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Complaints & Reviews

hi1104172 - designer metal rakhi with cashew nuts

I received a message from FLORA yesterday that my order is out for delivery and will be delivered on 11th of aug.Even on tracking sheet its showing delieverd...Its not delivered and I am asking the proof of delivery which they are not sharing.The customer care is not responding properly .I have tried to get in touch with them since morning...I feel I am talking to robots...Their team is very unprofessional..I have mailed them also and they have not bothered to respond...

flowers and cake delivery

I had made an order from Floraindia for a combo of flowers and cake and the order number was FI19824. It was delivered in chennai. The cake was amazing but he flowers were not as fresh as it was showing on the website. I am a little disappointed due to this.

It was my first order with Floraindia as I heard a lot about it from my friends they have recommended for it. Although, overall it a good experience so far but it could have been much better if the flowers were as beautiful as shown in the picture.

undelivered mother's day gift - money taken

Mother's day flowers [protected]) worth Rs 900INR that my husband ordered were not delivered to my place in Nagpur. Both the numbers provided on website don't work. I messaged them my order number etc on whats app number they have provided on website and even mailed them on 12th late night -but they did not respond until after three days on mail. [protected]). The whats app number shows the messages as 'read' -blue ticks but no response on that too. In addition to this they have cheated in one more way- They updated my gift status as delivered on website but the flowers were yet undelivered. This is cunning way of looting people and being safe.
Their reply to my mail said 'sorry'- I was expecting them to give a refund. I not only lost my money and if they do deliver the flowers now- makes no sense to me! Mother's day is gone and after so much of one side begging and calling all I wish to have is my refund.
I wish whatever money they have earned by doing this to their customers get lost. Thoroughly unprofessional. I am going to try and get my refund. I am thinking of going to consumer court.

complaint order ref# eh126786

Dear readers, I send flowers and cake to my mother on mothers day. Picked floraindia.com from search engine and placed order. After two days I found out that the order (eh126786) was not delivered although the payment was charged (through credit card* floraindia). Since morning I was trying to call on both mentioned number but numner continuously going to busy. They are fraud they are just taking money from the customer.

wrong product, wrong advertising and horrible service

I ordered 15 kitkat bars, placed very tastefully in a red box lined with red cloth. It looked beautiful and was in my price range. Product number FIS015 on their website. What was received was a tacky basket lined with cheap fern leaves and 8 kitkats thrown in randomly, making it look like an after thought present as opposed to a genuine lovely gift. Of course the loved ones thanked and were not one bit rude about it, but I was embarrassed beyond words.

I immediately wrote to floraindia, tried to call them, wrote on their website, but it was and is impossible to reach them. This is the second time it has happened, when I order something tasteful from the picture and what they deliver is something disgraceful.

I will NEVER RECOMMEND this site to anyone, EVER !!! Poor service, poor product, poor management. I am never using their service again.

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Sweets and dry fruits and customer service

A hopeless company with pathetic service> Please avoid the company. last week I ordered some sweets, fruits and dry-fruits through them. The money was was received by them however no action was taken. Upon making several phone calls, I was told that the company requires some photo identity to verify the payment. It took tow days to clear the payment. The operators were very rude and unhelpful.
The sweets delivered in north-India were form Calcutta (cheaper). Fruits were sub-standard and the dry-fruits mainly contained Makhana (cheapest among the dry fruits).

Please be careful while dealing with the company. I won't recommend anyone to approach them.

Gifts undelivered but payment taken

Dear Readers,
I send flowers and Cake to my mother on her birthday. Picked Floraindia.com from search engine and placed order.

After two days I found out that the Order (MB9807) was not delivered although the payment was charged (Paypal * FLORAINDIA).

well the frustration, and then I asked for refund and they have not responded yet. Well I got money back as I disputed the transaction.

I discourage using this site.


Flora India SCAM Money was taken and they never Delivered the product I ordered flowers on mother's day 8...

New Delhi Online Shopping

Playing with Customer Emotions

This is in Reference to Order No - LZ7531 made with floraindia.com The order was made to deliver a cake on...

Resolved Bright & shine bouquet was completely different

I have ordered a bouquet for my friends b'day. The bouquet(BRIGHT & SHINE) which was shown in website was so nice and i have ordered the same. But what they have delivered was completely different. I was all irritated after looking at the flower which was delivered. In website it was shown which was so nicely wrapped in a cover and ribbon was designed so nicely and the flowers were even all buds. But the flower which they have delivered was all in dying condition and simply they have rolled in a paper and tied a knot with a ribbon. Really disappointed with the bouquet delivered. Order Number KA3978. I cant even tell that it is bouquet, it was simply flower tied with a thread. Please take this complain seriously. They are not delivering it simply or a trust service. The money which we are paying and their service is nowhere satisfied. Thanks

  • Ha
    hate flora india.com Jul 25, 2014


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Rude attitude and not delivering the order nor money

Regarding Order NO. Order No. JT2827

Rude attitude for not delivering the order

It is the worst online service I have ever come across in my lifetime.
On my wedding anniversary I had placed order for a flower basket and confirmed the
order after receiving the confirmation that the flower will be delivery to my wife on 25th
payment was made online and they debited the money with the confirmation email and SMS.
But they fail to keep their promise and the flower basket was not delivered. When I called to customer
care to confirm why the order not delivery as was committed, they were no one who took responsibility
to attend the query. The response was very much in an abusive manner, worst and rude and there is no
value for customer. They are so disgusting that they refuse to accept their fault.
For all others who are reading this, please avoid floraindia.com or get prepared to spoil your day. They
are a group of thieves and they will take all your hard earned money and will give you nothing. It is such
a pity that we can’t sue them for this kind of day light robbery. I wish I should have done a research
before placing the order as I could see many reviews in this site saying they are very poor at their service
I’m writing a complaint to Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India and will follow up on this.
You can also write to them on - [protected]@core.nic.in

This is the worst online service I have ever used. People, who I assume are the customer care persons,
were very rude. These people never take responsibility of their work. They are disgusting not even to
respond to repeated queries.


