & I most certainly will think twice about purchasing from game or recommending anyone to visit a game store. I trust that the matter will be taken seriously as I was always under the impression that games motto is to provide excellent service to their customers. Today I was made aware that this is just an illusion which they would like the customers to believe.
Note on game customer service agents e mail:
"a customer is the most important visitor on our premises, he is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider in our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. (Mahatma gandhi) "
Customers definitely shouldn't believe that.

joseph mmusi & eric nobela

To whom it may concern

I'm writing this mail with a great disappointment from management in game store centurion.

18:30pm I went to game store to exchange vacuuming machine zoom green in colour and I was told I couldn't due to t's & c's written on back of my slip which we were never told on the 11th of october 2014 when we got the machine, eric refused to help and I asked him to call someone who's higher level to bend the rules as he couldn't do so as a manager, he refused to give me area manager' s number and called joseph who claimed to be a top manager.

Joseph was very aggressive, rude and gave me an attitude when I told him my problem. I even told him it cost me patrol to come back again but he asked me how would I have came if I didn't use my patrol, he even told me not to forget that that his a customer somewhere else and I should understand their rules. He even left before we could finish with our conversation and just walk away with an attitude to assist other important customers to him.

I'm always buying at game but this is the first time I receive such incompetency, I told them both i'm going to hellopeter about this but they showed no care at all. I was in your store till it closed and eric told me that we will meet in the street and threatened me and my wife, when we walked out they were both standing at the door giving us serious face and smashed the door after we walked out by joseph.

What kind of service is this?

I want to report this to their seniors or area manager, they are killing the reputation of game they should be fired. Game doesn't deserve such management.

I trust that you will find the above in order.

Best regards

problem experiencing with return item without slip for cash back

Good day On 10 december 2014 I bought a philips wireless headset at game tygervalley. I confirmed with the...

bad service

I visited the menlyn game store on the evening on the 16th december 2014. I purchased a number of items and then realised that I was incorrectly charged for one of the box of chocoloates I had purchased. I went to the cashier and she consulted a manager to request for the manager to check the item. The manager checked and indicated that the item was r109.00. She then took the item to another manager who was extremely rude and abrupt. He got up from his chair with an obvious point to prove and no consideration of giving me any sort of service. He pointed to the promotional item and said that the item with the green tag should be the item on promotion. I said to him that no item on the shelf had a green tag. He then showed me another box and I told him that this could not be the price of the item as it was cheaper than the promotional amount. I then asked him to show me exactly which item was r68. And odd cents. He scanned the item I bought and said it was r70 and odd cents. I told him then he overcharged me. He said no, the item was actually r109 and odd cents. I then said again, show me the item that was r68 and odd cents. He indicated that he did not know. He walked away and told me to lodge my complaint. I went back to get his name but found him hiding out in a office. I found him to be aggressive, rude and abrupt. I have been overcharged for my items and was treated extremely badly by your manager in the store. Please rectify this by instituting the correct disciplinary action against the rude manager and ensure that I get charged correctly for my items !!!

bad service

wrong dl code


I was travelling in Nottingham (came from Brasil) and bought a lot of games and a PS4 console in the GAME store located in the Victoria Centre (Nottingham).
Then, came back to my country to just find out that the seller sold me a WATCH DOGS PS4 game and a PS3 Season pass for the same game, not PS4. I tried redeem the code for the PS4, but it didn´t work. I tried reedeming it for the PS3 to try to play with my account in the PS4, which didn´t work also. Tried the online GAME chat help...but those guys can´t refund me for a error that a seller DID!

Now...i spent 600 pounds in games at the GAME store and they can´t refund me for a error that i didn´t comit...15.99 pounds???

