FlixBus / FlixMobilitybus reservation was cancelled by flixbus!

Me and my Fiance are having our Europe Vacation, We are booked to go from Brussels to Paris via FlixBus at 02:45AM. It's 9:30PM and we are currently having a nice dinner when suddenly a text message from FlixBus informing us that our schedule was changed and we need to be in the bus station by 10PM! Our dinner was ruined! We rented a taxi going to the Bus station but we are unable to make it!
Also, if ever we made it then we will be in Paris at 2to 3 AM? What are we going to do in Paris on that time? That is not what we booked/Plan. Then we try to call their hotline but they are not speaking in English and I was charged a lot on my mobile phone since I still try to call them but issue was not resolved! I tried to talk to their other Flix bus driver but they cant understand English. Good thing there is one who can somehow helped us, He called the hotline and talk in German, hotline gave us a new reference number and told us that a new bus will arrive at 1:40AM! we have no choice so we waited for it. When the bus came, I'm showing the driver the new reference number and he is not listening, he is insisting the I should have a ticket! but I insist and I asked my fiance to get in the bus, this driver is so rude that continuously yell at us saying that we are not in the system. Good thing that I received a mail from flixbus with my new ticket and a changed reserved seat number. So I show the arrogant driver the ticket and asked if we can sit on the seat number I reserved ( I paid for it) but he said somebody is already seating on it. That is so unfair! I paid for our seat reservation! That incident really messed up our vacation. I demand for an Action on this FlixBus!

Oct 06, 2019

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