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Frontier Communications review: Recovery my e-mails

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First off I'd like to say frontier communications is the worst Phone, internet service in the United States. All their live person's are from call centers in either India or the Phillipines and they have no clue on how to fix ANY THING!

After years of Frontier service I decided to move and get another internet supplier.

Frontier deleted my passwords and account when we moved so now I can't get in my frontier account/ mail because they deleted it.

I asked them for a temporary password so I can get my e-mails and transfer them to my new address, they said NO, we can't help you cause you don't have an account with us anymore?.

I tried to explain to the call center in the Philippines I just need a temporary password so I can retrieve my mail, again so-sorry for that inconvenience but we can't help you.

So I lost ALL my saved information, becauce frontier is too lazy to help a former customer. I will never forget how bad this company is and I will always trash them whenever possible.

Yours truly,


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