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Freelancer Technology / / / Theft of Funds

Oct 14, 2019

Freelancer Technology / / are criminals - no other way to say it. I joined their site in March 2019 and for several months, has refused to release funds in the account. I have told them numerous times, I DO NOT INTEND TO CONTINUE USING THE SITE. Simply refund my funds and close out the...

Freelancer Technology / / /

Oct 01, 2019

Freelancer closed my account for no reason whatsoever. I've had this account for more than 2 years, I paid all my freelancers on time and I've had great reviews but today they shut my account down. No reason was given. I even had someone working on a project for me and this is what they've...

Freelancer Technology / / / scam???

Oct 01, 2019

My account was suspended for no reason, with money allocated to a project of great importance. This is a lack of professionality both in respect of both people that are working (specifically the person that was working for me), and myself. At the moment I have 250 euros in the platform...

Freelancer Technology / / / treatment of working freelancer

Aug 28, 2019

I completed a project for an employer. I worked on it for over 30 hours. I paid around 100$ In fees to accept the project. When I got my earnings and tried to withdraw them I learned they are being held, because the employer hasn't finished verifying my account. The employer has no... / account closed without any explanation and money confiscated

Aug 23, 2019

Freelancer.comThe night before I was filing a dispute against one of my clients on and Freelancer made me pay 43 euros as arbitration charge, the commission of the project I had worked on plus an euro extra as Credit card verification charge. I was pretty sure of wining the dispute so I...

Freelancer Technology / / / accepted offer of a project and got charged $150 as freelancer fee

Aug 22, 2019

I have accepted an offer of a project of $1500 on freelancer and they charged me $150 as fee. The client later decided to cancel the project and he did that. As I havent got paid a single $ from the client I asked to refund me the fee they have taken from me...

Freelancer Technology / / / Scam page

Aug 19, 2019

I posted a job on this site and it was declined due to an "unmeaningful job description. Then they closed my account. I opened another one and posted the job. Initially it was approved and then declined again. When I tried to reach someone on Facebook, this is what they said "Thanks for...

Freelancer Technology / / / funds have been locked and account suspended

Jul 31, 2019

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comHi, I used to be a freelancer in this website, and i had an issue with a project, bellow the exact details: 1- July 24th 2019: I finished the customer website as planned, he asked for the Admin password to change something. he changed the password and never answered my messages since then, 2-...

Freelancer Technology / / / can not believe companies like this one exists!

Jul 19, 2019

What an absolutely horrible experience! I own an e-commerce company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We needed some changes in our Shopify website so I hired a freelancer on, I deposited some funds for a milestone payment and with-in 24 hours it got cancelled by itself and I had...

Freelancer Technology / / / membership refund

Jul 12, 2019

I paid for membership and something went wrong and elitesingles said they would sort it and they put money in my PayPal account to pay pay again but I don't want to now with the trouble I've had I just want it refunded back to me I think it's pathetic how I've been treated and I will take... / copy typing

Jul 08, 2019

I was cheated by the scammer. I am totally new to and i accepted the typing job without checking the employer background. I already deposit 30 dollar to their Perfect Money account and finished work on time. but I did not get paid. Please be aware of the following email...

Freelancer Technology / / / logo design job

Jun 14, 2019

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comFor the first time, I have used freelancer and they took more money from me whereas the freelancer bid was only $10. The freelancer team has deducted $24.44 from my account and now I am not able to withdraw even. This is the fraud to the client, now when I am trying to withdraw from the...

Freelancer Technology / / /

May 24, 2019

i am freelancer web designer on website. i earned ₹13835.39inr on, employer paid this amount to my account. i confirmed from freelancer support care that money will go or not ? they told me all money is mine now. after that employer closed his account...

Freelancer Technology / / / account close without any reason

May 17, 2019

Hello, My account has been close since November 2018. when i have contact via twitter than they told me that my account close and when i ask reason than they told me that there is no reason. I just want to know if there is no reason than why close my...

Freelancer Technology / / / freelancer closed my account and unethical behavior

Apr 21, 2019

5th April 2019, Freelancer closed my account. Immediately i created a ticket, They have advised me to contact with Bryndish H. for further information. Immediately, I sent her email. Let me copy and paste what she replies exactly. ""I closed your account because you have a duplicate...

Freelancer Technology / / / being misled by freelancer with respect to payment

Apr 19, 2019

I was given incorrect information on more than one occasion and treated rudely by one of your support employees. The second person was of no help whatsoever. I have written to the CEO, but it appears that freelancer welcome and satisfaction are of no importance whatsoever to you people. I...

Freelancer Technology / / / scam to tracersa by

Apr 12, 2019

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comI joined back in 2010 under username TRACERSA . I worked day and night to establish that profile and after so much of hard work i managed to get 787 REVIEWS, 100% completion rate, 100% on time, 100% on budget and repeat hire rate 49% Due to an UN INTENTIONAL violation they...

Freelancer Technology / / / payment steal and chargeback 2 months after project finished and delivered

Apr 07, 2019

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comI finished a project valued at $ 2400, the employer released $1800 and since then we were in discussion because he was looking for a hosting where to install the Web Manager and could not find it according to him (something which have nothing to be with the same project), meanwhile he did... / payment reversed

Mar 10, 2019

the issue is same as many other people are having, freelancer just reversed my earned money back to the client, i earned that money with hard working, they took it from me and return it back to the client and said to me that it is your client's fault so we suspended his accout. ok... / closed my account without my mistake

Mar 06, 2019

This complaint is about the poor customer support service of They closed my account which I built after 4 years of hard work, Five months ago when I had around projects worth 10,000 usd were going on I had around 1500 usd in my account. This happened when I wa... / freelance services

Feb 17, 2019

Beware of scam. This company is using deceiving methods to make its users, people who hire freelancers (employers) to deposit money claiming that funds will be stored in the escrow account and it should be released to the freelancer (employee) only by the account owner...

