Freedom Mortgageloans and customer service


My husband are currently selling our place that is financed by Freedom Mortgage. The home loan is a VA loan. The buyer wants to assume the mortgage, they too are also veterans. We have followed Freedom Mortgages instructions with a careful attention to detail. We cannot get a point of contact or updates as to when the loan with close. We keeping getting told the company will reach out to us. We have been several dates. We have been told we receive an email with the information. I am meticulously checking my emails several times a day. I will wait until the artificial dates they give me for answers. Freedom has yet to assign us a point of contact for the loan. We are repeatedly told they have a set of procedures they must follow. I can only guess keeping the customer in the complete dark is part of the procedures. We have pressed to talk to a supervisor in the correct department and are repeatedly told they are not available. We are told that is not how the process works. Today I talked to a supervisor is customer service, who blames they will call me back tomorrow. We will see. I have been told this before. I later learn that it can take up to 90 days to close a loan assumption. Why? You can normally get a VA loan in about 45 days. I just want to finish the sale of my old house, so I can move on with my life. The account is current. I understand the company wants to ensure the new buyer can pay the loan, but by being an assumption many of the normal VA loan requirements waived. I do not understand the problem, as long as they get their money, they should be happy.

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