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Employers, be alert to bait and switch type activity

As a long-term buyer of providers/workers (since 2006), it saddens me to caution other employers/buyers of, as best I can describe, to be alert to something that seems like bait-and-switch, which I believe to be a growing problem on Freelancer starting in 2020 (never experienced it before this time). The end result is at least potential lose of money the employer has in milestone, but I think the real pain point for most buyers will be a lose of trust in the platform.

Some of the behaviors to watch for include being asked to modify your budget at first contact, release milestone at first contact ahead of any work started (or even understood), and private contact via personal email or social media accounts. All of this happens within minutes (and against freelancer policy) of the project being accepted. I think nearly all experienced buyers would recognize what is unfolding within minutes of engagement, which leaves the real issue that even if you do and cancel, the milestone is at risk of lose - I can vouch for the lose of milestone dollars when trying to exit one of these incidents. (For those not familiar, freelancer tech support is mostly a scripted response system - unless you pay the support engagement fee).

I have hired dozens of great freelancers from this platform so I hate to see this growing behavior impact both providers as well as my peers that hire from the site.

Hope this helps others. Kind regards.

KYC — problems after a successful verification

I am one of the founders of Secured Globe, Inc. in New York. The company has an A+ ratings at the BBB...

My account is closed. I lost all my money - $15,000

I worked for the freelance exchange
I have a great profile - 4.9 stars, dozens of satisfied customers.
For several years, he earned about $15, 000, which was in their account.
I haven't been able to verify my identity for the last few weeks, even though I sent them all the documents.
A few days ago, my account was closed without explanation.
Support is not responding.
I lost all my money - $15, 000

My account email - [protected]

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comCompany Cheats freelancers by joining fake clients has become hub of cheaters and dacoits and the website itself help the clients to cheat freelancers easily. and if you complain about this to their support they will take action against you instead. These peoples steals money from your account without your consent. They literally survive on the blood of freelancers working on the platform. Bloody cheaters. They have all the means to verify freelancer's Identity, payment method, adrress, photo. but they never care to verify any of them for client before letting client to put any money on the website.

my account was closed for no reason

I'm a freelancer. I'm using for about 5 years. About two weeks ago I've found out that had closed my account.
I've contacted their support center but the only information they answered was that I violated terms and conditions.
No explanation about specific details.
For the last two years I had only two customers on, all payments were done via

I almost sure had wrong information about me and they did a wrong decision.

They didn't provide no explanations to me.

My account name was HUMPT

my email [protected]

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comaccount closed, money confiscated

I am developing applications for clients found on this platform.

Yesterday my account was closed.
All I could get from freelancer is: It has come to our attention that you have participated in activities that may harm the business operation or reputation of Freelancer.

I dont understand what activities they mean. Moreover, I have got about 2000$ on my account. Support ignores me and dont want to let me withdraw this money.

The account is closed without explanation and the opportunity to discuss claims. Money is just stolen.

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comrefund on closed account (buyer)

I have been trying unsuccessfully to have Freelancer refund funds from an account they closed. I would like to call upon any other users to contact me for a potential class-action lawsuit, and to have them banned from doing business in our respective countries, and to lodge a complaint with our legal agencies in our respective countries. Here in the USA, it would be our State Attorney Office, and the Federal Trades Commission, as well as ICAN, to have their IP domain servers in our respective countries to have them put on notice that stealing people's money will not be tolerated.

These Internet tyrants need to be put on notice and know we will not stand for our hard-earned money to be ripped off by some unscrupulous businesses from another country.

Freelancer Technology / / closed my account without any reason.

They closed my freelancer account without any reason.
Every time I ask their supporters about the reason, they only replied that I have violated the user agreement of this site.
I want to know what "item" in the user agreement I have violated.
The last supporter said like this.
"Thank you for contacting Support.
I understand that you want to have an update about the account issue. I have forwarded this to the relevant team and they will get in touch with you directly.
We seek your patience on this. Should you have other queries or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us again for assistance.
Allyson S. Support "
Still no reply from them.
How do you think I can solve this problem?
If they do not solve my problem fairly, I am willing to try my best to solve it myself.
Facebook will be my first step in this. closed my account without any reason.

  • Updated by Hamilton2 · Jan 30, 2020

    why this post is marked as resolved?????

[Resolved] Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comit's not a serious business

After i receive my payment has blocked my account and after my reclamation, has CLOSED my account. They have stolen my money.

They once asked for my documents with the photo identification procedure. I did, they approved. They asked again, I did, they approved. It started a loop to send documents, they approve, but then block the money and ask for identification again.