Resolved non-delevery

I ordered a cake to surprise my parents for my mom's birthday. They sent me an email at the end of the day it was supposed to be delivered saying they cannot serve my home town. These ###s should have let me know atleast couple of days in advance and I would have made other arrangements. But they process only a day back.. They said they will re-imburse me but that won't heal the wounds.
so, at last I am left with no gift to my mom for her b'day. Think before u order from them. I would like to add an official complaint against them for causing mental pain and difficulties.

Poor Quality and bad customer service

I am writing this email with deep regret on quality of flowers delivered vy FloraIndia for 3 repeat Orders.

I am a regular user and order online flowers from US to my relatives in India using this website.

On 3 subsequent orders I have placed, I would like to bring to your notice that the quality of flowers and packaging of the same has been very disappointing.

I placed 1 order for delivery on 6th May for Father's Birthday, and 2 orders for Mother’s day for my Mother and Mother-in-law, but none of the flowers sent were in good shape.

The flowers sent were badly rotten and smelt of decaying. Upon delivery the recipient complaint of flowers not been properly arranged in the bunch and were not even worth displaying for a single day.
I was deeply hurt and disappointed upon hearing such feedback from my dear ones who suggested not book thru your service as it is only resulting in wasting of my money and leading to bad impressions on the recipient.
Since I am US resident and have been often using online flowers service, but after multiple experiences I am forced to withdraw my faith on using FloraIndia to send flowers resulting in such bad experiences and remarks from my dear ones whom I regularly send flowers on multiple occasions.
I would not have noticed the flaw in their service untill, I was asked by Indian relatives to stop sending flowers using this service as they did not wanted me to waste money on something which was not worth to be kept for even 1 hour in the house and had to be thrown in the bin since it made the entire place smell of garbage, I was shocked and felt really disappointed that all this time when I was sending flowers to my friends and family on their happy moments the sort of quality that FloraIndia provides has been leading to a reputation tarnish. Ofcourse I would not have noticed it untill my own parents brought this to my notice.

Ofcourse, I shared this with Customer Service of FloraIndia, who had no sense of customer appeasement and gave a very cold response of checking the same in future, well in this competitive world if could tell them Good Luck incase they got a future customer..
FloraIndia is a bad service provider.

Poor quality

For my parents 54th anniversary, I ordered a black forest cake and some purple flowers from Flora India...

Delay in delivery

Hi All,

I ordered a cake for anniversay but it was delivered after 2 days of actual date.
My order No. DF8509.

This kind of services are not having any ethics in India. Business people know customers do require service but attitue towards excellance is seen nowhere in people doing such business.

I feel people who ever running this business is still a road side seller of flower & other articles with same attitue.
I just don't know how he got his hands on internet.


  • Ga
    gayatri986 Mar 12, 2012

    This Valentines day was worst one for me and all thanks goes to FloraIndia.com. I planned to send surprise roses to my fiance and order some 18 red roses from this crap website. As special instructions i instructed them to deliver these flowers before 1 pm but after waiting for delivery of order till 2:30 pm i started contacting them up through numbers and email id mentioned on their website but to my surprise there was no response from their side. At around 4 pm i finally could reach them on land line no. and then there was another surprise waiting for me that their executive was way too rude for his profile and told me that due to heavy rush of orders for valentine day they could not follow any time instructions and anyhow they will deliver my order till 7 pm. But whole day passed i was all into tears but my order was not delivered. This i guess is the worst website available online to deliver emotions to your dear ones. Their problem is that they don't understand the emotions involved in our orders. I personally would not suggest their services even to my enemy.

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  • Ha
    haloo Apr 03, 2012

    To whoever it may concern:

    My only objective by writing this piece of note is to save YOU, the reader from the pathetic services of FLORAINDIA and the hassle to write something like this after you are frustrated just like I am now.
    It is extremely easy to place order on this site, well... because the money flows from you to them. But once the money is in their pockets, how poor and third class service these guys provide you, is beyond what words can explain. If you don't call them up and chase your order, you can be sure that it will not be delivered. If you try calling them, the guy there has no clue about your order. They are not even familiar with major business areas in Mumbai. All they can tell you is that your order is processed (which you can see on the site the moment you pay them) and will be delivered before 5. Even if you place order in advance, you can forget about delivery in first half of the day. So if you wish to use this service for a special occasion or any occasion for that sake, please hold on, don't waste your hard earned money.

    - A victim.

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  • Ma
    Manoj S Kumar Feb 14, 2013

    Hello There,
    I faced the very same issue yesterday, valentines day 2013!!!, My wife was supposed to have a surprise cake and flowers, but it never went, when I called her in the evening, was shocked to know that she received nothing. However this was the first time they failed to deliver on time, last 5 years they did alright. This is now an eye opener for me, I would try some other sites which is customer friendly and reliable. In case you found one let me know.

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Gifts undelivered but payment taken

Dear Sir, I, Suzy Williams, would like to bring to your notice the unacceptable experience and total...