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9th Floor, North Tower, Liberty Towers (formerly BP Centre), 214 Samora Machel Street (previously Aliwal Street)
South Africa

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+27 861 426 322 73(Call Center) 16 31
+27 80 033 3383(Game Sure Extended Warranty) 3 12
+27 80 000 4445(Game Sure Extended Warranty) 0 9
+27 86 100 2233(Game Store Card & RCS Enquiries) 4 11
+27 31 302 8991(Head Office) 11 17
+27 31 534 5700(Durban) 2 6
+27 11 776 4600(Gauteng) 5 9
+27 21 935 7800(Cape Town) 7 5
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Store Locator

10 Quarry Park Place, Riverhorse Valley, Cnr of Queen Nandi Drive, Durban
Tel: +27 31 534 5700

1457 Gosforth Park, RaceWay Park, Cnr of Silverstone and Catallunya Streets
Tel: +27 11 776 4600

Cape Town
Cape Town International Airport Industrial Area
Tel: +27 21 935 7800

Game Stores South Africa / Complaints & Reviews

Game Stores South Africa / / customer services

Oct 23, 2019

I am complaining about Nowa, from GAME shelly centre. I bough Defy Stove and overn in GAME boulders JHB. Paper work was sent to Shelly centre store email. Over the phone he confirm to have received all information. When I followed up, he ws rude and I asked someone senior to assist. Hi...

Game Stores South Africa / / inferior laptops

Oct 22, 2019

Good Day I purchased two LIFE laptops from game in key west shopping centre. I had to replace it twice due to the products being faulty. Not even two months later now the computer is damaged again. Clearly these cheap laptops are a problem and junk game is selling to people. My laptops i...

Game Stores South Africa / / bad service. not happy at all

Oct 21, 2019

We came for a contract and the guy who suppose to help us is busy with the phone calling his a customer m not really happy about this because, customers should come the service here is not good at all.the guy who s helping us is Moodley. He's been using his private...

Game Zevenwacht Mall Cape Town / repair to telefunkun 28inch led tv

Oct 15, 2019

Tv was taken the 28th august to zevenwagt mall's game centre to be repaired. Week later feedback was given I need to pay r1000 for replacement part. Which I have done. On 11 ocotber 2019, I when to store to follow up on progress. First of all I was told I did not pay repair fee which...

Game Stores South Africa / / "smart" tv

Oct 12, 2019

I would like to report a huge inconvenience in your Game Stores Cityview Mall, Durban, South Africa Myself and my family have always been huge supporters of this store, however we are now at our wits end. My father went in the store on 11 October 2019 to replace a broken smart tv which we had...

Game Stores South Africa / / repair and warranty issue

Oct 10, 2019

I purchased my tv in Oct 2018, the lady made a mistake when she punch the tv code into the till and it showed the tv was bought in 2017. I took a bank statement to show my tv was purchased in 2018 not 2017 so my warranty is not finished. This is the second time my tv is not turning on and...

Game Stores South Africa / / refund request

Oct 07, 2019

I refer to Reference number 236437 regarding my call and complaint to head office recently. I have still received no feedback or reimbursement due to R 700 loss of income suffered as a result of very poor service by Game as explained to the operator. Please contact me urgently to resolve...

Game Stores South Africa / / wrong amount charged on my card

Oct 06, 2019

Game [protected]@ reds. I went in to buy a gift bag from the store . It was marked on the shelf as R14.99. I got to the till told me it was R40. I explained it was marked as R14.99. the manager came along and said it is R20. I then said ok. ( I had my toddler son with me that was being...

Game Stores South Africa / / payment done

Oct 06, 2019

Gerhard Wait 13 Sep, 7:13 am BST Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Finance The issue that I have experienced was: Good day I am highly unhappy... want to know y the reduce my credit limit from R12000 to R4900 on my Game Card It occurred on: 13/09/2019 Thi...

Game Stores South Africa / / approved transactions/refund

Oct 05, 2019

Sibusiso Gwebityala 5 Oct, 5:33 pm BST Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: In-store shopping The issue that I have experienced was: Last week on Wednesday the 2nd of October 2019, I visited tygervalley game store to make my monthly grocery. While I was on the...

Game Stores South Africa / / washing machine

Oct 01, 2019

Game Stores South Africa / washing machine was demaged when I opened. I transported the machine using my vehicle and when I got home to open it, it was demaged on the side. I took back the machine immediately and was told since I used my own transport it cannot be taken back. I paid R4000 for the machine and now...