I am a serious professional, who takes my job seriously and maintains a respect for my clients. is not worthy to have me on your platform, because it burns, steals and deceives people! cannot be trusted in any way.

  • Resolution Statement

    I gave up the platform

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.commy account closed without any issue and lost $800 withdrawable

Freelancer closed my account for no reason whatsoever and I lost $800 withdrawable. I've had this account for more than 4 months, I paid all my freelancers on time and I've had great reviews but today they shut my account down. No reason was given. I even had someone working on a project for me and this is what they've done. None of the reasons they've listed below applies!
My id is alexeysamara88
my Gmail address is [protected]
I lost all the customers there.

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comfreelancer

I was scammed and had foreign transactions coming out of my account from I signed up for an account a few months ago. I had to verify my account info to receive payments So I gave them my card info. They took a little over $1 out of my account to verify And it cleared. They never put the money back in my account and said it will cash out once I start earning money.

I was almost scammed by a con artist using their platform who say they were looking for a virtual assistant. I avoided this situation right on time just for the following to happen. I noticed my $1+ disappeared from balance which was the money they took to verify which belonged to me. I was on a free account plan. Next, over a week I received a total of three foreign transaction withdrawals with one being directly from

At this point I knew something was suspicious and contacted my bank to file a dispute. When I filed a dispute, in less than a week, my bank was able to verify that my account was hacked and reversed all the withdrawals and foreign fees. My bank says from the small fraudulent withdrawals it was only a matter of time before they started to take larger amounts from my account and I luckily caught it on time. is a huge platform for freelancers. Its unsafe for people trying to earn a living. They took money from my account to verify I could receive payments, never put it back, decided to keep it for themselves and started taking other withdrawals from my account! I'm disgusted with this company. They need to be shut down!

they have closed my account without explaining the reason, give my money (2000usd) that I earned on

I have been contacting and waiting over months to resolve my account and money issue with .

One of their staff asked me for a video interview to get feedback from users so I had done with them as they requested.
After then, they had lifted my account restriction which was caused due to the video interview issue.
Later they have closed my account without explaining the reason.
I am asking what the reason is but they didn't clear that.

It's like their success management team is no longer work or address any person request from users.

Further, I had thousands of dollars on my account before the account had closed, they closed my account without processing or giving my money that I earned.

I am now trying to get money issue resolved through support and success team over email but they are not respectful to my request on that.

I am really frustrated how official site like Freelancer can do their business like this and hurt individuals even with money.
I am so scared about it.

they have closed my account without explaining the reason, give my money (2000usd) that I earned on

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comtheft of funds are criminals - no other way to say it. I joined their site in march 2019 and for several months, has refused to release funds in the account. I have told them numerous times, I do not intend to continue using the site. Simply refund my funds and close out the account but they refuse. On my profile is a verified payment method, verified phone and verified email address.

They claim they are having issues processing request for funds to a bank account directly but they also refuse to deposit earned funds to paypal. This has been months now. There is absolutely no reason to hold funds hostage. They are criminals.

I have also noticed that almost 90+ % of jobs posted on their site never get awarded and job posters are not held accountable for posted jobs. The site however deviced a way of charging users for credits that could then use to apply for jobs. This is fraud.

You can spend weeks or months working a project on this site and job poster change their mind for any reason and regardless of milestone arrangement, the site will refund all monies to job posted and you get absolutely nothing. They are simply reckless.

theft of funds

  • Updated by DisgruntledSiteUser · Oct 14, 2019

    A certain "job poster", posted a job on their site. Milestone arrangement that poster agreed to was that they would pay half at start of project and balance on completion. Each time I asked for payment, they had some excuse. Several hours/days into project, poster then says he changed his mind about project, yet they ( erroneously released entire sum in escrow to project poster and expected me to not get paid.

    After several weeks of excuses they finally credit my account but for half of what they were supposed to but when I try to withdraw funds they refuse to pay. This has been several funds now.

    If they decide to release entire funds to job poster regardless of milestone arrangement, then this becomes site owners liability. The still owe me and have not paid for months. It is their responsibility to ensure posted jobs get awarded or poster gets fined. It is also their job to ensure job poster adheres to terms of milestone.

Freelancer Technology / /

Freelancer closed my account for no reason whatsoever. I've had this account for more than 2 years, I paid all my freelancers on time and I've had great reviews but today they shut my account down. No reason was given. I even had someone working on a project for me and this is what they've done. None of the reasons they've listed below applies! Unbelievable!

