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S Nov 14, 2017

Good Morning,
I just wanted to share a complaint about a particular Berge Ford in Mesa, AZ, due to my frequent return to this location and the issue still not being addressed. I have visited this Ford dealership 3 times in the past 7 days. I already had a diagnostic done on my vehicle and the issue was my power steering. I got my car back and the same light came back on within minutes of driving it. I took it back a second time the next day and they said it was the technician's fault and there were issues with the cables connected to my battery. After I got my car back the check engine light came on again and I had to take my car back in to this dealership to get this addressed. I really appreciate the people in the service department and no disrespect to them, but it is frustrating that I do not have a car to get to work in and must get several rides. This is unacceptable to me especially since Ford did an additional diagnostic on my car and re-checked their work after I took it back the second time, and the issue is still not addressed. In addition, my oil is going to need to be changed and I'm going to have to return to Ford in a couple weeks. I'm disappointed with the amount of times I had to return and still my car is not fixed. I understand mistakes are made, but this is the third time taking my car in and it is disappointing to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
-Unsatisfied Customer

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