Frontier Communications Corporationabout my service not cut on which is new services.

To whom it concern I am writing because I was approved on 09/10/2019 for internet date to come out was 09/19/2019 nobody came out tec name Brian came out09/20/2019 and left a message on my cell phone he would be there in 15mins when he arrived let him no that he would have wire inside went to see if he can tap into one my neighbors unit but could not said he be back Monday 09/23/2019 but put in his notes that no one was not at home when he showed up on 09/ 20/2019 three people seen him including me have proof. So was tolled from Amber at the president offfice that they would be out on 09/27/2019 guy came out and said he had to put a lot of wires and he could not do that but he told Amber when I called her while he was still there he said he had been with the company 18 and half years and it had to be put in the order diffrent witch # is 075436190ST and said he did not want the credit because he did not want to do the work both of the tecs that came out and told him about Brian but he said he did not no a brian and said only three guys work in my area which zip code is 33756 some one was suppose to come out Friday 10/4/2019 no body show up so here it is Monday 07/2019 I have call Amber about five or six times that work out side president office and talked with lady that worked in side president she said she would keep up with this order so have, t been home do to trying to explain to you all it makes no since when 09/10/2019 when I was approved and put a deposit down I would no that this would be my darkess days of waiting all day and canceling appointments to saticfiy the tecs and nothing. William McRoy

  • Updated by Dan James, Oct 07, 2019

    Help with getting the srevices I ORDERED. ORDER # IS 075436190st

Oct 07, 2019

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