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My daughter purchased a shirt on October 26th 2017, paid cash for it totaling $13.90. Yesterday she returned the shirt that simply did not fit as desired. I waited in the car because she had the receipt and the shirt was under worn with tags still attached.
These are the facts up to the point of my seriously dissatisfied exchange with Forever 21's "return policy".
If this is not your policy then I will anticipate some semblance of care in order to make sure this doesn't happen with anybody else. Your cashier at Forever 21 Tustin Marketplace 2856 El Camino Real Tustin California 92782 cashier number 2131525 Larissa, told my 15 year old daughter that she needed someone with a valid ID in order to give her the cash that she paid back. Otherwise it would be an in store credit. My daughter didn't need or want an in store credit, she wanted the cash back. My daughter had to come back out to the car, explaining this to me and have me come inside to, not only show my ID, but Larissa entered all info from it and asked if it was all correct.
I don't have time for this type of inconvenience, I run several businesses and my time away from the phone is removed by your company policy. I personally think this policy is ridiculous and consumes more time than is necessary for me, my daughter and your cashier. Please explain to me why if I pay cash for something I have to show my ID in order to get the cash returned? I'm demanding compensation for my time and the inconvenience of this all until you change your policy I will continue because both girls spend an awful lot of money at Forever 21 throughout the year and I think this is ridiculous once again.



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    Shaun R. Nov 04, 2017

    The policy of getting such information and an ID, respectfully, seems very reasonable.

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    pobarjenkins Nov 05, 2017

    Return policies requiring identification for cash refunds are becoming increasingly common due to theft. I think you are being unreasonable by expecting something for free.

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    Tokyocat Jun 11, 2018

    I work at F21 and like pobarjenkins said, ID is now required in order to prevent theft. In order to complete the return/exchange process when receiving store credit, we need to see an ID because the system will not allow employees to proceed on the computer screen unless a valid ID is entered in. Even if we wanted to complete the return process without an ID, we would be unable to in this case.

    Regular return/exchange transactions typically do not require ID, but store credit does.

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