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In November 2008 we placed an order for a bed with Furniture123. The website promised delivery before Xmas. We received an email confirming receipt of the order with no estimate or mention of the delivery date. The money was deducted from our credit card immediately. Just before xmas we received an email saying deliveries had closed off. From then until the end of yesterday despite sending numerous emails we have been unable to obtain a delivery date. The customer service is appalling. We have now cancelled the order they have confirmed receipt and we will see how long it takes to get a refund. We have contacted our credit card co and will be making a complaint to Trading Standards and anyone else we can think of to try to warn people not to use them.

Avoid at all costs!


  • Ko
    KooKooBaby Oct 20, 2009

    Ordered items and was promised a 5 week wait.
    They charged me immediately, worrying I know.
    Items didn't arrive after 5 weeks.
    I emailed them and was promised the next week.
    Items didn't arrive the next week.
    Cancelled order and waiting for refund.
    If I dont get the refund, trading standards will chase it.
    Advice to all, save yourselves the hassle - avoid it's a scam.

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  • Pi
    Pilling79 Jan 07, 2010

    Same problem with furniture 123. They said they would refund our money but still waiting. BE WARNED!

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  • Ar
    ArabellaM Jan 19, 2010

    I wish I had looked into this company before ordering furniture with them.

    Their website said '2-3 weeks' for delivery, but after several weeks the item (a bookcase) had still not arrived. I was then promised several dates that failed to materialise. Then I was promised that it would 'definitely be before Xmas' which didn't happen.

    I finally got it delivered on the 11th Jan (about 10 weeks after ordering) only to find it was SEVERLY damaged in several places (a chip to the top corner and a massive crack in two places on the base).

    The delivery people didn't even take it out the box and didn't know which way it was meant to be placed (the 'this way up' advice on the box was totally wrong).

    I contacted customer service and said I wanted an immediate refund and was told I would get a refund after collection! It was only after I caused a fuss that I was promised an immediate refund (which I have now received). Of course, they took my money instantly way back when I first ordered the item.

    So yes - do avoid Furniture123 at ALL costs. A totally disastrous experience from start to finish.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Holmes Jun 14, 2011

    Same problem with Furniture 123. Have failed to return £340 which they owe us and are not answering e-mails and when I phone they keep promising to phone back and never do. Tell us money will be in the bank the next day and it never is. Steer well clear.

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  • Ka
    KAREN HARGROW Feb 28, 2012

    this is the worst place to get furniture from. if you have another place you have been going too then i would say continue to go there, i paid over 3500.00 cash, and a month later still know furniture;went to the store got straight attitudes told them too give me my money back then yhey changed, still had to wait 2more weeks for the furniture without a phone call!!! then when i got intouch with them they said i had to pay 100.00 for delivery, when it is clear that if u order a crtain amount delivery would be free, THIS PLACE IS A BIG JOKE DO NOT GO TO THE ESTABLISHMENT COMPLETE RIP-OFF!!!

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  • Ch
    Chester-Master May 10, 2012

    Furniture123 are a nightmare. Whatever you do don't buy anything from them. I ordered a table and over five weeks later nothing.
    They never return emails and when you call them they have British names but are not as the line is not very good and there english is not that good. Hence it is a uphill struggle to communicate with them and only if I new this I would never buy anything from them.
    Warning keep well away unless you wont total grief.

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  • He
    heatherjune Jun 10, 2012

    Sorry to have to tell you but Trading Standards are a total waste of time, thet won't do anything for you, me or anyone, all they will say is what they told me--that there aren't enough complaints--and that will be THAT. Your ONLY hope is to ask your bank for a Chargeback and if they refuse you, go to the Financial Ombudsman.

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  • Cr
    cruisejones Aug 18, 2012

    woeful company,
    sent wrong mattress after 20 days of waiting. knew we may have a wait and didnt really mind but to receive the wrong one. nightmare contacting them via some far off place that didnt seem to care. eventually got a number from their courier company and call them directly. took 10 days to collect the mattress even though they promised within 7 and have been waiting since 31 july for a full refund.

    trust these comments they tell the truth. AVOID furniture 123 they are poor and not to be trusted.

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  • Cr
    cruisejones Aug 18, 2012

    uk number for this poor company, namely furniture 123, is 01132482233. call them.

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  • He
    heatherjune Aug 18, 2012

    This 'company' Furniture123 is really Furniture247. When things get out of hand for them, i.e they are worried about being sued, they simply close the company and open another--they have had quite a few. There Should be a law that makes them have insurance but there isn't and so they can continue robbing the public. People should boycott these online rogue traders. They are nothing but ###.

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  • Bu
    Burtster Sep 22, 2012

    Can only echo all that's been said above. They will take your money and run. Never answer e-mails and never call back. Always say they will refund the next day and never do. I won't let them get away with it but it is such a pain - avoid at all costs.

