Ford Motor Company2018 ford f-150 lariat

D Aug 15, 2018

Bought truck in Feb 2018. List was 64K. Took a trip from Colorado to Minn. 2400 miles. It cost us about 1200.00 in gas not to mention the time wasted in gas stations. We averaged 7.3 mpg. How sick is that. Glove box would not stay shut, horn and lights went off so was unable to lock door at night. Pulled to the left, plus we find out there was a recall. Called local dealer and we had to wait 12 days to get in for repairs. Right now we think the things are fixed but afraid to take it out of town. I would like reimbursed for at least 600.00 for the extra gas we had to pay. To me that is the least. The trauma and stress of this thing running terrible should be worth something but I am not asking for anything on that. Quite embarrassing to friends and relatives when they would ask how we liked our new EXPENSIVE truck. Also, the dealer had the truck 3 days and we asked for a rental and they said they didn't have one. A parking lot full of vehicles and no rental?

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