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an item was sold to a member and payment received through paypal. I was also charged a 15$ shipping fee. The item was never sent and member was refunded through a dispute through paypal.
I have been talking to Depop for months now through email. Because if dispute there is no clear reversal on my paypal screen. I have an email from paypal that I screen shot and sent and a history of my my account that i sent to Depop that is so far not being excepted.
There is actually so much I have sent them as proof and i can not get my 15$ back.
I think it would even be clear that their sipping label was never used and they were never charged from USPS for me to send a package I never sent. They could also check with the person I sold to, who did get a refund.
But no they continue to play games and ask me to prove something that ihave sent everything I could to them.
Sounds like a big company stealing from 16 years olds ( my daghter)


I have emailed 3 times now. I NEED HELP RESETTING MY PASSWORD. The password reset link does not send out an email and there is no way to troubleshoot password recovery. There is no direct contact for Depop which is very frustrating and really elementary. If you are going to have a business/app you should have AT LEAST a contact phone number or email. At this point I couldn't even cancel my account if I wanted to. VERY FRUSTRATING!

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    jenniethriftss Jul 20, 2019

    This is exactly what i am dealing with right now. Has anyone else found a number for their customer support?

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    Adrianna Mahal Sep 06, 2019

    I’m having the same problem

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The seller has left me negative feedback and the sellers feedback must be deleted from my account because the seller has left me the feedback in revenge. The item that I purchased from the seller wasn't actually available for sale to me because the seller had already sold the item on another selling platform other than depop. The seller kept kept the item up for sale on depop even though the item wasn't available. I unfortunately purchased the sellers sold item. The seller refused to give me a refund. I didn't receive my item.

depop unethical fees

I sold 5 items using the DEPOP app to one person totaling $100.00. I used 5 boxes to ship the items to the buyer. Buyer paid her own shipping. I was then charged $50.00 (5 increments of 10.00 each). I contacted customer service and was told the 10.00 per box was for the label. Why did they take 50% of my sale just to print a label? I want my money back!
I understand they have fees, but 50% is not only excessive, but completely unfair!

At this point, DEPOP is no longer responding to my emails.

what a mess!

It's obviously not worth your attention, your time and money. Because the only thing about them is the idea. Everything else is a garbage. They are unprofessional and I didn't...