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Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com Complaints & Reviews

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / freelancer arbitration team is fraud and scammer site! www.freelancer.com

streamcoder on Jul 16, 2017
This is the fourth time when they did similar injustice, it really impossible to continue like this. The Arbitration Team freelancer is not more than a fraud team. The last thing they did: An employer who after 3 months of the project ended, decided to recover the money paid, he went to...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / project fees are non-refundable whether a project is complete, incomplete, canceled or revoked

Amit Gorain on Jun 27, 2017
I have been charged 11.10 dollar for winning one project(Project ID: 14412947) where the client has cancelled the project after resolving the issue by himself. After having a discussion with one of the freelancer customer support, I found out that the project fee is non-refundable...

Freelancer.com / project fee

surbbhihanda12 on Jun 7, 2017
My user ID is surbhihanda12. I am new to Freelancer.com. I joined around 10 days back. In first few days I completed two projects and was really happy watching my hard earned money credited in my account. But today I came across a big fraud. I was online and bidding on projects when out of...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / terrible customer service and money ripoff

Freelancer user on Jun 4, 2017
Everything started when I opened a claim against them on Paypal, due to a service not being provided properly and also they weren't responding to my complaints. After escalating the case to Paypal, they straight away kept in touch. Foolishly, I cancelled the claim and here is where my...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / dispute

Emraan ypsilon on May 31, 2017
Hello Board, This is Yashwant Dhangar from India, Here I want to complain about freelancer.com, the problem is that, before 6 month ago, my employer has given me the project and I have completed the project and employer was satisfied and gave me good rating and money, which come under the...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / freelancer.com steal money from freelancer.

Syzwnn Idrs on May 31, 2017
Freelancer.com accused me for something I didn't do. They said, " It is stated in our Terms & Conditions that Freelancer.com may terminate the participation of a User if we think that they are creating problems, legal liabilities (actual or potential), infringing someone Else'...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / freelancer.com=scam

YG Marius on May 15, 2017
Hello my friends. I hope you are doing great. From personal experience, just recently I have hard times with http://www.freelancers.com They won’t give me my money that I worked for in a valid contest. They have to give me 166gbp. But they are scam, they told me that the contest was closed...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / freelancer.com

khan shahrukh on Apr 27, 2017
First they put my account to verification i am their old user since 2014 i had 5.8 earning rating in my account and 120+ good reviews, they harrased me for 2-3 months they dont reply to my mail fast they then they put my account to limited they were only supporting to the client i wa...

www.Cybersky.in www.freelancer.com / rajat vaghani is fraud and cheater freelancer on freelancer.com and upwork complaint

Sandip Patil Bhandarkar on Apr 23, 2017
Rajat vaghani is fraud and cheater freelancer on freelancer.com and upwork complaint Fraud freelancer name- rajat vaghani Adress- banglore, 560002 Website-www. www.cybersky.in Mobile-95915 82814 Hello, dosto Ek fraud and cheater freelancer hai india ka, jo banglore ka hai. jis ka naam...

Freelancer.com / abusive terms and conditions

Alina Martiniuc on Apr 12, 2017
So here's how it happened: an employer assigned me a project (which they say it was in their list of forbidden projects) for which I had to pay their stupid $5 project fee (which they say it is legal, tough there is no international regulation regarding its legality). I accepted and I...

Freelancer Technology / Freelancer.com / Getafreelancer.com / scam and cheating

Victime of Freelancer.com on Mar 25, 2017
Let me explain -upon my experience about php programming- how they cheat; As an employer you grant the project to a freelancer, you agree how to pay, assume that you will pay total sum in two milestones. Freelancer starts working, or she/he convinces you that he is working and in the...

Freelancer.com / freelancer.com is one of the biggest scam on the internet

Philippe Txr on Mar 9, 2017
I needed news articles written in native Portuguese so I accepted the offer to do the job from a freelancer that was marked as "recommended" by Freelancer.com. That's when hell began. I sent her three precise subjects and she told me she would "scan my website" to see...

Freelancer.com / robbery site & very poor customer service

Fighter73 on Mar 9, 2017
I can't add a service in the section my service. I tried to do it from last september 2016. I don't understand why i'm not allowed to add the service. I've just sent a request again 2 days ago and I got the same answer "service unavailable". My profile is filled and updated, I have...

Freelancer.com / account limited - support doesn't answer (10 days)

Xundaban on Mar 1, 2017
I am a freelancer designer and i've been working in freelancer.com for about a year or so. My account has been limited for 10 days now (Since feb 21), whe you account is limited you can't withdraw or transfer any money. I provided all the documents and information that were asked by the...

Freelancer / freelancer experience

Alexander on Feb 28, 2017
I had a very bad experience with Freelancer in the past and then I promised myself not to use this site again. But unfortunately I decided to give Freelancer a second chance and got scammed. I lost my job and found a really good job offer on Freelancer. I applied for a project and they...

Freelancer.com / website login credentials was disabled by freelancer.

guy rabet on Feb 27, 2017
My website legion was disabled by my freelancer. He build up a new website for me and gave me the legion credentials. I was able to legion and make changes. But recently I tried to legion and the URL(http://suffitechh.com/rag/housing/) "Wordpress" was disabled. When I agreed with the freelancer i...

Freelancer.com / fully fraud company and big scam

Suresh Mothsara on Jan 26, 2017
Freelancer.com destroyed my life. I completed 8 project for one of my client and get $900 payment. Client was fully satisfied from my work and give me 5 star feedback and released whole amount. I transfer all files to client server. But after one month i check my account and there i...

Freelancer.com / stealing money from users account.

No name to display on Jan 24, 2017
I've been working on freelancer for around 18 months now. Every now and they they dip into my account. Just steal a little bit of money and refuse to refund it. I make a reasonable amount through their site so usually don't kick up much of a fuss. However this time they have stolen £111 GBP...

Freelancer.com / freelancer.com

Silan Frank Liu on Jan 18, 2017
Started a logo contest. There were many submissions. Using their private chat facility, I first chat with one designer, then another, and I was horrified to see the history of the first chat appeared in the chat history of the second chat! So the second designer could actually see what I...

Freelancer.com / service

Vanessa Franchina on Jan 15, 2017
Hello. I attempted to set up two separate projects on freelancer.com. Both times I was prompted to switch to a contest. At no stage is it indicated that the contest funds are paid in full before the work is complete. I selected seo work (Which is normally a monthly fee) once set up. That wa...

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