Frederick's of Hollywoodcustomer service

T Sep 11, 2018

I placed an order and chose overnight shipping. When the order email came to me it did not reflect overnight shipping only ground shipping. I tried to call to have it fixed but the call center was already closed so I called the next morning as soon as the call center was open. I had to call more ham once and wait on hold for 30 minutes before anyone would answer and when the call was finally answered I was told the order was already in the warehouse and there was nothing that could be done. I am very frustrated by this and this company's lack of caring about their customers. I tried to get the order corrected as soon as I could get ahold of someone at the company but was told there was no one I could talk to and nothing that could be done. I will never give this company my business again. The woman I spoke to on the phone did not help and did not care. This is all complete [censored]. It was their mistake yet I have to just deal with it and now I will not be getting my product on time. There was no point in even ordering from them in the first place.

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