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Frontier Communications review: Negligent workers

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They busted a 2 foot section of sewer line when they were digging in front of my home. Instead of fixing the obvious mistake they proceeded to dump dirt on it and backfill the hole and then asphalt on top. Days went by, waste and gases built up till at 2am I awoke to everything pouring out of the toilets, flooding the bathroom, running down both directions in the hallway and into my bedroom. They came over, admitted to their mistake. Told me they were sorry and to have whatever I needed done and they would reimburse me. There are so many things that I have not charged them for-the plumber to run a camera, the hazmat inspector, tearing out baseboards, tile, carpeting, carpet padding, paint, nails, gloves, throw away cover-alls, hand cleaner, new baseboards, multiple trips to the dump, scrubbing and bleaching the floors underneath it all. Since I was paying upfront and I knew the flooring would be expensive, I did all of this work on my own. Plus I didn't have the time to wait on other people. I won't live in filth. I am asking for the price of my flooring and 2 nights we stayed at a hotel. This came up to around $11,000. Carpet is not cheap, nothing is cheap nowadays and you will pay twice as much as what it should be. Because gas to ship it is expensive, the workers who make it have to be paid more because minimum wage is more now, the installers have to be paid more now, etc..., I replaced it with the exact same type I previously had and that carpet was not even 4 years old. It's the only type of carpet I will ever buy. Trust me there is way more expensive carpet but I swear by SmartStrand. I want my money reimbursed. I am tired of being ignored. I have the pictures, I have the statements, I have the witnesses, but I am running low on patience!

Desired outcome: Reimbursement for flooring and 2 nights at a hotel

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