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I purchased a 2021 Rockwood Minilite manufactured by Forest River. The model is 2511S. I purchased this camper on September 11, 2020 for therapeutic purposes.During the time of purchase the sales person never discussed problems with leaking, poor manufacturing, condensation etc as this would have been a red flag and a strong determinate in my purchase. I had the usual 1 year manufactures warranty, and to safeguard the life of the unit, I purchased an extended 5 year warranty.
This unit was apparently defective from the time of delivery as noticed problems immediately and contacted the manufacturer. My initial contact with Forest River was in December 2020 we were camping in Gatlinburg, I noticed my clothes were wet, food in the over head was wet, and I also feel through the wheel well as the wood cracked when I placed my knee on it. I contacted Forest River they planned to send out a mobile unit(I declined as It would cost $300) encouraged to take the camper to the nearest Forrest River Service center. We were instructed to turn on our vent fans and open the cabinet doors.I was informed that there was zero possibility of the camper leaking etc as it was "vacuum sealed"purchase dehumidifiers and leave the doors open. Was told this camper was not made for cold weather and it was in fact a 3 seasoned camper.I felt there should have been a disclaimer and customers should have the option during purchase. Due to Covid there was a service delay, on 1/3/21 we took our camper in to Gander RV in Oxford Al for service. We learned the camper was not sealed and the wood over the wheel well was so thin it would not hold 2-4 lbs nor did it have braces. It was over 3 weeks and we picked the camper up and was sure it was fixed. In March we had the same issues, I contacted the manufacturer he supplied me with a list of authorized service centers for a second opinion. Campers Unlimited stated it would be 5-6 months before they could get us in due to staffing and backup issues and that they would give their customer primary. Superior RV got us on May 4, 2021-6/9/21 and could not replicate the issue and asked us to come back later. I contacted the manufacturer with zero results, I sent pictures, etc. I
asked for Forest River to replace camper equivalent to the one I purchased if not a refund so I can purchase another.I wanted the issue fixed, I sent letters, emails, pictures, consulted an attorney, BBB, attorney general and their answer was the issue is not covered but each time it was in service it was a warranty repair.I have experienced extreme stress as I utilize the camper as a therapeutic tool. Aside from the structural defects, if continued this issue can mold and as a result can't cause health issues. I was told it was not the way its made by how Im using it. Complete ripe offs.

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