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The company has left an official comment on the complaint. - My account is closed without specifying the reason

I am 5 stars freelancer on and I was proud of making such a profile. I work hardly on this website.
But I woke up today on a sad news that my account is closed and that my withdrawal is canceled without even specifying what I did and without any warning. I contacted support but I am getting an automated email everytime. At least I have theright to withdraw my earned money.

Desired outcome: Reopening my account or withdraw my money at least

A - Account closed

Scam indeed! My account is suspended. I've lost Rs42320 that I've earned hard working on every single day for a month and a half! Now nobody relies to my ticket, those online "supporters" ask me to wait, and no one is doing anything! How will I survive with no money? How will I maintain my family with no money? A fat lot they care!

V - Service

I deposited money in the for the project around $3000. They blocked my money and don't have account access.
I requested money but had no luck.
My email id in the account is [protected]
I will file a police complaint and charge it back by credit card.
Guys, please be aware of this site

im sorry for your loss man i lost $2000 as well in back in june and it never come back the also block my email when i ask why, just report it to the police man. hopefully your country block this stupid website

ADVERTISIMENT - Getting suspended without any reason at all closed my account without any notice when i try to withdraw, lost 1600 usd, have asked why they closed, just getting auto response. I have been trying to contact freelancer support from june 2021, up until now they're not answering at all, i have asked in their facebook, instagram, and all, they doesn't seem to care. Terrible service, i recommend don't use them, stay away from

Desired outcome: reopen my account

Update by plikitik123
Nov 27, 2021

today i finally get update from freelancer, to be more disappointed then before they sent me this automated response telling me that my account is currently disabled and can't interact with chat or ticket, i just lost hope, hopefully everybody who see this, quickly get out of this scam company, they are not gonna help you all, spread the word

Update by plikitik123
Nov 25, 2021

this is update from before i'm using to send email, i'm using with two reason, first my account was blocked for asking why my account getting suspended, and second mailjet have this feature that if somebody open our email it will send notification to our dashboard in mailjet that somebody has open that mail, to my surprise they do OPEN my freaking email and they choose not to answer it ok freelancer, if you want to play it like this i will send all of this message to all over the world that you really are the most scam website ever however, if you decide to answer it i will be more than happy to delete this review all of 'em

Nov 24, 2021 - Not releasing payment to freelancer after charging my card

I hired a freelancer, first time in two years, I then created a milestone. The freelancer completed the work and I tried to release the milestone. It then said the money can't be released because I need to do a kyc. Note: they already charged my card. I completed the kyc and they still refused to release the payment. Three weeks went by and the freelancer was contacted me constantly, I tried to get him the money by some other means. I then wrote a long request to support begging them to let me pay the freelancer. then suspended my account, still have not paid out the freelancer. Meanwhile my card has been charged.

Desired outcome: Release of payment to freelancer. - Suspend my account even I clarify everything with proof

The story start when i used the wifi of the space work,
Me and my colleague used the same wifi this day, so after that my colleague have a project so he hire me on freelancer, and i don't see anything wrong since my colleague have his account from years ago and he was working in freelancer for a while, and same for me having more than 20 project with more then 1000 $ earning and that was the first time we used the same wifi, after i complete the project and he paid me in freelancer, i get my account limited .
First the advisor say you have two account but since we both have kyc and checked our identity, we totally two different person, and i asked the advisor for which term you limited my account, he cancel the project and respond with Fraud section with" false feedback", so this made me confused because the project first 80 euro, so if i want false reviews isn't logic to just start project with 30 euro so i can make more review this doesn't make since, also in the terms of freelancer you can even refarral your friends and work with 0 fee, the terms here contradictory so how you can invite your friends then when you get good feedback the advisor limited your account and say its false feedback we have to suspend your account .
To just clear more i even don't referral my colleague i even know him just this month, so we used freelancer like trusted environnement and that's what i get suspended account for 80 euro .
I was trying to explain to the advisor the situation, he just keep threatening me, without any good reason for that
Freelancer now its just suspend freelancer accounts without reasons, and you can't even justify anything to anyone, having very bad support doesn't even know how to speak with you treating you like slave .

my username in freelancer : khalilcool

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint. - Data entry scam

I got a data entry work and they asked me to pay 30$ to continue further and i paid but they didn't reply any of my mail and i even submitted my work. I maided them again for 3-4 timed but they didn't respond. I lost my 30$ just becuse of your should work on this problem not only me many others are getting scammed daily through your platform. You guys don't care about people you guys just want people to use your platform. - Closing of account

Today is 11th November, 2021.

I opened an account an account on 10th November, I flouted a rule of freelancer without actually intending to. It was out of ignorance. They blocked my account. I didn't know why and they kept referring me to the terms and conditions which I didn't read completely before I agreed to.
I accepted my fate and opened another account, this time with the aim to be more careful, I was surprised that it got blocked as well in less than an hour of setting up, and the customer care person by name Radley C., told me that it was closely linked to a previously blocked account.

So I was angry because I spent money upgrading the account already and taking certification tests and time editing my profile too.

My question for freelancer is, would they have preferred me to disguise (this is fraudulent) and register as a new member with details that aren't really mine?

Another question is, if someone's account gets closed once out of ignorance or whatsoever reason, does it mean the person cannot work on freelancer platform anymore ever again?

I need explanations because the customer care replies are like robots, like automated messages, not like they actually are versatile enough to go into details.
I would be lying if I said I was finding this whole situation funny or taking it lightly!