How bad is that?
NEVER to buy again with them...really bad attitude with the customer...really mad about it as i bought those games to my children, who are really sad about it.

walka 7 new but faulty

Good day, I am a pensioner, I saved for 3 months to buy a walka 7. On 1 march I purchased the walka 7 at the game store in westgate jhb. The walka was faulty and I returned to the store on the 5 march, unfortunately I lost my receipt, but had the purchase date. The person at the electronic section refused point blank to assist me and told me without the slip I will pay for the fixing of the walka and send me to the area to hand in for repairs. I tried to explain that this is a brand new and he can look in the book where this was written up for which I signed, plus he can look on the system as I required a valid tv license for this but he was not interested. Like a small child I took my way to the desk to hand this in for repairs, again tried to explain but needless to say that I received the exact same treatment, I have been a loyal supporter of the game stores all my life and this leave a extremely bad impression. Why should anyone pay for repairs if the product was bought brand new and faulty? I am extremely unhappy and learned that it will take up to 6 weeks for repair? My complain is 2 fold, the extremely unreasonable treatment and also the unreasonable expectation to wait 6 weeks if I bought the walka as new

poor customer service

I bought lightbulbs that were on special, r50 for 2. The lady at the paypoint let it through for r34, 95...

discrimination against pregnant woman

Good day,

My name is santana parish and im currently 6 1/2 months pregnant - on the 14th of december my fiance, my 9 month pregnant sister and myself went into game for our xmas shopping. Whilst shopping my sister and myself needed to urgently use the ladies room (when being pregnant your child sits on your bladder and you cannot wait or still walk to the opposite side of the mall outside to get to a toilet) so what I did was track down someone on the game stores floor and asked if we could please use the toilet. The lady tumeka said sorry we do not allow customers to use our toilet and I responded and said its urgent you cannot expect us to walk a far way to get to a toilet. My sister of 9 months was humiliated and had a accident and nothing was done at all to assist. You manager rozetta should be fired as she is very incompetent and has no idea how to handle a customer / pregnant woman. I am disgusted by the manner in which we were dealt and I believe that if there service is so bad then its not worth your time to shop there as they do not live up to there customer standards. I have taken a photo of rozetta in game and will be going to my local news paper to expose game

  • Sa
    Santanaparish1 Jan 07, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Good Day,

    My name is Santana Parish and im currently 6 1/2 months pregnant - on the 14th of December My Fiance, My 9 month pregnant sister and myself went into Game for our Xmas shopping. Whilst shopping my sister and myself needed to urgently use the ladies room ( when being pregnant your child sits on your bladder and you cannot wait or still walk to the opposite side of the mall outside to get to a toilet) so what i did was track down someone on the Game stores floor and asked if we could please use the toilet. The lady Tumeka said sorry we do not allow customers to use our toilet and i responded and said its urgent you cannot expect us to walk a far way to get to a toilet. My sister of 9 months was humiliated and had a accident and nothing was done at all to assist. You manager Rozetta should be fired as she is very incompetent and has no idea how to handle a customer / pregnant woman. I am disgusted by the manner in which we were dealt and i believe that if there service is so bad then its not worth your time to shop there as they do not live up to there customer standards. i have taken a photo of Rozetta in Game and will be going to my local news paper to expose Game

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game selling electronic junk

We bought an Coffee Machine at afternoon 9th of May. And we don't experience of buying coffee machine. It did look nice at the display. When we were back home at night, we decided to use it seriously. I washed it and added some cups of water. Then the problems came, the plastic of the whole coffee machine smell horrible. I can't image what kind of plastic it is made of. It is really worried about me the standard of plastic it has been used to make such coffee machine. I started to look for the mark of plastic it used on the body, but I found nothing. Mostly we find the Co cola bottle marked with 1. It means their bottles are made with poison free plastic. The terrible thing is the leaking and continuous dropping if i wanted to pour the coffee. With the slip and original packaging, I go back to the game store, Game staff found all excuses for refusing of refunding me. That was the most humiliating experience I ever had. Beware, Game selling consumers these electronic junk which they are definitely knowing they are junks and find all humiliating excuses for refusing refund.