Below is what they sent to me:

Hello there,

Greetings from

We regret to inform you that your account has been closed by the administration. We offer no recourse or rebuttal for this penalty.

It is stated in our Terms & Conditions that may terminate the participation of a User if we think that they are creating problems, legal liabilities (actual or potential), infringing someone else's intellectual property rights, engaging in fraudulent, immoral or illegal activities, or for other similar reasons.

In the event of termination, Users found in violation of the User Agreement will not receive any credit or payment from

Without limiting's other remedies, to the extent you are in violation of this User Agreement, you must pay for all fees owed to us and reimburse us for all losses and costs (including any and all employee time) and reasonable expenses (including legal fees) related to investigating such breach and collecting such fees.

You agree that is entitled to deduct such charges directly from any existing balance in the offending Account, or any other Account owned by you.

Have a nice day.


Damian L. Support.

Freelancer Technology / / scam???

My account was suspended for no reason, with money allocated to a project of great importance.
This is a lack of professionality both in respect of both people that are working (specifically the person that was working for me), and myself.

At the moment I have 250 euros in the platform, and no one of the customer service can give me any information about how to have my money back. Are they just keeping the money?

I would like some serious representative of the company to face this issue and to help me resulve the present complaint.

Freelancer Technology / / treatment of working freelancer

I completed a project for an employer.
I worked on it for over 30 hours.
I paid around 100$ In fees to accept the project.
When I got my earnings and tried to withdraw them I learned they are being held, because the employer hasn't finished verifying my account. The employer has no intention of doing it and I am left with nothing.
Their official answer is that after all that work, and employer who got the project. I am the one who is being penalized, basically got my money stolen by
Employer got their project, got their fees and held my earnings.
I am left with lost time and money.
Stay away from this site, they treatment of freelancers and customer service toward them is deplorable.

account closed without any explanation and money confiscated

The night before I was filing a dispute against one of my clients on and Freelancer made me pay 43 euros as arbitration charge, the commission of the project I had worked on plus an euro extra as Credit card verification charge. I was pretty sure of wining the dispute so I paid all the money. And the next morning my account was closed! I was supposed to get 280 euros from the disputed project plus I had two projects going on simultaneously. So they confiscated almost $1150 in total and my account just disappeared from their site! When I tried to contact them, all they said is that I violated their Terms of service.

I work as a Digital and Creative Consultant Consultant and a part of my job is to manage Social media accounts for my clients. So yes, I did take their login details to get into their social accounts, but the payments were 100% through Freelancer site. I assumed the violation was due to this sharing of login details. When I asked them more about this and also explained why I had to take the login details, like an expert scammer they refused to respond to any of my emails.

However, they kept emailing me with updates about the dispute and I got one email 30 mins back saying the client has left me feedback that my work was incomplete! First the site completely closes my account, refuse to respond to my emails, then they email me about topics that are of interest to them and third, they allow a client to leave feedback on my account that they closed down and doesn't exist anymore! They also send me link to view the feedback which takes me to the login page and when I try to login, they say the account is closed and I should contact customer support and when i contact customer support I get no response. I don't even understand the kind of game they are trying to play because they are pretty experienced in scamming people for such a long time.

I have included screen shots of closed account, first email claiming TOS violation, second email with client dispute update for a non existent account and proof of amount deducted for credit card authentication. I didn't receive any email confirmation for the money deducted for dispute/arbitration (I do have credit card service email as proof).

At this point I do not care if Freelancer doesn't reopen my account as I don't wish to have an account with a scam site. But I do want my money that I am due to receive from the site ( money for the 3 projects + the arbitration amount + credit card authentication charge) and that I worked hard for and earned by honest means!

account closed without any explanation and money confiscated

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comaccepted offer of a project and got charged $150 as freelancer fee

I have accepted an offer of a project of $1500 on freelancer and they charged me $150 as fee. The client later decided to cancel the project and he did that. As I havent got paid a single $ from the client I asked to refund me the fee they have taken from me but they said "please know that project fees are non-refundable whether a project is complete, incomplete, canceled or deleted.". Any one can guess that there is possibility that creating fake client profiles with good reviews and then posting projects by those fake profiles with large amounts. Offering the job to freelancer and then deducting 10% of the project amount as fee. After that they cancelling/deleting those projects or deleting the clients profile and looting the freelancers. When I said the same thing to their chat support person they have sent me an email mentioning that "We regret to inform you that due to your recent behaviour on, we are required to take action. This is because you have attempted to take communication offsite." Where as the client have already deleted the project and he is not responding to my messages. I thought I may get the charged fee back from but they denied it completely. I want to know the way I can sue the as they might be looting freelancer this way. Also there is no way to know if the client offering the job/project is fake or real.
Please help.
Project URL -
My Email - [protected]

  • Updated by Amit_Mishra1912 · Aug 22, 2019

    Chat Conversation Start

    Internet Company
    3:06 PM

    Hello, Amit.
    Let me check on this.
    What's your username?

