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Angellist employs some employees who are not fit to be part of any professional organization. In my case it was an analyst named Kashish Sharma from Vellore Institute of Technology, currently employed at Angellist. His behaviour is extremely high handed and when I enquired about a potential investor relationship he rejected it initially and then came up with completely [censored] reasons. He has no respect for human beings and does not know how to be a professional. It's sad to see such people being part of a platform which I always thought is for the greater good


Recruiters firstt approach you ask you to set an interview time and tgen don't respond. You need to respect a persons time which doesn't happen here. A oeroan is spending time looking for a job here and people here thin it is a joke. Highly disappointed. Tell all people to never use Angelist. Never. It is a scam . You will just waste your time . Horrible

Job board

Fake jobs that they don't really want us applying to. I've been applying for contract roles on AngelList...


"AngelList is a U.S. website for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers looking to work at startups". Wikipedia

I discovered AngelList recently. I tried the service to look for jobs in start-ups as AngelList is dedicated to start-ups.

I was first surprised by the amount of good job offers and the amount of start-ups "recruiting".

I quickly came back to earth. False advertisement and fake job posting are not only the specialities of big job boards or large corporations, nor is fraudulent advertising.

After having tried to contact a number of start ups because they were posting really interesting jobs, I found out that most of them never posted the jobs there, the adverts were there since time immemorial with no real openings behind it, jobs were outdated, firms closed, some companies didn't even exist legally, or the profiles online were simply fake ones to get private and personal data.
Some start ups also use the platform as a way to promote themselves and posting so called "job offers" make them look "successful".

In most countries, including the UK and the USA, false adversing is illegal and can be punished by law.

In the recruitment sector, most of jobs posted online are de facto not real openings, job boards and recruiting firms want to gather data and create traffic, corporations want to build "talent" data banks and promote an image of growth, so they post fake jobs.

Linkedin, monster, indeed, are full of these postings. You will notice these are always the same jobs, the same firms advertising all year round and often seasonally at the same periods.

I juts didn't expect AngelList and some of their "start-ups" to use the same unethical practices.

Lesson learnt. As a result I removed my account and don't recommend this platform.
I lost time there and they've lost my trust.

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    Toragrrl Oct 19, 2016

    I'll add to that, I've been a member of Angellist as an entrepreneur since 2013, now I'm a contractor and I like to work with startups, so I thought Angellist was a great place to source jobs. Apparently, though, that's not what the Angellist folks want us doing there. I got "banned" for applying to too many jobs! From what I can tell, that means in running searches for UX design roles, I clicked too many "interested in this startup" buttons. I was accused of promoting my business--um, yeah, the business of me, looking for work with a startup. ^^

    Now I realize that those jobs mostly aren't real (no wonder I never got ANY responses) and I have to ask why they bother? Who is benefiting, if not the talent and not the startups? Oh, I guess the founders of Angellist. Gotta love this industry. =/

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