advertised products different to product sold

The weekly leaflets (8 Apr-11Apr) advertised a Samsung Netbook, with Windows XP, for R2499. The item was also on display in the store, listed as R2499, and had Windows XP Home, and Bluetooth built-in. The colour was white, with a chrome coloured strip around the middle. The model code on the netbook on dispaly was NC10. However, the product that was presented to me when I requested to buy one, had a N130 model code. It had NO Bluetooth and did not have Windows XP installed, rather it had Windows 7 Starter installed. It was also plain white (no chrome lining in middle) The N130 that they tried to sell me is then definitely inferior to the one on display, since the specifications are less. I requested to speak to the manager, who wasn't there. The acting manager told me that the barcodes are the same and thus they cannot give me one like that on display. I view this as false advertising, and would like Game to supply me with the advertised product as in the leaflets and the one on display (The NC10, with Windows XP and Bluetooth). This is dishonest business, as only a technology aware person would pick up on this, where as the normal man on the street would be taken for a ride.

happy to take my money - but no after care service

I purchased a 309L KIC FridgeFreezer from Game Midrand [protected].In addition to the yr's warrantee that's included in the price I paid for the KIC, I also purchased an additional 5yr Extended Warrantee Policy with Game.1st the KIC froze everything. So Game called KIC to fix it, who sent the most rudest engineer, Andy, out to fix my fridge. On arrival he verbally insulted me in my own house, by saying I gave him wrong directions which is why he was late. What happened bout friendly customer service? He did fix the KIC though. In Jan 2010 I noticed the fridge door rubber gasket had torn. I phoned game again. They followed through by phoning KIC who is supposed to contact me when the gasket arrives to arrange a 'fixing' time. It's 3 months later!!! I phone game every 2 wks who phones KIC again, who comes back with the same excuse time after time. Your gasket is on backorder mam. I've been patient enough. No one follows through. If Game or KIC cared about the customer, They would've fixed it by now. Or at least contacted me to help me understand the situation. But no - they just leave u in the dark.

I want a brand new fridge - yesterday. I've been patient enough!

I will never set foot in another games store again

I see that many people, not only myself experience this type of attitude from Game staff members. This is certainly disappointing, and utterly disgusting. It is a fact that the staff dont even have knowledge of the products they sell. Game responded by saying that they would like to see me back in their store again. I can assure you that I will NEVER set foot in another Game store again, and I will advise others not to go there as well. I prefer shopping at other stores, where I get quality service!

  • Pm
    P Mclean Dec 14, 2013

    Totally agree, my wife was verbally abused by staff in Game Bromley, she was so upset, the manager sacked one chap on the spot did nothing to the others. There were many witnesses who back my wife up, whom later made an official complaint to head office, no reply weeks later !

    Game never again, go on like that and you will go bust as people will just buy online where they cannot get verbal abuse.

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goods stolen before delivery: game won't replace

On 29 Aug 2009 I went to Game Brooklyn to buy a small stove. The stove was in stock, but in the warehouse not the store. So, they advised I could pay and come pick it up the following tuesday (1 September 2009) since the warehouse is only accessible on tuesday. Come tuesday, I went to Game Brooklyn with an intention to collect, but was advised that the stove was not retrieved from the warehouse. I went back on 9 September 2009. Same story. This time they told me I should not come until they call me. Of course they didnt call! I called after two weeks, and they said they will call back. They never did! On 1 October I went back. I was advised that it was coming in by 5pm that day. I went back the following day. While waiting with a trolley, I was advised that the stove had been collected on 3 Sept 2009. They showed me the forged dispatch documents, whch they claimed to be authentic. Of coz i lost it! They requested for a week to investigate. They didnt call with update until I called on 14 Oct only to be told they won't replace. This is an inside job and customers should pay for mismanagement! It seems buying from Game you lose rather than win! However, the fight has just started!

the attitude of the staff at the eastgate brance is pathetic

The attitude of the staff at the Eastgate brance is pathetic. First of all the prices are always not clearly marked and the on floor assistants never help you. I saw some items on a clearance table and enquired abut a price as it had not been marked It took the person 20 minutes to get the price as she could not find the person who was responsible for the items. I left the item as they were just wasting my time, when I came to the till and I had purchased another sale item I noticed that it was scanned at the old price. I told the cashier that it was not the price. She took another 20 minutes to get the right price?!!! What kind of service is that? And what if I had not noticed that the price is wrong, would they have just ripped me off. The whole bang lot needs to go through some sort of customer service training and stop wasting our time as this always happens at this branch. They all stand around doing nothing.

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