Friendly's 1213smell in establishment longline cold food for hot drinks and I paid for them

W Aug 06, 2018

I happened to get a coupon so I decided to put in an order online and drive all the way across town to pick it up put in my order I first get to the restaurant I walk into this smack you in the face urine dirty smell I proceeded to get in line with about at least 10 people in line one person working the register and I got take out and there's no separate line for like take out window so people are just ordering and going to sit down and I'm just waiting there why my food gets cold so I finally get up to the front of the line the girl gives me my food makes the ice creams and I walk out to the car she didn't give me any type of sauce no dipping sauce for my mozzarella sticks no ketchup no silverware nothing and mind you my kids were trying to eat their late dinner on the way home which was still a good half hour away so more than halfway home we realize they never gave us our drinks so now my kids are freaking out they're thirsty they already ate their ice cream before their dinner because it was going to Mel and it was just an absolute disaster here I am trying my Friendly's Express because it's supposed to be faster and more efficient and it was worse than before they closed down the restaurant to reopen it to this Express BS I'm so upset like I don't even want to go step foot in a Friendly's again nevermind this specific one over by the mall in Manchester I've been there other times never had good experiences but I figured when they close it down reopen it how bad could it be would take out well boy was I proven wrong it was the worst experience

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