FlixBus / FlixMobilityDelay without any info on station, and rudeness of stuff in bus

On 23. Avg 2019, at Erdberg in Vienna, the bus N982 for Plovdiv was supposed to leave at 16:30h and it came 18:20 without any info about delay on station display and even person on station on Info pult didnt have any info about it. I INSIST that you compensate cost for this tickets. And person who drove a bus to Vienna, guy with glasses called Jani didnt allow my wife and me to sit on a place we have payed for 1A and 1B athought we payed additional for those seats. He was yelling at one moment, emarrased us and we felt scared. After some time he let us sit on our seats, when he left the bus and stuff switched. Please, DO something. This is shame for Flixbus.
My name is Darko Vicentijevic (booking number #[protected])
My wife name is Lepava Jovic (booking number #[protected])
Attached is the photo my wife took from the back of the bus at 18:31h

FlixBus / FlixMobility

Aug 23, 2019

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