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had been an active member of for 9 plus years. It was always a good place to spend some downtime talking with friends you had made over the years
and generally passing time. That was until the fall of 2017.

It was in the fall of 2017 that it became clear to myself and others, that I had stepped on the toes of friends of the favored.
In this instance her screen name is "Candi". Candi and I had been "friends" for years prior but she was clearly upset by my recent
interactions with others on the site and began to harass myself and those I know to do a "salute". To be clear, it was never something I had to do.
Years prior the issue arose for leveling. At which time I did a salute approved by Scrapper himself to level which was later taken down.

Fast forward to December 2017. A member of the site asserted himself as taking the lead in pursuing myself and friends to
force a salute as well as slander me personally as being "fake". Screenshots of certain conversations between parties in these events is
documented and real. I became aware that an Apple support was a member of the site and involved in this as well. This association is important to note,
as the subsequent hack of my iPhone X, my home laptop and other social media platforms were compromised over the Christmas holiday. I contacted Apple and asked them
to look into it. As suspected, Apple was able to tell that the iPhone was indeed hacked from inside their platform, but that was the only information I was given.
Investigation revealed that the ip address matched one Gary French... aka petah goezinya. These investigations have case numbers, and are anything but resolved.
At the same time A certain "blogger" by the name of Johnny Devil inserted his self into the picture as he calls himself the "king of the fakes" deciding to post
screenshots attempting to once again "call out" someone as he likes to claim but with no backing in his statements he kinda faded away, But oh hey Johnny boy since youre
all about people using their real identity why is it you hide behind a fake persona and if your life on fu is so real and you dont do fake why do you claim youre married
when your "wife" is purely a fu thing... but back to the original point of this ol JD if youre such a stand up real guy step out from behind the persona on fu
and actually show your real identity like you feel everyone else should do. Oh thats right you cant because of your harrassing bullying and copyright law you break daily
for your lame ass blog your identity would be a bad thing to reveal wouldnt it.

My account is now locked, my personal pictures removed, mostly screenshots of those with ill intent toward myself and my family. Despite giving the
hacking information to support staff to which I was basically told disputes between members are not the websites issue to handle that is why there is a block feature.
Now just to be clear this all transpired because of Scrapper not having the balls to stand up to his "Big spenders" and allows them to do whatever they want even crossing
the line of felonies. And lets not forget the felonies Social Concept alone participated in when they locked me from access to my account but continued to
charge my credit card for vip services which I was not allowed to use (A common form of fraudulent billing is charging for services that are not rendered.
This fraud is committed when health care providers bill insurance for servicesthat are different than the services actually rendered, or bill for services
they did not provide at all. for months the site committed this fraud against me and no telling how many others.

its definitely a lesson learned, memories lost and time wasted.. so before you join this site consider the things above, the site is supposedly for adults but ive seen
better morals actions and etiqute from a bunch of highschoolers. And as far as the "legend" of scrapper it takes balls to be a legend and that you cant include the ones on his chin while
hes gagging on baby js $#*!


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      Aug 06, 2018

    I tracked a scammer and scared them off apparently they had been around for years. Crapper Crapped his drawers when I told them I dealt with them. Apparently the guy behind the profile is a "bad dude" well I explained that in my circles I'm a "BAD DUDE" especially when we take down your door at 4AM. But since I needed some more information I promised crapper I wouldn't do it again. I cleared my account closed the fake email account and they know about as much about me as they know about the scammer. I don't know if it was fear or money that motivated them to come after you. I did fight off an attack from the scammer but what do I know I'm just a dumb cop with 2 degrees and have been writing software as a side business since the 80's.

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