Game Stores South Africa / / queue

Sep 29, 2019

Game Stores South Africa / queue for 35 munites just to buy 1 or 2 products, please advice if this is the service we have to get in Soweto or the company has a racial discrimination. Please advice my email address it's s.[protected] and I'm an accredited MultiChoice installer and when we send the client...

Game Stores South Africa / / product and service

Sep 27, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: In-store shopping The issue that I have experienced was: TV Bought 17 April 2019 - Telefonken - SR [protected], Sunday 22 Sept 2019 TV was returned to the store - only sound was coming through and no visuals, Customer...

Game Stores South Africa / / asus notebook

Sep 25, 2019

Bought a laptop 13 days ago. I'm a mom of 4 and it's my only income. This morning had order to complete its DEAD won't switch took the slip and guarantee and whst not.just to ne told sorry u have to wait 21 days...21 days without income and losing customers. when i swiped my card ...Paid...

Game Stores South Africa / / stock

Sep 05, 2019

Game Stores South Africa / the last 6 months that I have gone to The Game store in Woodlands Boulevard shopping mall I have experienced no stock problems with them and none of the staff can help me with when stock will be available, this store is right around the cnr of my house and I go to buy on my account...

Game Stores South Africa / / complaint of a television issue

Sep 02, 2019

Good day sir/mam My name is mr s padayachee - [protected] Email : [protected] I am having an issue with regards to a television set namely a jvc 55inch smart tv purchased at the game store at richards bay. The tv was purchased in january 2018 and was 11 months old...

Game Stores South Africa / / fridge

Aug 28, 2019

I bought a fridge at fourways mall and paid for it and the delivery, and i ask the when they are going to delivery my fridge and they said the next day so i was so happy to hear that and then the next day i was at home waiting for my new fridge and so on time past by and i start to worry...

Game Stores South Africa / / credit card

Aug 28, 2019

Hi I just received a call today 28/08/2019 @ 13.56. I never provided permission for you to phone me. This is unlawful and against the protection of information act. The agent said you obtained me details from a "legal" data house. What is legal about this? who gave you permission? I...

Game Stores South Africa / / defy fridge

Aug 21, 2019

We bought a Defy fridge at Game stores baywest 2 years ago, the fridge game numerous problems but defy just send a technician out to fix the problem. Three weeks ago the technician came to fix the a problem again but said there's nothing he can do due to there's no gas in the fridge and he...

Game Stores South Africa / / iLife ZED AIR PLUS

Aug 19, 2019

Game Stores South Africa / AFFIDAVIT I, Sydney Edward Catton, (deponent) hereby declare under oath: 1. I am a 68 year old adult male pensioner residing at Verloren Lifestyle Estate, R101, Modimolle, about 15km outside Bela Bela 2. I visited Game Bela Bela on Tuesday 23rd July 2019 and enquired about an iLife...

Game Stores South Africa / / pedigree dog food

Aug 01, 2019

Game Stores South Africa / purchased 2bags of pedigree dog food from gateway game about one and a half months ago. My dog did not like the food . It hardly ate the food. So i decided to return the other bag. But i did not gave a receipt. So i went to the store and asked the lady if i could exchange the food. She...

Game Stores South Africa / / online purchase flash sale

Aug 01, 2019

Last night I saw an advert on Facebook for a Flash Sale for 31 July. I wanted to purchase a bicycle, went through the whole process, charged to my credit card, OTP accepted, everything completed & when I checked out, it said unsuccessful. There was no-one to assist after 7pm so my...

Game Stores South Africa / / sinotec 65' uhd smart led tv (stl-65u2m)

Jul 25, 2019

On the 28/02/2019 I viewed an online leaflet of game. On the leaflet I noticed that a Sinotec 65'' UHD Smart LED TV (STL-65U2M), hereafter called the television, being advertised at a GET IT NOW price of R79 pm for 36 months. After viewing the offer I decided to travel to your Game store...

Game Stores South Africa / / sinotec tv

Jul 23, 2019

Good day. I bought a 49 inch sinotec TV from game vincent park on the 10 of February 2019. This was a display tv as they had no other stock. 4 weeks ago i cleaned the tv screen with screen cleaner and a rag. After cleaning the screen i switched the tv on and it was full of lines. I took it...

Game Stores South Africa / / rcs online credit inquiry department

Jul 18, 2019

Mr DA Mofokeng cell no. [protected]; I have an account with game store cresta. Fraud happened end of January i submitted all supporting documents needed and i have been following up until now. Today i went straight to cresta shop for inquiry at 17:30 they called a lady by the name of...

Game Stores South Africa / / hisense television

Jul 16, 2019

I took the television to the store for repairts because it was automatically switching itself on and off. I waited for three weeks to go collect the television, only to find out that the tv is worse now, because the was no sound on the tv and immediately when I plug in the tv it display...

