Frontier Airlinestreated unfairly prior to take-off and luggage items taken

A Jul 11, 2019

Ref: PVD900144825, incident: [protected]
1) Prior to departure my wife had a medical issue and rather than the crew help we were removed from the flight.
2) Our luggage remained was on the flight (below deck) and continued on to Providence.
3) Alternate transportation was arranged and my wife arrived in Providence.
4) We discovered that her pills were disturbed. Meaning pills were missing. In addition, a silver watch is missing.
5) As for the medication, I had to do a quick script and have the medication over-knighted to ensure my wife did not have any additional medical issues.
6) The pharmacist said to file a complaint and we should be reimbursed for this incident, not to mention the missing watch.

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