    What's the project ID or the username of the employer?

    As I see here, the employer "piotrbbb" is the one who deleted the project.
    Their account is also still active.
    I also see that you were able to communicate with the employer outside our website through a third party app.
    Please note that communication outside our website is a violation of our terms and conditions.
    This is why you received a warning via email from us.
    It is best if you will always use the Private Message Board as your means of communication because any transaction and communication conducted offsite are unsafe and beyond the scope of our support.
    he wanted to have a call and screenshare to show me the work he wanted thats why we need to go outside freelancer

    This being said, we have no way to check if both parties are still communicating, and if the project has been completed outside of our site and whether or not payment has been made through other means.
    Therefore, we would be firm in implementing our policy about the project fees being non-refundable regardless of the project's status.
    but his requirement was something different then I supposed and thats why we havent got this work done and after requesting him for so many days he have cancelled the project
    sir why you will bother about the project as you have already got the fee
    where as other platforms only charges fee to freelancers when they get money from the client
    you charge the client when they submit the job or when their job got accepted by some freelancer that is good but what the freelancer do if after the fee deduction the client gone

    You're the one who initiated the offsite communication. You sent a message to the employer saying "s-k-y-p-pe".
    By spelling Skype like that, I'm sure you're aware that offsite communication is against our Terms and Conditions.
    However, you still circumvented our chat by spelling it that way.
    this chat was before he awarded the job to me
    if you can see
    and he awarded the job on freelancer
    if I had to take it outside then why would we have paid you fee?

    Before or not, you still violated our Terms and Conditions.
    That does not change.
    we freelancers also need security thats why we trust you
    if the project is cancelled by the client without paying a single $
    why should we freelancers bear the fee ?

    Because we charge a project fee.
    from both client and freelancer
    then ask the client to pay me the fee I got charged by on accepting his offer

    The project fee is charged after a freelancer "accepts" a project.
    yes sir thats what I am saying

    When a freelancer is awarded a project, they have 36 hours to decide on accepting or rejecting it.
    what is the surity that the client was not a fake client created by itself?

    You can chat and discuss the project's details within those 36 hours.
    what is the surity that the client was not a fake client created by itself?

    During the 36 hours, you can ask the employer to complete their account verification.
    that can be done by the people of as well
    I am asking how to know if the client is fake or real?
    how to find if the profile is not created by
    why should I pay the fee if I am not earning a single $

    If you're basing everything on that conspiracy theory of yours, then anything I say will just be you saying "How can we be sure that it not making fake accounts".
    So what's the point of this discussion.
    I am already paying you membership fee every month

    Paying a membership fee doesn't mean that you can violate our Terms and Conditions.
    if I am getting the job awarded on and taking a 10% fee then who is responsible if the freelancer not got paid a single $ even after paying $150 to looting

    Under normal circumstances, we would have given you a refund of the project fee once the project has been canceled. However, since you communicated outside our website, we will not be refunding the project fee.
    As I've mentioned earlier, we have no way to check if both parties are still communicating, and if the project has been completed outside of our site and whether or not payment has been made through other means.
    I knew it everything being done on where they dont have screensharing option at all so that client and freelancer can do everything over there without going to any 3rd party app and if they do this then freelancer's polity got spoiled and you cant claim for refund
    very very very good
    can you show me where the hell have screensharing option?
    even fraud does not allow to call the client before accepting the offer
    what happened?
    not able to find the screensharing option on

  • Updated by Amit_Mishra1912 · Aug 22, 2019

    what happened?
    is it also a fake page created by please confirm so that I can report the page

  • Updated by Amit_Mishra1912 · Aug 22, 2019

    They create fake client profile and post projects of large amount by those fake profiles. As you can't have a call with the client before accepting the offer and as soon as you accept the offer they deduct 10% of the project amount from your account. And after that they just cancel/delete the project or suspend/delete the clients profile. This way they are earning huge amount from the freelancers as well. There is no way you can find if the client is real or fake before accepting the offer as if you take the client outside the to confirm if the client is real or not by call or screensharing and then they will say you have "you have violated their terms and conditions" so if the project is cancelled or deleted without paying a single $ and you try to contact the support for the refund of fee which you have paid to they will deny by saying that "you have taken the conversation outside of so you have violated the terms and we will not refund you a single $"... :D

  • Updated by Amit_Mishra1912 · Aug 22, 2019

    or developing screensharing option on 😀
    Freelancer - Hire & Find Jobs
    Find & hire top freelancers, web developers & designers inexpensively. World's largest marketplace of 36m. Getting started is free. Receive quotes in seconds. Post your job online now.

