Foot Lockercustomer service

V Dec 09, 2019

On 09/12/2019 I purchased a pair of trainers from the above mention shop for £134.00, the service I received from the manageress named gen.. Or gem was absolutely disgusting, we was made to wait 20 minutes before we could actually pay for the item because this manageress was refusing to serve us because her shift was over, and the other cashier was dealing with returns which was taking a very long time, I was subjected to verbal abusive from your employee in front of other customers and staff, she was screaming, that she would not get fired as she was the best foot locker had, even the other employee were shocked at this persons action,, I was told by her that if she wanted to she could refuse to serve me so best be quiet. I feel utterly appalled regarding what I was subjected to from one of your employee this was witnessed by numerous other customers,. This whole situation has been very up setting for and I will be very hesitant to use the shop in the future.

Vicki jane davies

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