Ford Motor Companyford 2014 titanium escape - right passenger door.

S Nov 20, 2017

Case # [protected]-B4Y0G1

We have noticed bubbling and pitting in the paint on the inside of the bottom right passenger door, it appears that the painting in pitting away from the inside of the car door. To the extend that the bottom rubber detailing is now separating from the door. It appears to be rusting in side of the passenger door.

This is obviously a defect in the door itself. We have done online research and have found numerous complaints of other owners with the same issues. When the car was brought to the dealer for service, we questioned the defect the dealer said he would look into it. The dealer responded the next day, stating that the cost would be $1400.00 to repair. He also stated that Ford would only compensate $500.00 towards the cost of this repair.

We have paid over $3, 000.00 in additional coverage beyond the coverage that came with the certified used car.

We have had multiple Fords both new and used for many years. This is the first time that I have encountered where Ford would not step up and make a repair on a part that is known to be defective part, even without a national recall.

I don't feel that leaving the financial burden for repair is appropriate. At the very least I would hope the finacial considerationn for repair should be increased to a more appropriate amount.

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