Agrilac Complaints & Reviews

Agrilac Inc / Don't invest – you will get nothing

Mar 31, 2015

The company Agrilac Inc offered to invest ad earn money through them. Everything seemed to be really great and profitable, but in reality these jerks took money from me and asked to wait .After 5 weeks I only heard some blah-blah. They haven’t provided my money and started to tell me...

Agrilac Inc / Don't work for them – they steal money

Mar 13, 2015

The company Agrilac Inc hired me, but it was really bad experience. I gave my bank account in order to get payments, but these scammers started to take money from me. When I noticed this crap, they already took about $1, 000 from me. I called to the bank and they have frozen my account...

Agrilac Inc / Bad and old products

Apr 04, 2014

Don’t buy from the company Agrilac Inc. They provide horrible milk products and my order was old and I couldn’t use these products. When I called them and complained, the seller immediately hung up on me, and after that his phone was switched off. They are liars and scammer...