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At only 78, 345 or so miles and every scheduled maintenance done on the vehicle, last Friday afternoon there was a leak of engine coolant fluid coming out of the front left side of the engine, near the rear of the front tire. The engine coolant warning light came on warning of overheating.
Took to mechanic and they found the heater core leaking and they had to remove the entire dashboard, steering wheel assembly, wiper housing and other major labor. I have pictures. This is going to cost a lot and have had to rent a car for one week. I looked on the internet and it appears that Ford had notice of this issue. Why such engineering flaw has not been addresses to make replacement easier, and why this has not resulted in a recall, is not clear.
Please address this.

Ezekiel E. Cortez
550 West C Street, Suite 790, San Diego, CA 92101

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company

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