Desired outcome: Open my accounts back please

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - closed my account without any notice when i have released milestone payment closed my account without any notice when i have released milestone payment, lost 500euro, project work not finished and had more money left in my account, have asked why they closed, got automated email answer without any explanation and no any word about money return. Terrible service, i recommend don't use them, stay away from

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint. - Unethical behaviour. Only scammers

Every bid I ever placed on since may 2021 (time, when I registered) I've only had offers from scammers. They ask a communication via other sites (WhatsApp, Gmail etc..) and then ask you to pay for the job first and then get the "job". It's totally not okay and not professional. You must have a way to filter the scammers. I'm closing my account anyways. It's a big waste of time and effort.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint. - My account is suspended

I want to tell you a full story about me . I opened this freelancer account in august 2017 by providing my government provided id. At that time my name was written A Ajay in my all document and the...

Read full review - They accepted my funds, now won't pay the freelancer

I think Freelancer's financial statements should be analyzed to determine how much revenue they make in interest earned through wrongly holding people's funds while suspending their accounts. I am a...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint. - Portfolio theft, of our 2 projects on

Dear Team Complain Regarding Digimuse, On 14th October 2021 my client informed me related to this theft of portfolio, that the project we currently working on since many years is used as a...

Read full review - Online doctor / nurse / hospital appointment booking portal

I hired a freelancer through in Feb 2020 to finish a project (Online Doctor/Nurse/Hospital Appointment Booking Portal)
within 120 days, and I hired a co-pilot from to follow up on the project.
The freelancer did not finish what we deal and he takes 549 days and didn't complete the project until now. I contacted
support, but they didn't take any serious action and keep ignoring my demands and closing support tickets.
I paid until now 14, 050USD for the freelancer and for co-pilot around 5000USD, plus my loss of payment gateway
and SMS gateway monthly subscribe 1000USD monthly. - Account suspended without notice and not helping with specific details

My Freelancer account username is: sumonst21
the email address associated with your account: developer.[protected]
the date you last used your account: 2 October 2021

Ticket ID: WLZB-1450-GAIO

Its been more than a week now.

Nov 06, 2021

Hello brother is your account is reativated?kindly suggest me i am facing the same kind of issue.

Oct 01, 2021 - Account closure without notice

They have closed my account without notice stating that I have violated rules. I have inquired several time as to what I have done wrong and they have not responded. It's very frustrating when you have been with them for a long period of time and this happens. I had projects in the works and money to be paid for work being done. Very disappointed with them and their customer service is terrible.

Desired outcome: Reopen my account


I have submitted a similar complaint. I've sent and released funds but they refuse to pay my freelancer. They seem to suspend the flow of money on a whim. They point to their terms of service requiring government ID, picture etc., but of course they gladly accept your funds before they inform you of these ridiculous terms. I shudder to think of all the people giving the site their personal information under threat of account closure. Just look at all the similar complaints on this forum! I am so regretful that I used instead of upwork. Never again.

Sep 30, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - Scam data entry Job

Im new to and was scammed to do this data entry job. I saw another complaint on the website and abciously the sceme keeps on working and nobody is doing anything to stop these people!

They contacted me on email, saying I need to pay $30 to receive the pdf pages that have to be typed in notes. I was stupid to send the deposit on PayPal.

This this the exact message :
"You can start working with us by depositing the security of $30 as per the Plan P1 or $50 USD as per the planP2 or $65 USD as per the plan P3 or $85 as per the plan P4 in ours PAYPAL a/c which is [protected] and mention in the notes THAT THE PAYMENT IS NOT FOR SHIPPING ANY PRODUCT otherwise no work will be allotted to you or in ours ADVCASH A/C WHICH IS [protected] or in ours perfect money a/c which is U24770180 or in ours PAYEER A/C which is P1057369714


You will get the payment in yours bank a/c in yours local currency equivalent to USD or in yours perfect money a/c or in yours advcash a/c in whichever you want within 24 hrs of the submission of project in yours local currency equivalent to USD."

These are some of the emails they use.
The freelancer acc was : geooxvmtdwmaon
which is now of course closed, but they operate with different and emails.

I hope someone checks and does something to stop this scheme! - Account suspension.

Hello Freelancer support. I sent all the required documents for verification and all were successful apart from proof of address. I sent my bank statement, utility bill and also my tenancy agreement and still verification failed. I contacted verification center through message board and got no answer. I also created several tickets but still got suspended. I have over $700 in my account which I totally depend on. Kindly assist.
My username is thoronjobrian2
Email is: [protected]

Desired outcome: Successful verification.

G - not giving my salary

i complete my work on the deadline and on the best accuracy and i pay them security charge and agreement charge which is 1000rs but after my work report is come that said i am capable for getting my salary and when i am asking for my salary they said you want to also paid us 3599 rs otherwise we can't give you your salary i pay them 1000 rs already and they can't satisfing to give my security refund also after submitting work

Desired outcome: my salary

Aug 26, 2021 - Typing job fraud

I am totally new to freelancer and any freelancing job so I accepted a job which asked for ₹1600inr security deposit which turned out to be a fraud.. As i've already paid it.. Please help me to refund my money.. The money was sent through paytm and the upi id is [protected]@axisbank... The email is [protected] sent mail from another email and they replied me and offered me the same thing but mentioned another email and payment details...I am really frustrated and really wish they could be arrested..I attached some of my conversations and payment with this user

Desired outcome: Money refund

Sep 30, 2021

Same with me! I’m now reporting them everywhere and trying to get my refund on PayPal! I was too stupid to trust this guys name is Tarun Bhagat.
I paid $30 and they promised also more money if I switch to a bigger plan . I should’ve done some research before!

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