Game Stores South Africa / / hisense fridge

Jul 16, 2019

Game Stores South Africa / is the 2nd time this fridge has broken down . I am tied of this. It's less than a year old . Contact me now or else this will go to social media & Hello Peter... I refuse to accept this fridge being fixed & want a brand new unit as clearly this is a factory fault by Hi-sense. I...

Game Stores South Africa / / hoover vacuum cleaner

Jul 15, 2019

I bought a Hoover Vacuum Cleaner a year ago for R899. It stopped working within 6 months. I lost my slip and had to buy a new one, again the same Hoover for R899, in April 2019. On Saturday 13 July 2019, it broke again, 3 months old. I kept my slip and wanted give it back, but had to book...

Game Stores South Africa / / terrible customer service

Jul 11, 2019

I walked in the store at gateway (game) looking to buy my child some diapers as I always do in game and to my surprise there was nothing on the shelves, I walked around for about 10 mins looking for someone to assist me but no luck... Finally as I got to the front of the store I find 3...

Game Stores South Africa / / trojan elite gym 1.0

Jul 06, 2019

I purched a Trojan elite gym at game in Secunda first the price on the shelve said R3 999 but when I got at the till the price was R 5 999 so I went back to show the guy the price but then someone took the price so then I got the floor manager and they saw that the price was R 3 999 on the...

Game Stores South Africa / / drunken behaviour by employee

Jul 06, 2019

Today my wife purchased a stove at Game Stores Nelspruit. When she and her friend went to collect it at the warehouse they encountered an intoxicated employee who physically held my wife against her will and demanded money for him to let her go. This happened at 13:15 today 6 July 2019...

Game Stores South Africa / / tv - hisense not the correct size as advertised

Jun 24, 2019

TD MAHOMED I bought a tv from GAME - EASTEGATE a month ago - sold as a Hisense 65inch when in fact it is a 58inch TV. We bought a few other items in store including an extended warranty. Total payment was about R20 000. We were installing the tv on the wall - I confirm it was not hit against...

Game Stores South Africa / / difficulty closing game account

Jun 18, 2019

Good day I have been calling in since 13/05/2019 regarding closure of my game store account. On 12/05/2019 I settled my game account in promenade mitchells plain 7785. I have called in everyday from 13/05/2019, 14/05/2019, 15/05/2019 and on 16/05/2019 no closure. No call backs. This i...

Game Stores South Africa / / samsung microwave

Jun 14, 2019

I bought a microwave from gate just less then a year again and I took an extended warranty on it, and the sales person told me there is no need for a receipt has my ID number can be used has one. I took it in just to found out they can't do anything. I put alot of money above the price of...

Game Greenacres / samsung 49 inch tv

Jun 09, 2019

Samsung 49inch was bought on 6th june2pm..putting it up ..hardly touched the plastic useless screen to put up and it cracked.took it back 9.30am 7th june.manager said it happens all the time.your fault.not going to help you.they made us sign a slip day b4 saying screen not...

Game Stores South Africa / / repair

May 20, 2019

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: In-store shopping The issue that I have experienced was: I bought a lawnmower from Game, Greenacres, on the 12/02/2019 we took it home left it in the box until that Sunday the 17/02/2019. We unbox it my husband filled it up...

Game Stores South Africa / / tablet

May 16, 2019

Unfairly treated and rejected my 7 day money back... Call me on 0825957960pls so that I can explain my story as writing doesn't do justice... Workers know what was wrong with it before sending it away took 3 weeks and they never contacted me.. I have always bought from game stores but I...

Game Stores South Africa / / closure of game store card

May 16, 2019

I have been calling in since 13/05/2019 regarding closure of my game store account. On 12/05/2019 I settled my game account in promenade mitchells plain 7785. I have called in everyday from 13/05/2019, 14/05/2019, 15/05/2019 and on 16/05/2019 no closure. No call backs. This i...

Game Stores South Africa / / telefunken 32 " tv

May 13, 2019

I would like to register a formal complaint: I have the following proof of evidence (unable to attach to this email) *confirmation of return flight from JHB to George *Game Slip proof of purchase *Game Guarantee Details of claim: *on 5 May 2019 I bought a Telefunken 32" tv in the George...

Game Stores South Africa / / unethical behaviour and no sense of urgency

Apr 30, 2019

In November 2018 I went to open a Game account. My application was rejected, stating I had an old account (older than 5 years) with them that had not been closed. That account had to be closed first, so that a new application can be considered. For the account to be closed, they needed to...