Frontier Communications Corporationcustomer service

J Jul 22, 2019

My internet went out for days. I spent at least 7 hours trying to figure out when I would have internet again. I work from home and it is critical that I have it. I never got answers. 3 days later (and after waiting 40 minutes again) a customer service rep finally had me re-set my router. NO ONE had offered this as an option. Just said to power off and on and run through a few options. I was also told that there was an outage in my area and they did not know when it would be back up. That was all very frustrating.

I have also spent many hours attempting to return a wi-fi booster that my work will not support. I keep getting told that it is the technical dept, they tell me it is customer service who tell me it's the technical dept. I am tired of the run around. I just need to know when I am going to get my shipping label so that I can return this thing. I will not pay for it! I called the day after I got it because that is when I found out that I cannot use the booster. I was told that a service request was opened. But it has been weeks now and nothing. I am sick and tired of calling or chatting and having to wait 40 minutes Every time just to see if a friggin shipping label has been sent!!

Horrible company. I have never had to deal with such awful service. Unfortunately they are my only internet option. Not happy at all!

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