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M Nov 15, 2017 Review updated:

All I am going to say is I work for Fox News Nationwide and I am a co host on the Five and have my own show on Saturday night's I am my co host on the Five will be dedicating as much time as needed to Mike Hedlund and associates to putting u out of business, Sincerely, GG, JW, JW, KG, DP, and the Fox News Staff, myself and staff members will do everything physically possible to make Fubar aka Social Concept Incorporation a living night mare and they will be sry they ever existed as we will begin legal action against them and there so called band of [censor]


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      Jan 23, 2018

    YESS put this suckkkas outta business,

    I can tell you why, these people are identity thiefs, in the sense, that they are representing an actual place and/or promise of an idea while using other characters and or personalities of people who actually are cool enough to survive (such a "tracediedient and alternative, cool or f'ed up realm) and take their valuable resources, their neutral, their haven, they place to get-a-way from, their one piece of property {what-so-ever that be} from them and use, gang-up and co-evolve a "site" against them. Mike, do you remember chatting with us in 2008 and asking me what I was talking about when I said I would UNZIP on you, funny how your entire site revolves around every single unique lingo and identifiable form of speech I have ever spoke (I highly doubt anything that fresh could've eva come out of your mouth from Redwood City, CA) lol. Wake up D*****BAG and take that site down.

    Ask me to interview, , , you'd get a kick out of it.. even a phone call..


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