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It's plain to see that all decisions at food network are determined by someone in close alignment with donald trump and his racist, hateful base!!!
Once I saw that MANNY, a BLACK personable accomplished chef who would have added SO much to your miserable network, was the one who had been eliminated, leaving christian, who NEVER tasted throughout the entire competition, and jess, whose pilot was as boring as they come, had been eliminated, I turned my set off out of disgust!! Here you have bobby flay up to his old tricks of trying to keep strong Black men away from being any type of competition for him and that racist giada, who NEVER has anybody BLACK on the many shows she calls herself hosting!! They are both so full of hate for Blacks it makes me nauseated! I will NOT be looking at another FNStar again!!
And then there are the other racist exhibits that you put forth:
1. Iron Chef: Why are there no Black iron chefs?!
2. And that old tyler florence, who is just as racist as those two on food n. star. Last year he sadistically "allowed" the Black team to remain until the final show and then lied that that caucasian team from south carolina, his home state, had won. (And how does the audience even know if he's telling the truth about the amount of money each team earns?!) So here we go again: first team to go home this season is the Black team, even though that team selling chocolate-covered strawberries for $1.00 could not possibly have beaten them!!!
WHEN are you going to rid yourselves of your 60's jim crow mentality and give a deserving Black person his/her own show on the Network, NOT the internet (!
I can't wait until your entire network gets canceled so that I don't have to see your racially biased shows as I surf the channel lineup!!
P.S.: Even though she's not Black, Rachel Ray is just a decent person, and you got rid of her too because that old giada felt intimidated by and jealous of her popularity!!

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    I HAVE a life!! Thank you very much, Mr. “Crow!” That’s Jim Crow, in case you’re as uneducated as I think you are!!

  • Updated by Foodie15 · Aug 07, 2018

    Just found out that not only was Manny eliminated but the two who were definitely below him in both personality and ability were, in an unprecedented move, chosen as co-winners!!! Not only did f.n. ROB Manny of his rightful win but also decided to humiliate him in the process while sending a message to all of their Black viewers that their support and loyalty are not needed or appreciated! Even jess said that she would have thought that if fn were going to choose two winners they should have been Manny & christian. I guess that you folks at fn decided to show openly that you all wear "the hat!!" Shame on all of you!!


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      Aug 07, 2018

    What a JOKE!!! First Giadda's completely grotesque, unprofessional behavior during the season, then Amy inexplicably gets picked over Palak (after Amy vandalized property and didn't even try on her video), and then they bring Jess back (one of the most awkward and worst cooks on the show), and eliminate Manny (the most fun, charismatic cook)... ????? Complete Farce!!!

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