Ford Motor Company2012 ford edge - brakes failed

L Jul 09, 2019

I own a 2012 Ford Edge, Vin # 2FMDK3JC5CBA29336, with 147, 013 miles.
On June 24, 2019 - I just got off the interstate, and was traveling about 40 miles per hour, to my destination.
I was slowing down to make a stop at a red light, and my brakes were giving out. I had to press my foot all the way down to get my car to stop, before going through the red light.
I pulled into a gas station, to check my system & it said that everything was ok; but it wasn't!
I went very slowly 2 more blocks to my destination & called AAA to tow my car back to my mechanic.
I rented a car from Enterprise & went back home.
David Yearwood, My Mechanic, replaced the Master Cylinder - and the brakes went completely out .
He checked online: it said that the Ford Edge for years 2012 & 2013, had this problem with the brakes going out.
The way to fix it was to replace the master Cylinder & the ABS motor Unit bleed system.
We still can't figure out why I was not notified of this problem and there was no recall!!!
Also, why my system didn't come on to tell me there was a problem.
I was extremely lucky that my brakes didn't fail while on the expressway going 78, or travel up to the mountains the following day.
I have filed a complaint with NTSB and now also with you at Ford.
I expect to hear back from whoever handles these issues.
Awaiting your response,
Lynn Partalis
1161 Horseshoe Drive
Greensboro, GA. 30642

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