Frontier Communicationsinstallation service

M Jul 12, 2019

My wife and I just moved to west virginia from maine and I set up our phone and internet service with frontier communications to be installed on july 2nd. The installation window was between 9am and 1pm. We waited around and no one showed up. So we called up to find out what happened and they said they sent a technician out, but no one was there (not true). So they told us the earliest they could schedule us again was in eight days! July 10th! So once again we waited around for hours and frontier never showed! When I called, the agent said they made a confirmation call the day before and no one answered. This protocol was not made clear to me when we made the account! The problem for us, an older retired couple, is that cel phones don't work out here. That's why we desperately need frontier's service. Hopefully, neither one of us suffers a medical emergency! We are currently scheduled for installation on july 18th. Eight more days! The whole situation is insanity! Iv'e tried reasoning with the agents on the phone, but they won't budge from this confirmation protocol! This is a cry in the dark! Somebody please help us! The installation address is 218 mt. Lebanon rd. Spencer, wv. Frontier customer service is 1-800-921-8106. My name is john denny. Please help, thank you.

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