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Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com Complaints & Reviews

Freelancer.com / freelancer unauthorizedly deduct 430usd from my credit card

Cyber2018 on Jan 15, 2018
I was deducted 30+USD x 14 months=430 USD membership fee from credit card. The last deduction was stopped and I was scammed almost 400 USD by Freelancer. I contacted an employer whose name is Erwin C and the guy replied they can refund at most 6 months of membership fee 2nd December, 2017...

Freelancer / justanswer help

Carolyn Harrington on Dec 14, 2017
On my bank statement I see that Justanswer charged me $37 US for help I didn't get! I got as far as having an expert on the screen but I told him that I could fix the problem myself. (My husband came home & he did get a new email address, so He helped me!) The expert remained on screen, but...

[Resolved] Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / I got scammed and freelancer support does not help

Yiğit Şener on Dec 6, 2017
I recently got scammed by one of the freelancers on the FREELANCER.COM platform. He forced me to release 50% milestone without showing any work. I did it because I am very unexperienced in this world. So he stole my money and my other half milestone is also stuck in my account. I created a...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / suspended account without any notice.

Amit Patel on Nov 27, 2017
My account was being suspended without any notice...Immediately i sent email to there support team to support@freelancer.com with email ID asking them to provide reason for this and the further steps to resolving it but they Just assigned Ticket ID [#FNU-243-66204] by there automated...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / they got me too!!!

littlebit72 on Nov 7, 2017
Why people do this I don't know. I'm taking them to court . Because I told that Witch to close my account and she took my money anyway. That was my last money so you know I'm pissed. They never sent the confirm letter to my e-mail, so I could confirm it. I didn't think to do a follow up...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / do not use this platform! stay away! my review is long but worth reading. consider it a warning.

eliteware on Nov 4, 2017
TLDR: Freelancer.com support agent single-handedly ruined my life. Freelancer.com is ruining my life, and the lives of thousands of contractors, it's not to be trusted nor used. My review is long but worth reading and will show you how no one in their right mind, should use it. I've been a...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / graphic design

Dr Howard on Oct 30, 2017
I created a contest on Freelancer.com for a graphic designer. I paid $300 for the contest, selected the best artist then the artist said he didnt want to do it. I wrote to Freelancer.com to tell them of the situation and they basically said you cant have you money back. I also have email...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / out of money

Sealisa Stanley on Oct 25, 2017
I was looking for someone to make a logo for my company. The website representative asked me to pay in advance, even though they hadn't started their job yet. A weak later they found a guy who wanted to work with me. I looked through his works and agreed to hire him. The deadline was the...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / freelancer.com

Reda Amin - on Oct 17, 2017
Freelancer.com is scam! I have had my account suspended twice! The first time they suspended my account happened a few months ago. I had to identify my self i did and now they limitted my account again asking for re identify my self. i had an ongoing project with 155 dollar on my account...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / scam via account suspension

KDP123 on Oct 13, 2017
I invited one of my relative to work and share my work with him but freelancer.com suspended all of my and his activity to perform any work also they banned us from withdrawing any money from accounts its scam for frist time users like me to work at freelancer.com scam via account suspension scam...

Freelancer.com / account closed without notice

Richard Johnny Leong on Oct 12, 2017
Ticket ID: QSW-447-53249, Ticket ID: JAK-869-74353 & Ticket ID: FBA-640-48461 Username: marko66 email: richinelement@msn.com Please respond as soon as possible, my account was closed without any notification and I have NOT violated any of your rules I have urgent projects running which i...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / charged my bank account a payment I don't know

jennykaterine on Oct 5, 2017
I opened an account in freelancer.com but after that i never used it.Signed up for free right? My bank account now has insufficient balance. I went to the bank and asked where did my money go and confirmed that freelancer charged me a payment I don't know what it is and I don't have any...

Freelancer.com / payment not received; support inefficient

Oytun Buyrukcu on Oct 3, 2017
Hello. I have been registered on freelancer.com as a freelancer for a while now. Recently, I took a job from a user, ITb69_Translation Service. This person not only used my goodwill to his advantage, but also marked the job I have already delivered -and which he said to be...

Freelancer.com / freelancer stolen money from my freelancer wallet

santoshsinha on Sep 23, 2017
I completed job and get paid, I saw money in my freelancer wallet, after few hour's I found had negative balance in my account, in detail I found Payment Reversed -$200(no reasons). And they added transactions charges -$20. I try to contact with client but found his account was deleted. In...

Freelancer.com / data work

vennela on Sep 4, 2017
i am a member of freelancer.one day a guy messaged to me and said that about work .he said deposit 1500 rupees in indian rupee to transfer from mobikwik wallet . he said that 150/ page will be given . i sent the money to his wallet and he gaved me 25 pages of work and i had completed that...

Freelancer.com / amount deducted thrice from my credit card in name of payment authentication

Pawandeep Judge on Aug 22, 2017
I signed up to freelancer.com to work as freelancer. They gave me membership plan on free trial for one month and asked me add payment method. I added my credit card details and same moment 3 amounts of Rs.16.02, Rs 123.08 and Rs.91.67 got deducted from my account. When i contacted their...

Freelancer.com / scam strategy.

Open Collar on Aug 15, 2017
I am an old Freelancer with Freelancer.com. Though freelancer is providing a lot benefits to it's users but Freelancer.com is Money Eating Engine. Their vision is only to Earn Money through good or bad, not with the vision of helping the community. I did a project with an Employer...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / money has been captured through a big scam

johntech990 on Aug 6, 2017
Hello Dear, Please I need help. I am in very stressful situation. My money (300 USD) is being stuck in Freelancer and they Block my account. I give a project to a person and hire him but they block my account. I do not want to work with them, They are collecting the money through scam. I...

Freelancer.com / projects did not deliver, money block in account but account closed

nickjones0098 on Aug 4, 2017
I was working as a client on the Freelancer. I have posted projects and got help. I also deposit money. The freelancer completes project for me but my account has been closed. I need my money back but the company is not responding. I am texting them again and again. They have open the...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / my account has been blocked with no reasons

Ayman Makki on Aug 3, 2017
I've been working at freelancer.com for few weeks now. Have gathered a few hundreds of dollars, and the VERY NEXT day after my first withdrawal request, they blocked my account, with NO REASON EXPLAINED and aren't answering my emails.. I am contacting my lawyer for going deeper about...

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