Frigidairegallery microwave model fgmv175qfa

We bought this microwave from Home Depot in June 2017 and had it Installed by Home Depot. Today, this being the second service call for this unit for the same issue (first time covered by Frigidaire), I was told by the Certified Frigidaire Technician (private contractor) that the unit needs 5 parts to repair it. The total of which would cost twice the original cost of the unit. The door alone (which was on the parts list) was $310.00. Both the contract technician and I were floored by this recommendation from the Frigidaire Technical Support Tech. He actually suggested that I should pay twice the original cost of the original unit to repair it. What's more, the contract Frigidaire tech. explained his company had serviced over half a dozen Frigidaire microwave unit with the exact same issue this week! He encouraged me to contact Frigidaire's customer service and explain this issue and see what they could do for me... The "customer service rep" was unapologetic and cold when I explained the issue. She also explained that there would not have been an issue if I had purchased the extended warranty. My last microwave lasted 14 years, was a competitor's product, and a lower appliance line. It never occurred to me that this more expensive unit would break at just over one year and fail again after factory service in just over two years. Then additionally, be treated as a mere annoyance by the manufacturer's customer service rep. This is not how consumers are supposed to be treated. This is clearly a manufacturer defect which needs to be recalled. However, apparently manufacturer accountability and brand loyalty is not something Frigidaire is concerned with...

Your former customer,
Steve Weiss


Sep 13, 2019

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