Foot Lockerbad service

A Aug 13, 2018

Dear sir or madam,

I bought a pair of asics nimbus20 at the short hills store on 7/26th order #[protected]; the shoes have not yet arrived at my us address in nj. I called a week ago from asia (where I reside), waited an absolutely ridiculous 30' for the call to go though. After the call was picked up, the person told me after putting me on hold for 10' that there was no inventory & the amount would be refunded to my credit card with an email notification. It s been a whole week now since that phone call, and I have not received the email nor the refund. I just called again to the 24-hour service international #[protected], and waited for 25' before I hang up. Both calls from overseas already cost me half the price of the sneakers. I m absolutely appalled at the bad service of such a big company as foot locker. Please follow up with this order & the refund asap!!! In addition, you should think of compensating me for all the time & international phone calls expenses, it is not in my nature to to write bad reviews but if this is not taken care of immediately, I have to resort to drastic measures.

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