    This is Facebook, you're not the only one we're chatting with.
    In any case, we'll take that "screensharing" as a suggestion.
    Please note that even if we currently don't have the screensharing option, the fact that you violated our terms and conditions does not change.
    :D :D :D :D :D

    Since you keep on bringing up the screensharing function, I will also review your other projects. 🙂
    sure do it now please
    You replied to Freelancer
    This is Facebook, you're not the only one we're chatting with.

    ohh I first read it as we're cheating with 😀
    as soon as you will start calling and screen sharing option without accepting the offer your looting the freelancers will stop and I am pretty sure you never going to do that 😀
    hope you have seen few of my projects already and thinking that how stupid I am that I can get the projects out easily and can save the fee I am paying to but still I am taking the payment through

    And now they have blocked me on Facebook :)

Freelancer Technology / / — Scam page

I posted a job on this site and it was declined due to an "unmeaningful job description. Then they closed my account. I opened another one and posted the job. Initially it wa...

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comfunds have been locked and account suspended


I used to be a freelancer in this website, and i had an issue with a project, bellow the exact details:
1- July 24th 2019: I finished the customer website as planned, he asked for the Admin password to change something. he changed the password and never answered my messages since then,
2- July 26th 2019: I waited 2 days before contacting the Support Team (See the chat transcription 1 attached) I told then That the employer is not responding, what should be the procedure, they simply asked me to try again. and that's what I did, but he still not answering. So shutdown the website, because he did not pay for it.
3- July 28th 2019: The employer contacted the Support Team to complaint about the website being down, the same day, locked my funds, and suspended my account without even taking into consideration my complaint.
I sent them An email to ask why my account was suspended and the answer was

"Upon checking, there are issued warnings on your account. Kindly settle these issues first in order for you to gain full access on our website."

They know I can't access my account, and keep sending me emails to update a ticket I can't even open.
And today July 31 th 2019, I received a reminder with a link to resolve the ticket, They just want to get away with the funds I have in my account.

To prove they are treating freelancers in a very bad way.
In the other hand, when you are an employer, the treatment is completely different (Check the 2019-07-29-New messages) a success manager contact you when you don't even ask for it, but as a freelancer, I have 2 days for an automatic response from their system.


funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended
funds have been locked and account suspended

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comcan not believe companies like this one exists!

What an absolutely horrible experience! I own an e-commerce company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We needed some changes in our Shopify website so I hired a freelancer on, I deposited some funds for a milestone payment and with-in 24 hours it got cancelled by itself and I had to create the milestone again which means I paid the comission TWICE!

I let it go since it was only a few bucks, when I deposited the funds again since the project took a little longer than expect, wants me to authenticate my credit card for a "small charge" (What the..?) I seriously could not get my head around this total scam so I skipped and lo and behold, I must now verify my account by keeping a number given by next to my ID card or the freelancer I hired wont get paid! Absolutely pathetic.

I have been making online payments for over 10 years and this is the first time I have been asked to put my freaking ID card next to my face, right next to the number given by stupid website. Unbelievable.

Freelancer Technology / / — membership refund

I paid for membership and something went wrong and elitesingles said they would sort it and they put money in my PayPal account to pay pay again but I don't want to now with the...

[Resolved] copy typing

I was cheated by the scammer. I am totally new to and i accepted the typing job without checking the employer background. I already deposit 30 dollar to their...

[Resolved] Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comlogo design job

For the first time, I have used freelancer and they took more money from me whereas the freelancer bid was only $10. The freelancer team has deducted $24.44 from my account and now I am not able to withdraw even. This is the fraud to the client, now when I am trying to withdraw from the freelancer account I am not able to withdraw because the minimum amount is $30. How they can be so irresponsible. I want a refund for that.

Date :13 June
Task : Logo Design
My Id is @ralhanria

logo design job

  •'s response · Dec 04, 2019

    We have emailed you regarding your funds.

