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L Jan 20, 2020 Review updated:

On January 20, 2020, the new TV show 911-Lone Star aired it's second show of the season. I was dismayed at the homosexual tones from the first show and was totally disappointed when they aired a sexual encounter between two mails. This is not entertainment that I want to watch or would want my children to watch. I will not subscribe to any such television program that promotes this type of activity. What they do in the privicy of their homes is one thing, but I don't need to see it on public TV.


  • Ly
    Lynn Tyler Jan 20, 2020

    I'm very very disappointed that you took off my first 911 this new lonestar sucks, its all about soap opera storylines of gay homos sex scenes and based around a terrible actress liv Tyler.considering she cant act is expressionless from the botox.and only got her fame from being the daughter of steven tyler.the show sucks please at least bring back the original 911, give us a choice, please cause lone star sucks. thank you.

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  • Ja
    James Elmore Apr 03, 2020

    @Lynn Tyler I agree

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  • Sa
    sandra metker Jan 20, 2020

    Was really looking forward to watching 911 Lone Star but after 2 episodes I am so disappointed. There is no reason to show the bedroom Homosexual scenes with 2 gay guys during prime time television. Leave this type of show for cable. Come on Hollywood writers, are you so incompetent that you cannot write good material anymore!! If these story lines do not change you are going to be cancelled after this season.

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  • Ru
    Ruthie Lee Jan 28, 2020

    @sandra metker I totally agree. I had such high hopes for this show. At least 911 only shows an occasional peck of a kiss, and Then is a likeable character and don't go flaunting her lesbians. I don't think this is the kind of show God would want me to watch, so when it came on tonight, I just watched something else. Too bad. Really wanted it to be good.

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  • Tr
    TrueTexan4ever Jan 21, 2020

    Fox, you disappoint once again. NO WAY am I allowing this trash into my household. It's like your saying Texas needs more gays and transgenders and muslims. Where are the Christian values none? Ya'll are turning into trash and not in my household.

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  • Ru
    Ruthie Lee Jan 28, 2020

    @TrueTexan4ever Exactly !

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  • Ma
    Marquitap Jan 21, 2020

    I was going to watch this show, but after the first 30 minutes I had to turn it off. I love Rob Lowe but this is to low for me to watch. Some things need to be private. You do what you want, it does not bother me . But I don't want to see it on TV. And for real not at 8 PM.

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  • Ta
    Tadh Jan 22, 2020

    Ditto. Totally nauseating sex scene with 2 males having very visual sex. I immediately turned tv off. Will definitely not be watching again. Would have also been disturbing were it heterosexual experience in similar capacity. Fox programs getting real bizarre and stupid. Additionally, the show overall was boring before the sex scene tonight.

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  • Wh
    WhyName Jan 23, 2020

    @Tadh Why did we have to be confronted by the 2 males and sex? Uncalled for and shall we say the program will no longer be in our household.

    Excuse for poor directing, production and especially writing.

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  • Ru
    Ruthie Lee Jan 28, 2020

    @WhyName No longer in my house either.

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  • Do
    Donna Hicks Jan 23, 2020

    Was looking forward to seeing the new show 911 but turned it off when I saw the two males going at it.. So sad that kids cannot watch what we thought would be a good show.. If you want to be gay, do it but don't shove it down my throat.. Will not be watching this and will tell anyone who has children to NOT turn it on...

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  • Br
    Bruce 246 Jan 23, 2020

    The show 911 Lonestar seemed to be entertaining UNTIL the two gays started the sex scene. It was very disgusting and it offended me deeply. The worst part of it, I had my two boys 7 & 8 watching it with me, and I had to try and explain to them it was sick and perverted and should not be shown on TV during family time or any other hour for that matter. Please delete scenes like this from america TV.

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  • Ru
    Ruthie Lee Jan 28, 2020

    @Bruce 246 Amen !

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  • Th
    Thumper1 Jan 24, 2020

    911-Lonestar contains far too much social PC grandstanding and far too little 911 material.
    Pushing stereotypical views, homosexuality, perceived racial / religious bigotry, and just poor scripts place this show among the worst showing.
    Had planned on really enjoying the show but after seeing the horrible acting, subject matter, and writing, will not be watching at all.

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  • Ri
    Richard fergison Jan 25, 2020

    I’m no prude but I found this show disgusting. Could still get your point across without it being so graphic. I see this show being a failure.

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  • Je
    Jeff Torsrud Jan 27, 2020

    Seems like all these DAMNED SHOWS are bringing out the LBGT SHIT! And in Episode 3, they are pressing the MUSLIM SHIT too.

    Whomever brought this show to FOX needs to go.

    3 shows in and it has nothing to do with Fire Fighting Emergencies or Paramedic Stuff!


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  • Ru
    Ruthie Lee Jan 28, 2020

    I had such high hopes for this show. At least 911 only shows an occasional peck of a kiss, and Hen is a likeable character and don't go flaunting her lesbianism. I don't think this is the kind of show God would want me to watch, so when it came on tonight, I just watched something else. Too bad. Really wanted it to be good.
    Why did you have to come out of the gate with that ? We want to see rescue, and like the characters, but this is against my religious beliefs, and I wouldn't want to see heterosexual scenes like that. Everything don't have to be about controversial things to make a good solid show. I'm sorry, I really wanted to watch it, but I in good conscious I cannot.

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  • Vl
    Vlad Dracul Jan 28, 2020

    We've watched it twice the night it premiered; the first time and the last time. We don't want to get sucked into a show that's nothing more than a "pr" for homosexuals and a Hollywood designed indoctrination priming tool.

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  • Bh
    B-Hawk Jan 30, 2020

    911 Lonestar has nothing to do with emergency responders and the fantastic jobs they do under the very worst and dangerous conditions. This show indecently portrays our first responders as liberal, vain, homosexuals who embrace and promote degenerate morality. There is not one shred of decency or believability in this show. You have openly disgraced those brave firefighters who died in the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion by this disgusting show. I hope you soon cancel this abomination you classify as wholesome entertainment. You must have paid reviewers to give this show any rating at all.

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  • Ki
    KingRagnar Feb 11, 2020

    I couldn't make it past the first few minutes. In your face guys kissing told me all I need to know.

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  • Wo
    wonderbread7 Mar 09, 2020

    Fox has gone left, just like Fox News. Fox News is losing their minds my having liberal trash on there all the time now.

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