Forever 21defective unworn item can’t be returned (bad zipper)

R Apr 27, 2018 Review updated:

I bought a couple of sweatshirts for my daughter at F21.

One if them has a half zipper in the front.

We got home and she had every intention of keeping it and wearing it so she took the tag off and put it on. Immediately she zipped it and it doesn't zip-it does that thing where you zip up but the zipper doesn't close. So she had to take t right back off and never got to wear it.

So I went to return it and explained that she never got to wear it because the zipper didn't work and the manger said I couldn't return it because the tag was removed.

I understand some try to wear and return but this isn't one of those cases and you can tell by looking at it that it was never worn. We also didn't try to return the other items on the receipt: just the defective item.

So as a customer I walked away having to pay for a defective item that my daughter never even got to wear with an explanation that essentially i am stuck with it because I can't return it.

Never shopping at F21 again. This is inexcusable and shows there is zero customer service.

No manager discretion - just a no and that is not ok because I have to pay/keep an item that was never right. There was no way we would have thought to test a zipper before taking tags off-that should just work. We should be able to trust our purchase or be able to return in the event there is a defect.

By the way I still had the tags and the receipt, but hat didn't matter. Still NO, sorry can't return-really!!!


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    Tokyocat Jun 11, 2018

    I work at F21 and at our store we return items with no tags on all the time. All of our merchandise has is tag hidden inside the clothing with a barcode that can be used in the same way that a price tag would be used. They should have been able to return the item provided that it was not on clearance, a bodysuit, lingerie, earrings, makeup, etc.

    At the very least, they could have given you store credit for the faulty item. So sorry you had such a negative experience there! They certainly did not put customer service first.

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    Tokyocat Jun 11, 2018

    *has a hidden tag.

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