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

Freelancer Technology / /

i am freelancer web designer on website. i earned ₹13835.39inr on, employer paid this amount to my account. i confirmed from freelancer support care that money will go or not ? they told me all money is mine now. after that employer closed his account and all ₹13835.39inr is gone from my freelancer account. i contacted freelancer support again and they refuse to support me and said to me that all money is gone. i need my hard earned money from agency. they are making fools all serious person who want to work online. i appeal t
that please take legal action against website and help me to get my full money that i have earned. some details: Method: Express Requested on: May 24, 2019 at 4:06 EDT Remote IP: Amount to receive: ₹13835.39 INR freelancer support care said: "Once the funds released by the employer, the funds will be transferred to the freelancer's account. This means that the money is in your account." so now how can they refuse their commitment. please help to get my full refund of ₹13835.39 inr from and take legal action against thank you rahul

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comaccount close without any reason

My account has been close since November 2018. when i have contact via twitter than they told me that my account close and when i ask reason than they told me that there is no reason.
I just want to know if there is no reason than why close my account.
My profile is under top 3000 profiles in
I have lost all clients. Since november i am contacting again and again but they don't reply.
Because of this, I am job less and failed to get any part-time job. My Family depends on earning and now i am on road. There is no hope in my life.
I requested to to reopen my account again.

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comfreelancer closed my account and unethical behavior

5th April 2019, Freelancer closed my account. Immediately i created a ticket, They have advised me to contact with Bryndish H. for further information.

Immediately, I sent her email. Let me copy and paste what she replies exactly.

""I closed your account because you have a duplicate account that I also recently closed.

Best of luck to you ""

I created my account probably in 2013. I am old user of site. I know no Freelancer site allows duplicate account.

I immediately sent her email that, i dont have any duplicate account. And can you let me know the username associated with my account ? She never replies.

Again, i had to reply support ticket. Bryndish H. is not replying me. They tells me same thing keep contacting with Bryndish H. I sent her several emails. She does nto reply.

And Freelancer support is also stupid, they keep telling me, she will reply. She is busy bla bla bla. It has been around 15 days i got last reply and Freelancer support is keep telling me contacting with Bryndish.

I am tired with Freelancer. I dont have any duplicate account. Thats final. And If i have any kind of duplicate account, you can close other one and keep this one.

But I need to know how did you detect i have duplicate account?

For your further reference, here is details.

User name : Kristina98
Ticket Id: FUGT-6636-HAKL

  • SubSquirrel Apr 21, 2019

    They found out because they have spyware that detects every move you make online. It reports back to the outer space station to take action and close accounts. Be aware of little green men.

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  • Tr
    Tracersa Apr 24, 2019

    This is no reason .. they are just after good profiles and doing all this stupid stuff by their own...

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Freelancer Technology / / — being misled by freelancer with respect to payment

I was given incorrect information on more than one occasion and treated rudely by one of your support employees. The second person was of no help whatsoever. I have written to the...

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comscam to tracersa by

I joined back in 2010 under username TRACERSA . I worked day and night to establish that profile and after so much of hard work i managed to get 787 REVIEWS, 100% completion rate, 100% on time, 100% on budget and repeat hire rate 49%

Due to an UN INTENTIONAL violation they closed my account . They closed it with a very good TRICK, infact they cheated

Some screenshots of my profile and support email where they said all is good and still they closed it

let me tell all of you what happened with complete proof

I have worked with a customer under freelancer assistance, so called a RECRUITER project and once all was done, customer reversed the payment and i asked the support to help and they said, they cannot do anything if reversal is done

after a week same customer came with new username, i worked he did the same, i didnt knew it before he again reversed the payment and told in chat, STUPID I AM THE SAME GUY, i again informed the support and they did nothing

3rd time again same guy came under new username and location. just to confirm it he is same person or not, i told him i will not work via freelancer i will work via SKRILL, just to test him and check so if he is the same guy he would have not agreed.

he was not the same person, and i took the payment via freelancer, so that i dont breake the RULE, , , then after no where a month afterwards he told freelancer support that i asked him for the payment outside, though we made payment onsite, they issued me with a warning stating i should not do this again, i said sorry and they said not repeat it and i said sure and again said sorry

then after a few days, the recruiter/support agent asked me for a skype call so that they can ask me a few questions, i did that and i was told, now all is good, i am good to work again .. i said sorry again and told them i will not repeat that mistake again and made them feel okay ..

then he asked me a few questions which REALLY shocked me

1- It is not possible to have such stats . there must me some thing fishy . These are his exact words ... i told that agent, my working technique is, i never accept the project, once i complete it, , customer is happy then i accept and take payment . that is the main reason i am able to have such stats