Freelancer Technology / / / I am a customer and in my opinion they are unethical

Jan 02, 2019

They overcharged my credit card for services not requested. The agreed amount was $60.99, they posted $256.05. Upon my complaint, they insisted I was to blame and threatened legal action against me. Their dispute resolution methods are a joke because they never resolve anything only delay...

Freelancer Technology / / / freelancer not maintaining words integrity

Dec 06, 2018

I am current user of and I had old membership of freelancer before changing new membership plan at time of changing membership plan freelancer keep my previous plan and said it will be same for me until I do not change and it will not available for new user or after upgrade... / service

Nov 06, 2018

Hello everyone. this website cheating their clients with many hiding fees. as they call "Third party fee" or "Processing fee". Which is not indicated during the payment. You may find this only in transaction history, after they cheated you. And there is no money refund for...

Freelancer Technology / / / milestone unpaid but fee charged

Nov 01, 2018

This is the second time I have problem with This is of course not the only freelancing platform I work with. And honestly it comes out as the most problematic of all. The detail of my complaint will also show how their system is not working-at least for me! I took one job... /

Oct 31, 2018

There was an ad that said "bring your client" 0 feed. I did then the blocked my account and told me I wasnt allowed to work with people I know. Next they asked me to verify my account presumably because they wanted the money. I put my id which is a federal real id and they asked me...

Freelancer Technology / / / closing an account

Oct 25, 2018

Freelancer Technology / / have suspended my account after I confirm my card details. I have $20 plus the money they deducted on my card. I tried to contact the website to ask why my account was closed, they only responded that I have violated a term regarding their Give-Get Program. I did not do...

Freelancer Technology / / / the worst scum of the internet

Oct 13, 2018

I don't even know where to start. These people will do their best to steal your money, or keep your money for themselves, instead of giving it back or releasing the funds to the worker. These people are nothing but trouble. If you want to have a frustrating situation that turns into a... / freelancer support for online fraud

Oct 12, 2018

Https:// is the platform who is supporting fraud, He did 10k fraud with me he did as billow : Freelancer create own employer as feel and then we bid on projects. I bid on project in freelancer. Freelancer employer message us and tell talk in what's app. I talk in... / account deleted without notice

Sep 24, 2018

Hi all.. As a start up, i feel myself very lucky, i post two projects and on the day of finalisation of project i.e Today 25/09/2018, i saw my account was deleted and asking me to contact support and when i trying contact support, they are asking to log in my account(Deleted account).So loop i... / supported fraud scamsters

Sep 21, 2018

Today I was duped of Rs.2000 through Someone posted a project and I applied for it. The client asked me to add him on whatsapp. He created a group with another US number. The numbers are +[protected] and +[protected]. He created a project worth $100 and released the payment...

Freelancer Technology / / / money in financial dashboard is not transferred

Sep 16, 2018

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comHello, I had 9994.64 amount in my free lancer account, for which I initiated a transfer on 25 August with express withdrawal option into my bank account, which was supposed to come in my account on 10sep and when I try to check the status on my financial dashboard you guys blocked my...

Freelancer Technology / / / deducted money from my account/balance because my employer had violated terms and conditions.

Aug 19, 2018

Employer paid me in full but he had violated terms and conditions which i was not aware of. After 24 hours freelancer refunded the project and deducted all my money. It is just not fair. I am very demotivated and lost trust on I do not have any problem with the employer...

Freelancer Technology / / / data entry typing work

Jul 30, 2018

I am from India. I was looking for online typing jobs/work from home jobs. I applied in also. On july 3rd i got a phone call from a lady named Reshmi Nair (number: [protected]) and told me they had shortlisted some including me from the applicants, and told will send me pdf...

Freelancer / account closing scam

Jul 19, 2018

I've a freelancer account and wanted to get some help and some of the developers are working on my website whom i hired.. but then boom... freelancer blocked my account for no reason i've added my payment details and also some amount of money to my account and all got blocked. Then i try...

Freelancer Technology / / / closed my account

Jul 05, 2018 closed my account and I don't know the reason . I send to the supporting team, they are sending to me blank emails and no any respond, please I need help, why they are doing that, at least give me the reason for closing my account and also I need proof foe that reason.dont...

Freelancer Technology / / / online verbal abuse

Jun 02, 2018

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comI was verbally abused by a client on I didn't stoop to his level and simply reported him. All I expected from freelancer was to suspend his account but they said they will only give him a warning! Didn't even offer any kind of consolation to me in anyway. Here's a... /

May 16, 2018

Freelancer.comI am Chetan K V S, from Bangalore, India. please read this, especially the numbers in between stars. If anyone is reading this from this is my profile link. my email address: [email protected] If you don't understand the below... / stole my hard earned money, made my account in negative

May 06, 2018

Hi, I joined in Jan 2014. I invested around four years to build my profile at Its takes lots of hard work and effort to get a client and make money. I paid 10% as project commission too for every project I get. Suddenly, I found that they deducted...

Freelancer Technology / / / limited account

Apr 26, 2018

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comI asked a friend to add funds to my account using his credit card on 19th April as I don't own a credit card of my own and I had a deal with him that I will pay him off in cash. on 26th April I received a Freelancer banner that my account is limited. I paid more than half the amount to him...