Food Cityinappropriate grasping of cutomers wallet


While purchasing beer, I showed the cashier my drivers license which were in a plastic see through in my bill fold. I told her my birth date 11-25-46 which could be seen all but the 46. When I told her to release my wallet which she had grasped from my hand, she asked did I want to see a manager and I said yes. When he arrived, he began to explain the law in Tn which I already knew. He did not seem to understand the actual problem or give me time to explain it was the cashier grabbing my wallet which upset me. The young lady was totaly without tact and has much to learn about cutomer relations as she appeared to be somewhat hostile and lacking in social graces. I have shopped at this particular food city location for seven years but I am seriously debating ever going back.


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    secret shopper10 Dec 13, 2010

    I am a customer and she is rude and sour to everyone...maybe that is how she got promoted - got her off the cashier line :)

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