2- He asked me, why i am taking offsite payments, i told him, proof me or send me one screenshot where i asked for outside/off site payment except on that only occasion, he had no answer to it

NOTE: He was just trying to look for any reason to close the profile, i still dont know why

In short after having lots of chats and tickets etc, i was told that i am all good and can continue to work . but before that i need to finish IN PROGRESS projects with perfection

i worked days and night to finish them ASAP .. when i did and received the payments, they SIMPLY closed my account

they claim that i violated TOS many times, just to give them an answer if they are reading, , , there is no where mention in any TOS of preferred freelancer that new task cannot be taken in new project.. i have worked or served this site for 10 years i never knew this, once they informed me i never did it . and they then keep on digging into old projects like 1 year ago... hats off to their team, they clear me or inform me today that i dont repeat this and they checking 1 year or even 2 year old project if i did in old project ... Still i paid all the fee for all projects by pointing myself to get rid of it

In last 8 years i got 2 warning, , , which were not server as they are not clear or mentioned anywhere ... Even their preferred test dont have any such question which state NEW TASK from RECRUITER client cannot be taken in new project

Must add this point in your test so people can be aware of this mysterious hidden rule. I can bet you all, they will never sort this issue as they are a bunch of robbers, playing with others

scam to tracersa by
scam to tracersa by
scam to tracersa by
scam to tracersa by
scam to tracersa by
scam to tracersa by

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.compayment steal and chargeback 2 months after project finished and delivered

I finished a project valued at $ 2400, the employer released $1800 and since then we were in discussion because he was looking for a hosting where to install the Web Manager and could not find it according to him (something which have nothing to be with the same project), meanwhile he did not release the remaining 600$ and keep me waiting 2 months already. A few days ago I had in my account $400 earned in other project, and without any notification or advise has blocked that money and has put my account with a negative balance of -1293$ alleging a supposed external dispute initiated by the employer ( canadian scammer). From that moment I have contacted support, whose answers have had long delays and without clear explanations. The most significant thing is that scam is practically permanent, I have seen countless complaints from programmers claiming the same, while, the staff of is so immune to criticism that they already have prepared answers for each accusation "We understand your .. ... but ... ". Everything is a scam, everything is disrespect, everything is abuse and abuse. I would like to find some international jury, or institution where I can sue these scammers, at least take away the impunity they profess by swindling and outraging those who really work. I have attached evidence of the prepare messages and their incredible explanation for such case. Please if somebody know where I can demand this scammer australian business, or where boycott those cheater, let me know immediately.

payment steal and chargeback 2 months after project finished and delivered
payment steal and chargeback 2 months after project finished and delivered
payment steal and chargeback 2 months after project finished and delivered
payment steal and chargeback 2 months after project finished and delivered

payment reversed

the issue is same as many other people are having, freelancer just reversed my earned money back to the client, i earned that money with hard working, they took it from me and...

www.freelancer.comclosed my account without my mistake

This complaint is about the poor customer support service of They closed my account which I built after 4 years of hard work, Five months ago when I had around projects worth 10,000 usd were going on I had around 1500 usd in my account.

This happened when I was giving demo to one of my client on team viewer and client liked everything he used my PC browser, logged into his account and released the milestones. security system thought I have hacked his account and closed my account. That client clarified it to freelancer a week later when he found my account closed that it was his mistake not mine and requested to reopen my account. He did not only once but clarified to multiple times but they never take that into an order to ignore his request they say I have done other violations but irony is they never tell you what other violations I have done. When you ask them about which violation you have done they will again send you a Right to Refuse rule. They will keep spinning you between copied emails while none of them actually knows what's problem and why this all has happened except the admins while the admins they won't talk to you either.

During all these five months I sent them 100's of emails and I received their response 7, 8 times out which most of the times it was copied from some user manual and it seemed the person replying knows nothing about the matter he is just using some pdf to reply everyone same copied messages which were not helpful at all. I used to submit a ticket and they didn't respond me in weeks due to which I had to submit another ticket and this kept on repeating for 5 months.

Later, They blocked my email account and I was not longer able to respond to any of the email. I read blog where CEO of freelancer Matt Barrie gave his email and said you can email me at any time about your problem even if it's just about saying Hi. I emailed him for a month time to time and after a month he forwarded my concern to same freelancer support about which I was complaining about. The support again sent me same copied emails that my account is permanently closed and cannot be reopened. This has been my worst customer support experience anywhere.

