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I just relocated to a part of the US where Frontier offers service. In early September 2019 I ordered their "up to 25 mbps" service for $34.99. This would have been comparable to my mobile service with Verizon BUT would have allowed me, ideally, to stream internet to multiple household devices simultaneously.

Then the fees started to add up. Taxes on top of $34.99. A MANDATORY installation fee of $75 (no way to do "self install" unless you purchase their nearly-dialup-speeds package--no thanks). A monthly infrastructure maintenance fee of $3.99. An activation fee of $10. And what pushed me over the edge, now you're REQUIRED TO PAY $10.99/MONTH for their equipment. You can no longer use your own modem. For every single month you're a customer with Frontier, you are obliged to give them an extra $11 to use their equipment even if you return it to their office and use your own. Frontier actually went out of their way to make it impossible to get out of the monthly $11 equipment fee.

Businesses like Frontier treat customers like we're their golden geese. Fee on top of fee on top of mandatory fee. And worse yet, Frontier is listed as having the WORST customer satisfaction according to US internet service providers statistics. Are you kidding? All those fees, unreliable internet, AND poor customer service? No thanks. I realize internet access is crucial to work, school... modern life, but I'll stick with my current company or consider cutting internet at home and using it at school or work or the public library. These fees are absurd--and Frontier, I am still aghast, actually has made the situation worse by requiring customers pay yet an additional fee for their equipment--even if we return it!

Shame on you, Frontier!

Sep 11, 2019

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