FreePeoplecharged for clothes I never received, customer supervisor shanon #3297 should be fired

J Aug 13, 2018

I purchase over thousands of dollars from Freepeople each year. THE INTERNET IS THE WORST and HORRIBLE customer service! They charged me over $700 for items that were never sent to me!! I called and e mailed customer service several times. Shannon #3297, the supposedly supervisor of customer service who should be fired, basically said F you! She was amazingly rude, and said I'm S--- out of luck!! you can listen to the p;hone call if they kept it. DO NOT ORDER ONLINE it is such a rip off.She said Im past the complaint dates, I complained staring Feb 24 2018 when they said it was sent and i never received it, this was only 2 weeks after my order and another time on March 19 2018 again only 1 1/2 weeks later.
I have proof of several e mails and the 45 minute phone call where I was nice at first till she said "too bad for you" what the heck kind of service is that?

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