Now someone from support will come here and post some copied text trying to be very cooperative and share his email and would ask you to email him to resolve his matter but in reality nothing would happen they will keep spinning you around in same old copied emails until you give up at one point. My issue was simple they thought I hacked my clients account, While that client clarified it multiple times that it was him and mistake from the system but they simply don't bother considering that and won't reopen my account. I just want my account back so I could start working again!

  • Tr
    Tracersa Apr 12, 2019

    They did even worst with me, , i think they create fake profiles themselves and create all drama to close good profiles


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freelance services

Beware of scam.
This company is using deceiving methods to make its users, people who hire freelancers (employers) to deposit money claiming that funds will be stored in the escrow account and it should be released to the freelancer (employee) only by the account owner (employer) if the account owner (employer) is satisfied with the work done.
This is not the true, the money will be never refunded or returned to the account owner (employer), without any account owner's consent keeps any funds deposited in a form of the so called milestones. In case if the account owner does not find the work performed by freelancer satisfactory and does not wish to release funds to the freelancer the company demands to pay $30 for the arbitrage to review the possibility of returning money back to the account owner. If the account owner does not wish to pay the extortion amount of the $30 the arbitrage team of automatically decides dispute in favor of the party that paid $30.
This is a clear case deception and scam practices utilized by

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comI am a customer and in my opinion they are unethical

They overcharged my credit card for services not requested. The agreed amount was $60.99, they posted $256.05. Upon my complaint, they insisted I was to blame and threatened legal action against me. Their dispute resolution methods are a joke because they never resolve anything only delay, delay, delay. It took months to straighten out and I had to resort to blocking further charges from Freelance thru my credit card company. My opinion stay away from this fraudulent company and these people.

Freelancer Technology / / — freelancer not maintaining words integrity

I am current user of and I had old membership of freelancer before changing new membership plan at time of changing membership plan freelancer keep my previous plan...


Hello everyone. this website cheating their clients with many hiding fees. as they call "Third party fee" or "Processing fee". Which is not indicated during the payment. You may find this only in transaction history, after they cheated you. And there is no money refund for such kind of an action. Recommend everyone complain them, also through a Paypal
They show to clients one amount but in fact deduct other (much high). Dont recommend you to use this website to anyone

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.commilestone unpaid but fee charged

This is the second time I have problem with This is of course not the only freelancing platform I work with. And honestly it comes out as the most problematic of all. The detail of my complaint will also show how their system is not working-at least for me!

I took one job with my zero account balance and they charged the commission so my balance went to minus. This first employer was problematic/unresponsive and I had to dispute.

In the meanwhile, I took another job. Again the commission was charged. The 2nd employer was new to the platform but was responsive and tried to make the payment. However, because my account balance was minus, they couldn't!

After the dispute was resolved and my account balance was above zero, I contacted the 2nd client and guess what, they were unresponsive this time. Due to the time past I cannot dispute it either. I know that they funded the payment to escrow but they may think I already received it.

Of course, the commission is paid and now I have no way to at least recover the commission. Such a disappointment.

There was an ad that said "bring your client" 0 feed. I did then the blocked my account and told me I wasnt allowed to work with people I know. Next they asked me to...

Freelancer Technology / / — closing an account

600025 have suspended my account after I confirm my card details. I have $20 plus the money they deducted on my card. I tried to contact the website to ask why my account...

Freelancer Technology / / Getafreelancer.comthe worst scum of the internet

I don't even know where to start. These people will do their best to steal your money, or keep your money for themselves, instead of giving it back or releasing the funds to the worker. These people are nothing but trouble. If you want to have a frustrating situation that turns into a nightmare of bureaucray, just create an account on their website and see what happens.
First, they asked me to verify my facebook, then they asked me to verify my card. By then I had a "70 points" trust, which means i am very trustworthy to do business with. None of that matters when it comes to releasing your payment to the freelancer who worked for you.
These scammers now are asking me to verify my cellphone number. Since I have a new cellphone number, I cannot verify it because it doesn't let me change to my new cellphone number. Meanwhile, my freelancer has been working non-stop for more than 10 days and just when i am about to release my payment i realize these scammers are making every single possible thing to make this as complex and as bureaucratic as possible, so that they keep the money in the end. I will keep pushing forward but after this disgusting incident, I don't wanna hear about this horrible website ever again.
I am now in the process of talking to them so that they can manually change my cellphone number, so that it can be verified, if they come up with a new problem, I will report back to you the rest of the nightmare.