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  • Ac
    actarus Oct 28, 2012


    same story. Ordered several items; one arrived after a month a was defective. Sent it back and asked for refund. They sent another similar item. I did not accept the delivery and sent it directly back.

    I had even bought the extra insurance not to pay expenses to send furniture back, if not pleased.

    They took my money at the end of April and am still waiting for a refund. I am trying to understand what is the best way to have my money back. Any advice highly appreciated.

    Avoid at all costs

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  • Dr
    Dr_Ian Jan 22, 2015

    I ordered a hall mirror from furniture123 back in 2014. It took ages to arrive, weeks. It missed the first promised delivery date by weeks. When it arrived, I was due to leave home for a while and didn't have chance to check the order. I realise I should have done this and it was my mistake, but I was in such a rush.

    Upon returning and opening it a few weeks later, I found the glass to be cracked. I let them know but they told me that it was past the date of return. I then explained to them my situation. They apologised and sent me a link to return the product. However, after I posted it, I got an email back saying I'd been rejected for a return again. Such sadistic behaviour on their part.

    Unfortunately when I used their website originally to buy the product, it would not accept the credit card that I've used everywhere else online (Amazon, ebay, Debenhams etc), so stupidly I used a debit card instead and now have no protection. Are they deliberately rejecting credit cards to avoid extra protection to customers?

    What a terrible way to treat customers and what a terrible way to treat someone trying to do good abroad on behalf of his country.

    Thank you for nothing furniture123. You are despicable.

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  • No
    norman summerfield Jul 15, 2017

    @Dr_Ian Even if you paid by debit card, still contact the issuing bank, although it is probably too late unless you have already done so. I bought some products online that soon failed and the return date had passed. I could get no support from the retailer. The bank refunded the money immediately and told me that for goods under a certain value it was cheaper for them to bear the cost rather than use Chargeback. Do search for Chargeback online or ask your bank about it if you have been ripped off.

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  • Jc
    JCW1978 May 01, 2015

    I placed an order with furniture 123 and received both of my items in a reasonable time so I understand I am probably luckier than a lot of people I have read, I was away on holiday when the items were received at work and so did not personally sign for them. After putting the bedside cabinets up we discovered three puncture marks in the top of one (main display area). Sent an email and was asked to send pictures have done all this but now cannot get a response from them at all. Am absolutely disgusted when you buy something new and spend a fair amount on it you do not expect to have to put up with defective product.

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  • 5p
    5pence Jul 16, 2015

    Ordered bed for my son. It arrived damaged. They don't care and won't replace damaged parts free-of-charge, so now I don't have a bed and can't afford to buy a new one, because they won't give me a refund. Awful company - DO NOT USE THEM

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  • Ma
    Mark Elliott Sep 04, 2015

    Shambolic confrontation avoiding law breaking charletons who blatantly lie to avoid taking any responsibility for their errors but are more than happy to enjoy some short term cash flow benefit by taking your money and confirming a delivery date for goods that they never actually had in the first place. PUBLIC SHAMING REQUIRED BUT I DOUBT THEIR MD GIVES A TOSS.

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  • Su
    sueannah Feb 20, 2017

    Glad I paid by paypal this is a scam company. In the process of getting my money back now. Hopefully

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  • No
    norman summerfield Jul 15, 2017

    A few years ago I ordered twice from furniture123 via a well-know online retailer. I received prompt delivery and had no need to contact them. I would not order direct again, since customer service is appalling. Although they do answer the 'phone and say they will 'contact you tomorrow', tomorrow never comes. I have not cancelled and currently it appears as if my item is nearing my location. However, the whole process was supposed to take 2 weeks for an item marked as 'in stock' on the website. It is already over 4 weeks, but the order status has been changed to 'Out for Delivery' - I hope that means something. Funds were taken immediately and do make sure you pay by credit card, PayPal or Amazon. I would definitely avoid paying by debit card if buying from If telephoning I would recommend treating them as if they were your favourite store, but make sure they understand you have an alternative and will cancel in a couple of days if nothing changes. This appears more fruitful than complaining, unless you are cancelling, of course.

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  • Xe
    xenpop Jul 18, 2019

    Worse company ever!! Avoid avoid avoid!!!

    Everything about them customer service, parts, delivery company etc is AWFUL!

    Please don't put yourself through unnecessary stress!!!

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  • Gu
    Guy bishop Feb 20, 2020

    I ordered items from their website for a family gathering. The website stated that the items could be delivered two days before my event. My wife was ecstatic.
    On the day of delivery, I get a text saying that due to a shipping error on their part that my delivery would be delayed. I received an additional text saying that the rest of the shipment had arrived, but the deliveries were out for the day. I called and was told the next available delivery was four days later.
    Despite the mistake being on their part, they would not shuffle the delivery schedule to accommodate. They were unapologetic and unwilling to assist and would only say, "we gave no guarantees."
    Their lack of concern for what plans and needs they destroyed in the process was heartbreaking.

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